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Post Midterm Elections Review
28:33 — Post midterm elections review with with Mark Halperin of 'Time' and John Heilemann of 'New York' magazine
Chris Matthews of MSNBC's 'Hardball'
24:33 — Charlie Rose talks to Chris about his upcoming documentary on President Bill Clinton.
Chris Matthews and David Brooks
34:04 — Chris Matthews David Brooks of 'The New York Times' on President Obama.
Vittorio Grigolo
23:25 — Italian singer Vittorio Grigolo.
Ann Coulter: You Can't Police My Language
01:21 — Conversation gets fiery when MSNBC's Joy Reid and conservative political commentator Ann Coulter discuss the 'demographic panic' that many claim the T (more…)
The Democratic Playbook to Beat Trump
07:33 — Donald Trump has defied all expectations in his candidacy thus far, but he's also brought together Democrats in the fight against him. So how do Dems (more…)
Pres. Obama: World Leaders ‘Rattled’ by Trump
03:24 — Former State Dept. spokesperson Nayyera Haq and former US envoy to Morocco Marc Ginsberg discuss the political implications of the president engaging (more…)
Donald Trump Clinches Nomination
10:39 — The big news today: Donald Trump has reached the required delegate threshold to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot at the convention.
Email Report Now Fodder for Clinton Rivals
06:01 — Good news and bad news for Hillary Clinton.Democratic Strategist Steve McMahon, fmr. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, and Washington Post Deputy Editor (more…)
Donald Trump: From the Hardball Archives
04:05 — Chris Matthews’ interviews with Donald Trump over the years show a lot of areas where the Republican candidate has dramatically changed and stayed the (more…)
Trump: Clinton Email Report ‘not Good’
02:16 — Donald Trump took advantage of the bad headlines for Hillary Clinton Wednesday calling her out during a rally in Anaheim, California.
Exclusive: UAW Endorses Hillary Clinton
03:59 — President Dennis Williams of the legendary United Auto Workers sits down with Chris Matthews to deliver the endorsement.
Report: Hillary Clinton Violated Email Rules
04:02 — An independent audit conducted by the State Department's Inspector General says the former Secretary of State violated the federal record keeping rule (more…)
Elizabeth Warren Blasts Donald Trump
03:29 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren joined in on Hillary Clinton’s attack of Donald Trump Tuesday, condemning him for stating in 2006 he hoped the housing bubble wo (more…)
Police Move in On Remaining Protestors
00:36 — NBC's Hallie Jackson reports as police try to disperse remaining protestors on the streets of Albuquerque.
Could Trump Flip Washington to a Red State?
01:42 — Washington State Republican Chairman Susan Hutchison explains how Donald Trump has a real chance to flip the traditionally blue state to red.
Does Trump Need Women Voters?
05:09 — The Hardball roundtable debates Donald Trump's biggest problem with women voters and whether or not he needs them to win in November.
Protestor: 'We Don't Want Trump Here'
00:59 — Diana Vargas explains why she's in the streets of Albuquerque protesting against Donald Trump, and why he doesn't represent the diversity of her town.
Trump's Plan to Win Over Minority Voters
04:02 — The Washington Post’s Robert Costa reports on Donald Trump's strategy moving forward in the general election.
Scenes from Anti-Trump Protest
01:53 — Watch scenes from anti-Trump protests, following a Trump speech in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chris Matthews and Robert Costa talk about the events lead (more…)
When Trump Praised Bill Clinton
05:08 — In 1998, Donald Trump praised the Clintons, but times have changed. Former RNC Chair Michael Steel, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and USA Today Washington Bureau C (more…)
Protesters Take to Streets Outside Trump Event
02:03 — NBC News' Jacob Rascon reports from outside a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where protesters both inside and outside the event venue (more…)
Do Voters Take Trump's Remarks Seriously?
03:33 — The Hardball roundtable weighs in on how Donald Trump’s constantly changing positions are perceived by voters and how that could affect his chances in (more…)
Sanders: 'Democracy Is Messy'
06:48 — Bernie Sanders is charging full speed ahead on challenging Hillary Clinton until the bitter end.
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