Chris O'Dowd

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Christopher O'Dowd
  • Birth Place: Ireland
  • Profession: Actor

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Series 4 Sneak Peek
08:52 — A sneak peek at the fourth series of THE IT CROWD. Moss (Richard Ayoade), Roy (Chris O'Dowd) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson) are still trying to surviv (more…)
Kevin Casey vs. Bubba Bush
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Chris O'Dowd Is Toothpaste
01:43 — Chris O'Dowd talks about the fancy British acting school he attended and then shows off his hidden talent of being a tube of toothpaste.
Reggie Won't Let James Start The Interview
02:52 — James Corden tries to chat with his guests Jeremy Renner, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris O'Dowd, but Reggie Watts can't stop singing.
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James Blunt: OK
03:16 — Late Late Show music guest James Blunt performs "OK" for the Stage 56 audience.
Paul Manafort Had the FBI Over for an Unplanned Visit
03:30 — James looks at a roundup of the news, including the FBI's raid of Paul Manafort's home and Donald Trump's childhood home now listed on Airbnb.
Will China and Russia enforce U.N. sanctions on North Korea?
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CBS News poll shows how Americans are evaluating Trump on more than economy
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Could releasing millions of sterile mosquitoes shrink its population?
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Google fires engineer over memo "advancing harmful gender stereotypes"
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Chris O'Dowd on playing a "tough" guy in "Get Shorty"
04:54 — Actor Chris O'Dowd has appeared in movies including "Bridesmaids" and "Saint Vincent." He also earned a Tony nomination for his role in Broadway's "Of (more…)
Princeton's president defends race-conscious approach to admissions
03:15 — Ivy League schools are bracing for a review of the role race plays in college admissions. The Trump administration is investigating complaints against (more…)
Chris O'Dowd Raised Money For Fake Endangered Species
06:45 — To spice up a bland gig while pursuing a career in acting, 'Get Shorty' star Chris O'Dowd made cold calls on behalf of a species so endangered that it (more…)
Blackwater founder says contractors in Afghanistan wouldn't be mercenaries
07:41 — President Trump has so far rejected the advice of his national security adviser for the next steps in Afghanistan, a war that's been going on for near (more…)
Smoking legal pot in Las Vegas tricky for tourists
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Suspected tornado causes severe damage in Maryland
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Calvary - Trailer
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Ray Romano and Chris O'Dowd Talk 'Get Shorty' Reboot
01:56 — The Insider's Keltie Knight caught up with the actors to chat about their dark comedic remake of John Travolta's 1995 hit. The series is set to debut (more…)
The Crimson Petal and the White Season 1
This BBC series based on the bestseller reveals a gritty, dark, Victorian England. Sugar, a prostitute, uses her ample charms to woo William Rackham, (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Christopher O'Dowd
  • Birth Place: Ireland
  • Profession: Actor