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Better late than never, this recap will kick off the Law & Order: CI blog for the season. And what a good episode to start off with!So first off, what did we learn? One, earrings are the key, and two, do not try speed dating.The case started off with a tied-up blonde murderer with emerald earrings on that sent off warning signs, which then led to the arrest of writer (if he could be called that) Noah Brezner. Things were not looking good for Noah as nothing he said was being validated by Detectives Falacci and Logan. His wife did not know what was going on, his girlfriend on the side was lying against him, and Noah kept claiming he was being framed — which I believed.Turns out he was being blackmailed by his girlfriend, who was working for her lawyer/lover, who was the real con who blackmailed married men for money. It was an unhappy ending as Noah committed suicide in jail, not being able to stand the girlfriend's betrayal, while the lawyer and girlfriend headed off to jai... read more

Chris Noth Previews the Sex and the City Movie and Criminal Intent

Chris Noth, Law & Order: CI

Chris Noth is certainly keeping busy. But in between shooting the long-awaited Sex and the City movie and new episodes for the seventh season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (tonight at 10 pm/ET, USA), the handsome, down-to-earth actor squeezed in a few moments to answer some questions. Were you at all hesitant to continue CI when you heard it was moving from NBC to USA?Chris Noth: No. I think the cable networks are the future of TV anyway. I think USA, AMC, TNT, FX [have] the more interesting shows. I don't know if that will change or not, but right now they're willing to go outside the box a little more. Does the switch change the show at all? Noth: Only in the enthusiasm that USA is showing in terms of bringing us aboard. We are what we are. They've really welcomed us — we've had more promotion in the last week read more

Law & Order: CI's Eric Bogosian Talks TV

Eric Bogosian, Law & Order: CI

When Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns for its seventh season tonight at 10 pm/ET, don't look for it at its old home, NBC: The series has moved to USA, and its stars, including Eric Bogosian, Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, couldn't be happier. "I feel like it saved the show," said D'Onofrio about the switch. We talked to actor/monologist/author/Manhattan fixture Bogosian, who plays Captain Danny Ross, about the move to USA, how he ended up as part of the Law & Order universe, and working with some pretty big personalities. This is your first time as part of a permanent TV cast. Why Criminal Intent?Eric Bogosian: I had been keeping an eye read more

Sex and the City Shoot Spills Big (and Bigger) Spoilers

Chris Noth and Kristin Davis during filming of Sex and the City: The Movie by James Devaney/

Unless — and I wouldn't put it past that crafty Michael Patrick King — they are merely staging some "scenes" to be spied/misreported by the paparazzi, the well-documented and -photographed Sex and the City: The Movie location shoot in New York City is letting slip a few plot details. For one, it has been reported that (Possi-spoiler alert) Big springs a mammoth sparkler on Carrie, perhaps setting up the rumored wedding. And on Thursday, paps snapped Chris Noth in a sidewalk scene with a full-term pregnancy-pad-sporting Kristin Davis, indicating that Charlotte and Harry finally got a bun cooking in the oven. read more

Chris Noth Thanks Sex and the City for "Big" Favor

Chris Noth by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

With the trades now confirming what Michael Patrick King told Extra earlier this week, Chris Noth is giving mad props to the Sex and the City filmmakers for squeezing in Big. "I was thrilled that the producers were able to work around my Law & Order: Criminal Intent schedule," the actor tells the New York Daily News. Noth also likes what he sees in the Sexy flick, saying, "I am happy to be back in the flesh as Mr. Big, especially after reading Michael Patrick King's script." Yeah, being surrounded by fab femmes is always a good read.Related: Sex and the City Boss Shares "Big" Film News, Will Sex and the City Film Be a "Big" Deal? read more

Sex and the City Boss Shares "Big" Film News

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker courtesy HBO

Though the most recent reports I've seen have Chris Noth claiming he had yet to sign on the dotted line, Michael Patrick King — the writer/director of the upcoming Sex and the City film — says that Carrie's one-and-only is, in fact, a part of the big-screen follow-up. As King tells TV's Extra, "[I am] happy to report that Mr. Big is alive and well and living in New York City!" King's comment seemingly snuffs building buzz that the ladies' feature folly will not be precipitated by Carrie's wedding but rather Big's death. After all, a tombstone would require getting his last name. (And good luck with that.) read more

Criminal Intent Fills Regular's Pregnant Pause

Alicia Witt courtesy NBC Photo

Its berth on USA Network isn't the only change in store for Law & Order: Criminal Intent this season. Alicia Witt (The Upside of Anger, Cybill) has been tapped to join the crime drama as Det. Nola Falacci, a new partner for Chris Noth's Mike Logan. Witt is subbing, at least temporarily, for Julianne Nicholson, who will miss a string of episodes this season due to maternity leave.L&O: CI returns Thursday, Oct. 4, at 10 pm/ET on USA. (Don't make me remind you again.) read more

Will the Sex and the City Film Be a "Big" Deal?

Sex and the City courtesy HBO/TBS

As first scooped by Ausiello, the big-screen Sex and the City boinkfest is now a go, with leads Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all set to reprise their series roles. Cattrall, a long-rumored holdout, was ultimately locked in with the promise of scene input, big bucks and a future HBO series deal, sources tell Variety. That's right, folks — your "Mannequin: The Series" dream is alive.Now that the New Line-produced Sex film is greenlit, the involvement of series faves such as Chris Noth (as Mr. Big/John) will start to get firmed up.POLL: Other than Big, which Sex and the City fella do you hope appears in the film? Vote here. read more

L&O Signs Vet, Intent Stars; But Who's the New ADA?

Jesse L. Martin has renegotiated his contract to return to Law & Order for a minimum of 13 episodes, says the New York Post. Similarly, says that Criminal Intent's Vincent D'Onofrio and Chris Noth (and Ms. Erbe, I have to imagine) have agreed to the previously reported salary freezes, keeping their haul at $350K for each of the 11 episodes they shoot. Meanwhile, with Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy stepping up to replace Fred Thompson's Arthur Branch, the question is who will serve as the mother ship's ADA. Fox hears that L.A.-based West Winger Bradley Whitford is on the short list, but likely commands far too high a payday for the belt-tightening series. read more

Cable-bound L&O Stars: Salary Freeze Is Criminal

Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Chris Noth by Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Speaking of fireworks.... Series stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Chris Noth and Kathryn Erbe have until 5 pm today to accept a non-pay raise for the new season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which will be airing on the more budget-conscious USA Network. Sources tell the Hollywood Reporter, however, that the prospect of a salary freeze is not sitting well with the cast members, who typically enjoy at least a five percent year-to-year bump. Reps for Dick Wolf's production house and NBC Universal declined to comment on the talks. read more

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