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Rashida Jones: Parks and Recreation Is Not The Office

Parks and Recreation

Rashida Jones wants us to know that Parks and Recreation is not The Office's stepchild. But Jones says that big things are coming this season, both for that desolate pit and for the love lives of both Ann and Leslie (Amy Poehler). Jones, 33, tells about Fred Armisen's guest stint, a possible crossover with The Office and her memories of family friend Michael Jackson.  

Watch full episodes of Parks and Recreation How is the show different this season?
I hope that people who watch The Office can now see that it's definitely different, but it's the kind of thing that you would want to watch if you like that show. Hopefully there's enough distance now. It's like becoming friends with an ex once you've had a little time after you broke up. Hopefully we'll be able to be friends now... read more

Anna Faris to Marry Bride Wars' Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Anna Faris is going from bunny to bride.

The House Bunny star is gearing up to walk down the altar with Bride Wars star Chris Pratt, according to People.

"They got engaged late last year," says Faris' rep. No further details about the engagement were released.

"He's awesome. He's a great, great guy. I feel really lucky," Faris told the magazine back in August about 29-year-old Pratt, who also starred in Everwood.

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November 30, 2006: Not the Most Obvious Couple

Sure, Taylor was enamored with Ryan for rescuing her from her loveless marriage. And she appreciated the beauty of the sight of a shirtless Ryan. But what was the telltale sign that she had truly fallen for the guy? She actually thought the king of brooding was funny. And while Ryan’s far from Seth when it comes to witty retorts, Taylor has no problems in the humor department. Becoming someone’s uncertified sleep therapist is definitely a novel way to go about seducing someone. And she gets bonus points for the elaborateness of her approach: 50 candles, flannel pajamas and an offer to be a warm body. Her false denial when Ryan finally asked her whether she liked him was priceless, as well as somewhat believable. I can’t say that I fault him for not picking up on things initially — Taylor is a little bit kooky, and she’s always jumped into projects (like high school committees) with tremendous gusto, so attacking his insomnia with such tenacity wasn’t ou... read more

The O.C. Preview: How Marissa's Death Has Rocked Newport!

Ben McKenzie and Rachel Bilson, The O.C.

With Mischa Barton's Marissa gone, graduation over, and Kaitlin Cooper back in Newport for good, can The O.C. remain as juicy and scandalous as ever? You bet it can. With Marissa's death and everyone dealing with it in their own way, there's plenty of room for relationship turmoil, new story lines, and guest stars to stir the pot. When Season 4 premieres (Thursday, Nov. 2, at 9 pm/ET, on Fox; now streaming at, the twisted O.C. family is displaced and obviously changed five months after the season finale's fatal accident. With the very first glimpses of Ryan, it's hard not to think back to his Chino days, and with Summer starting her first semester at Brown University, things for the fake-tan-loving freshman have cl read more

Fox Teases Prison Break Finale, Sweeps Shockers

The highlights of a November-sweeps press release from Fox:• In all-new episodes of Prison Break, Michael is determined to reunite with Sarah, while Mahone and Kellerman are dead-set on keeping them apart, permanently (on Nov. 6); T-Bag makes the ultimate sacrifice to get his hand on Westmoreland's millions, while Lincoln says goodbye to another loved one (Nov. 13); Bellick makes a stunning confession, as Michael and Lincoln make their run for the border (Nov. 20); and alliances are turned upside-down once again (in the series' Nov. 27 fall finale).• On Nov. 15, in one of three new Bones episodes, Brennan and Hodgins, the Grave Digger's latest victims, are forced to try to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.• Sweeps guest stars include Everwood's Chris Pratt (in a multi-episode arc on The O.C., starting Nov. 2); film vet David Morse (in four episodes of House, starting Nov. 7); Arrested Development's Jessica Walter (Happy Hour, Nov. 16); and Jane Sey... read more

Scoop! Everwood's Chris Pratt Joins The O.C.!

Finally, I've got some good news for all you heartsick Everwood fans. The O.C. had the Bright idea (c'mon, I had to!) to cast Chris Pratt — aka Everwood's lovable blockhead Bright — for a multi-episode arc this season. He'll play Che, an environmentalist that Summer (Rachel Bilson) befriends while away at college. Unfortunately, we have to wait a few months before we see Pratt in action. His first air date coincides with the show's fourth-season premiere on Nov. 2. You don't, however, have to wait that long to read my exclusive Q&A with him, since Mr. Pratt just called me while driving around in New Mexico to discuss The O.C., adjusting to life after Everwood and the perils of dating your TV sibling. Ausiello: How's everything?Chris Pratt: Everything is very well, thank you. I'm out in New Mexico of all places.Ausiello: What are you doing in New Mexico?Pratt: Visiting my lady. She's out here working on a movie, so I just came out to give my moral support and play some... read more

Any news on what the cast of ...

Question: Any news on what the cast of Everwood is up to now that the show is over? If I can no longer watch them on one of the best shows on TV, I'd like to follow their careers.

Answer: Compiling a list like that seems really tedious and time-consuming. In other words, it's the perfect job for TV Guide's summer intern, Northwestern senior Laura Moore! Here's what she found out:

Emily VanCamp: According to her publicist, "Emily's moving to Los Angeles for the first time since she started acting. Her experience on the show was an incredible journey and, though she’s very sad to leave her Everwood family, she is excited about the opportunities ahead and is ready for a new challenge." Last summer, Em shot the coming-of-age indie film Black Irish, starring Will & Grace's read more

Forever Everwood
WB heart-warmer a great place to visit

Two of the most rapturously romantic lump-in-the-throat moments I've seen on TV this season have taken place in a mountain town called Everwood, home to TV's best-written, best-acted and most touching family drama (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET on WB). Both scenes involve the endearing odd couple of Bright Abbott (Chris Pratt), a former jerk and not-quite-reformed slacker, and Hannah Rogers (Sarah Drew), a bookish mouse who blossoms in his presence. In a show bursting with lovably empathetic characters caught up in turbulent family and personal relationships, the Bright-Hannah combo has sent Everwood into heights of sentimental transcendence. read more

Is the big twist on Everwood ...

Question: Is the big twist on Everwood that Reid is not actually gay?

Answer: Let's ask the guy at the center of the big gay mystery, Justin Baldoni. "I can tell you that by the seventh episode, there is definitely some drama that ensues in the whole Ephram-Amy-Reid triangle," he says. "As you can imagine, Ephram being Amy's old boyfriend and us living together and her having a big crush on me is obviously going to complicate things. But Reid is a really good guy. He's kind of oblivious to everything. He's so wrapped up in med school — that's really his priority — that he doesn't really get involved in the whole triangle thing until it kind of hits him in the face." One other thing you can expect in the seventh episode: Another shot of Baldoni's 26-pack, which could very well become a recurring character itself if Everwood producers have their way. "I don't mind [the shirtless scenes]," he says. "It give read more

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