Chris Stack



One Life to Live's Michael Trades Faces

Chris Stack by Donna Svennevik/ABC

One Life to Live has a new Michael McBain. Effective Dec. 3, actor Chris Stack (School of Rock) replaces troubled star Nathaniel Marston, who has been fired after his arrest for assaulting three people (plus a cop) in Manhattan in October. Crazily, Stack did a recurring gig on OLTL in 2003 as a preppie drug dealer who got Marston's character hooked on speed, a scenario that now seems "like a snake eating its own tail," Stack notes. "This is a bittersweet way to get a job. I remember Nathaniel very fondly and was sorry to hear of the circumstances that led to my hiring. At the same time, it's my hiring. I'm really thrilled to have a job." Too bad he'll start off on the wrong foot. Michael, who's facing perjury charges in Llanview, will jump bail and flee to Texas to find his on-the-lam wife. "That will come back to haunt him," Stack says. — Michael Logan read more

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