Jim McGreevey Discusses Rutgers Suicide
04:57 — Chris Wragge and former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey discuss the suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.
Ryan on deficit, jobs: "Vicious cycle"
03:47 — Rep. Paul Ryan, R - Wisc., believes that the government's massive deficit needs to be reined in for there to be job growth. Ryan says that if it's not (more…)
Fan almost tumbles over railing at MLB homer derby
00:21 — A man dangled off a railing during the MLB Home Run Derby, but was caught before falling while trying to catch a ball. Jeff Glor reports.
New York's own Spice King
04:00 — Spice chef Lior Lev Sercarz is known as a "spice king," and Katie Lee visits him as he makes a custom spice for her.
Avid texter pauses briefly to shake Obama's hand
00:27 — An avid texter in Virginia was busy on his smartphone while in line to shake President Obama's hand. The man paused briefly only to shake Mr. Obama's (more…)
Eagle cam: Third egg hatches
00:28 — The family of eagles in Decorah, Iowa welcomed their third eaglet. Jeff Glor reports.
Credit scores: The best and worst in the U.S.
00:34 — Experian Credit named Wausau, Wisc. to be the most credit-worthy town in America, while Haringen, Texas rated last. Jeff Glor reports.
Reading Wrinkles
03:18 — Erica Hill speaks with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about what wrinkles on the skin may say about your health.
Gunmen open fire on bus in Israel
00:22 — At least seven people were hurt when gunmen opened fire on a bus in Israel, on the southern border with Egypt. Jeff Glor reports.
Who Is Kate Middleton?
02:59 — Katie Nicholl, author of "Behind the Palace Walls" talks to Erica Hill about Kate Middleton, the commoner about to join the royal family.
Angry Dems Threaten Obama's Tax Cut Compromise
02:11 — Congressional Democrats are speaking out about their opposition to President Obama's compromise with Republicans. Nancy Cordes reports.
Tornadoes decimate South; Death toll at 173 and rising
05:54 — Massive storms and tornadoes killed at least 173 people across five Southern states, with Alabama hit the hardest. Mark Strassmann reports from Tuscal (more…)
Precious: Little girl with pet lion cub
00:28 — A two-year-old girl in Australia whose parents run a zoo has a new pet lion cub, three weeks old. Jeff Glor reports.
Too Young for Botox
03:50 — Harry Smith spoke with Dr. Jennifer Ashton about how young is too young for Botox.
Bachmann on nomination chance: "I won Iowa"
05:50 — Erica Hill talks to Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann about the most recent GOP debate, jobs, immigration and why she believes she h (more…)
Jobs, Earnings and Wall Street
03:24 — CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis offers a peek inside the health of the U.S. economy.
Qaddafi calls on supporters to take back Libya
02:36 — From an undisclosed location, Muammar Qaddafi is calling on his supporters to "sweep through Tripoli and comb it for traitors." CBS News correspondent (more…)
Cain trying to get back on track
02:28 — Herman Cain says he's trying to stay focused on the issues at hand in his campaign instead of focusing on sexual harassment allegations. Jan Crawford (more…)
U.S. homeowner foreclosure numbers drop
00:27 — In May, the number of U.S. homeowners facing foreclosure fell to the lowest level since 2006. But there was a catch.
Do Tea Party and GOP Agree?
03:33 — Harry Smith speaks with Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee about the differences between the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party.
Hillary Clinton subject of new comic book
00:25 — An independent comic book publisher has released a biography of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Analyzing Senate Balance of Power
04:24 — Harry Smith speaks with political analyst John Dickerson about tight Senate races around the country and how the balance of power may be affected.
Cold Weather Myths
03:35 — Erica Hill talks to Amy Brightfield, health director for Woman's Day magazine, about the best ways to keep warm and healthy in extremely cold temperat (more…)
Stranded Hikers Tape Entire Ordeal
06:13 — Matthew Gering and his teenage daughter Kia were hiking in the snowy wilderness of Idaho on a hunting expedition when they got a flat tire leaving the (more…)
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