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Matthews: Democrats Haven't Figured Out How to Beat Trump
01:38 — The defeat of the Democratic candidate in yesterday's Georgia special election should be a yellow light to all those who think they've got this Trump (more…)
Himes: It'd Be Helpful if Trump Said Russia Interference Happened
14:14 — Congressman Himes believes Trump is being unhelpful by denying the Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Sen. Blumenthal: I Believe There Could Be a Conspiracy Charge
05:48 — According to a New York Times report, the CIA kept briefing Michael Flynn despite concerns he could be blackmailed by Russia.
Sen. Booker: Trump Is Trying to Choke Obamacare Dead
03:20 — Senator Booker says that the Senate healthcare bill is a huge cut in the social safety net.
Matthews: Scalise Saved by the Brave Action of Capitol Police
01:22 — A building engineer told Chris Matthews about the one liberal US senator who made a point to always greet the Capitol Police officers as he passed. H (more…)
McCaskill: No Hearing, No Amendments, No Chance to Weigh in
05:22 — Senators Bill Cassidy and Claire McCaskill joined Hardball to talk about what's in the Senate healthcare bill. But McCaskill says that Democrats haven (more…)
Flynn Failed to Disclose 2015 Saudi Trip
15:41 — McClatchy reports that Michael Flynn failed to disclose a trip to Saudi Arabia for a US/Russia business plan to build nuclear reactors.
People Will Remember Who Take Away Their Healthcare
07:11 — Reports say Senator McConnell hopes to have a healthcare vote before the July 4th recess. But there's no written text and no guarantee Republicans wil (more…)
Matthews: Trump's Lawyer Has Drowned in Talking Points
01:22 — The president of the United States lawyered up to defend himself against a charge of collusion with the Russians.
Ad in Georgia Election Ties Dems to Scalise Shooting
03:44 — Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says that over 140,000 voters have cast their ballots in the Georgia Special Election and turnout w (more…)
Matthews: Trump Has a Very Short Fuse
01:16 — Donald Trump has at long last become predictable. The moment a Washington figure pops up to challenge him, Trump tries to knock him over.
Dilanian: if Trump’s Lawyer Needs a Lawyer, It’s Getting Serious
15:32 — With talk now that the President is considering ways to oust Mueller as Special Counsel, Rosenstein is the only person who stands in his way.
Matthews: Watergate’s a History Lesson Trump Should Watch
07:53 — On Saturday, All The President's Men Revisited premieres at 9PM.
Matthews: if Trump's Innocent, He Needs to Stop Acting Guilty
01:11 — If Donald Trump is guilty of consorting with Moscow last year, his behavior these months makes sense. He's simply doing whatever he can to throw a wr (more…)
President Trump Under Investigation Earlier Than Any President
12:06 — Vice President Pence seeking outside counsel underscores the gravity of this situation.
61% Think Trump Obstructed the Russia Probe
01:23 — 68% of Americans are concerned that Trump and his associates had inappropriate ties to Russia.
Special Counsel Investigating Kushner’s Business Dealings
02:27 — "The FBI is looking at possible criminal activity on Kushner's part.
Mueller Is Investigating Trump for Possible Obstruction of Justice
12:49 — Devlin Barrett, who broke the news that the Special Counsel is investigating President Trump for possible obstruction of justice, says that Robert Mue (more…)
Rep. Jordan: We Have to Address Extreme Political Rhetoric
05:48 — With the shooting in Alexandria, Congress is wondering what role they play in today's political climate.
Welker: This Probe Continues to Hang Over the White House
03:31 — The White House is trying to undercut the Special Counsel's investigation on Trump.
Matthews: Our Views On Guns Show Us How Different We Are
01:09 — Guns are the more important "political" reality. Did you ever think, whatever your views on gun rights and gun control, how different we are in this (more…)
Matthews: There's Something of a Monarchy About Trump
00:57 — We watched a spectacle with the Trump's cabinet, where each top official honored the President.
Sen. Heinrich: Sessions Refused to Answer Basic Questions
12:13 — Representative Jackie Speier and Senator Heinrich were not impressed with Attorney General Sessions' testimony.
Footprints of Russian Cyber Attacks Found in 39 States
05:50 — Former FBI Agent Clint Watts says that the United States should prepare for the 2018 election with recent developments of Russia's involvement in the (more…)
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