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Chris Wallace Wouldn't Let Trump Call In
01:37 — Host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace explains why he stood his ground on not letting Donald Trump literally phone it in.
Cartoon Trump Admits It's All An Act
03:15 — Donald Trump may not be as Donald Trumpy as we've been led to believe.
Bill Walton Introduces The Late Show
01:26 — Friend of the show Bill Walton stops by to lend some color commentary to the LSSC announcer booth.
Roger Ailes Doesn't Tell Chris Wallace What To Do
01:50 — If there was a memo at Fox News, Chris Wallace is pretty sure he didn't get it.
Trump Goes Full Lunchroom Bully On Kasich
01:59 — Used to be, politicians had a little class and only cast aspersions on their opponent's penis size.
Bob Mould Will Teach You Guitar
00:39 — Legendary rocker Bob Mould is a guitar teacher now. He welcomes your feedback.
J.K. Simmons Looks Awesome Naked
01:25 — For the film he just wrapped, J.K. Simmons grew a beard and lost weight so that he could look terrible naked. He failed.
J.K. Simmons Somehow Exists In Both The Marvel and D.C. Universes
02:24 — J.K. Simmons is playing Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming "Justice League," but he's already J. Jonah Jameson in the Marvel universe. What gives?
Unsung Heroes Are Finally Sung (with Jane Krakowski)
03:43 — The world is full of so many heroes who never have a song sung about them. Fortunately, Stephen and Jane Krakowski are here to right that wrong.
Stern Father Finally Praises You (with J.K. Simmons)
03:33 — J.K. Simmons and Stephen know how much praise from a stern father means. Here, pull up a chair.
Let's Talk About Bathrooms
03:04 — If you're obsessed with who's using what bathroom and what they've got downtown, you're the weirdo.
Intro - 9/27/06
Bill Clinton lashes out at Chris Wallace, and a new study says Americans don't know how to read food labels.
Mitt Romney's "Solid" GOP Convention Speech
Mitt Romney relies on Hallmark cue cards during his address, and Chris Wallace coins a new slogan for Fox News.
Cruz Tweets Flashdance Song 'Maniac' To Trump
Responding to comments Donald Trump made earlier on Sunday calling the Texas senator € a maniac, € Cruz opted for sharing a link on Twitte (more…)
Stewart: Media Bias Not Liberal, but 'Laziness'
Comedian Jon Stewart visited 'Fox News Sunday' and told host Chris Wallace the media's bias is toward 'sensationalism and laziness.'
Fox's Wallace Calls Out Romney on Sunday Show Absence
Chris Wallace says Romney refused once again to come onto his show and that the former governor hasn't appeared on a Sunday show since March 2010.
Sunday Mash-Up: 4/15
Reince Preibus won't call Romney nominee just yet; Huckabee thinks Rubio should be VP pick; Chris Wallace memorializes his father, Mike Wallace.
Native Is the Future of Mobile Advertising, Mindshare's Chris Wallace
COLOGNE - Banner ads on mobile just 'doesn't exist in my mind' and the future is native advertising, delivered in innovative ways, says Chris Wallace, (more…)
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