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Chris Lee Accepts Worldwide Act
00:59 — Chris Lee accepts the award for Worldwide Act at the 2013 MTV EMA.
Kluwe: Trump Degrades Presidency "Every Day He's in Office"
02:08 — Alex, William Rhoden, Bruce Levell, and Chris Kluwe debate the norms that are seemingly traversed when the president turns his Twitter feed against in (more…)
Chris' Exit Interview
00:34 — Chris is flabbergasted by his Tinkerbelle-inspired elimination.
Chris Brown's Lawyer Tries Again To Delay Trial
01:30 — Attorney Mark Geragos appeals to the California Supreme Court, and meanwhile, Rihanna faces another legal battle. (6.17.09)
The Chariot Of The Chode
01:12 — Chris and his best bro, Shaggy McScrote love his car; Chris' girlfriend does not.
Club Casanova
01:54 — Chris has a pre-game party at his mom's crib and lies to Heather when he promises it'll be all Chris and not Casanova when they go out to the club.
Fans Paint Michael Jackson As Inspiration For Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown Or Usher
01:49 — "What he did was never done before," one fan says. (6.25.09)
Chris Brown Strikes A Plea Deal
00:53 — The singer will do 180 days of community labor; he also was ordered to stay away from former girlfriend Rihanna. (6.22.09)
Jackson's Influence On A Younger Generation
04:40 — Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake were heavily influenced by the pop icon, plus Quincy Jones releases a statement. (6.25.09)
Ciara: 'I Support Both Artists'
01:15 — Megan Fox has no comment, but Ciara offers support to both Chris Brown and Rihanna. (6.23.09)
Chris Robinson Remembers MJ's Videos
01:05 — The music video director says "Billie Jean" was his favorite Jackson clip. (6.29.09)
Chris Brown Answers To His Charges
02:38 — Chris Brown pleads guilty. (6.22.09)
The Were-Bag Unleashed
02:12 — At the club Chris just can't keep his douchebag alter ego, Casanova from coming out and taking over the night.
Paris' Response To Chris
00:19 — Paris and Tinkerbell both agree that Chris was not BFF material and seemed a bit confused about the difference between friends and friends with benefi (more…)
Aubrey O'Day: 'Violence Is Never The Answer'
00:51 — Former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'day weighs in Chris Brown's plea. (6.23.09)
Chris Brown And Rihanna: A Relationship Expert Weighs In
01:36 — Bea Hanson from Safe Horizons thinks Rihanna needs to do whatever makes her feel independent and strong. (6.22.09)
Fans React To Chris Brown's Guilty Plea
01:31 — The reactions to Brown's sentencing were mixed with some believing he should be put in jail to others saying it was fair. (6.22.09)
The Game, Chris Brown Remember Michael Jackson
00:39 — Once Game found out about MJ's death, he phoned in a few homies for this tribute track.
Chris Brown Sentence: Legal Expert Weighs In
01:05 — Peter T. Haven explains the judge's decision and its impact on Chris Brown's life. (6.22.09)
Go Hard Or Go Home
01:15 — Chris, The Wanksta Bag, is unable to live the thug life in his suburban locale so he gets his gangster on by putting holes in his bedroom wall when hi (more…)
The Scrotege & The BFF
02:02 — Chris takes his cousin and Scrotege, Marco to get body waxes, while Heather does his laundry with her BFF by-day and Were-Bag slayer by-night, Toni.
Look Like A Porn Star
01:44 — The Were-Bag, Chris Casanova shows you his 5 simple steps to looking like a porn star.
How Will Chris Brown's Career Be Affected?
02:55 — Fans, celebrities and legal experts are divided on whether Brown will be able to make a comeback now that he is a convicted felon. (6.24.09)
New documentary shows Lady Gaga's personal moments
05:52 — Netflix's "Gaga: Five Foot Two" offers an inside look into some of the singer's most personal moments. In the documentary, viewers witness the star as (more…)
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