Let Me Finish: The Fight Before Christmas
01:06 — Chris Matthews finishes the show with the worst thing said during this week’s Republican debate.
Putin: Trump Is Bright, Talented Person
03:59 — Russian president Vladimir Putin praises Donald Trump, calling him "talented", "bright" and "outstanding". To get an idea of what a Trump presidency m (more…)
How Trump Uses Hyperbole to His Advantage
08:19 — Chris Matthews and Gwenda Blair, author of “The Trumps”, look at how the trials and tribulations that Donald Trump has faced throughout his life have (more…)
What Do We Want from Our Next President?
01:06 — Chris Matthews finishes the show with the simple thought that every election is an attempt to solve the problem represented by the president we have.
Obama: We’re Hitting ISIS Harder Than Ever
09:50 — Every one of the GOP presidential candidates is shouting their fear and loathing of terrorism. Trying to calm nerves, President Obama spoke to the cou (more…)
Can Sanders Slow Clinton’s Momentum?
02:46 — Hillary Clinton may be the prohibitive Democratic favorite, but Bernie Sanders just got a big boost to his campaign from the Communications Workers of (more…)
True-life Journalism Now in “Spotlight”
05:50 — Chris Matthews discusses the movie "Spotlight," a true-life story of how Boston Globe reporters exposed a scandal within the Catholic Church... and it (more…)
Bush Ratchets up Attacks On Trump
04:13 — Jeb Bush is desperate and now he's taking what may be his last best shot: going all out with his attack on frontrunner Trump. Will this be Jeb's ticke (more…)
Conway: the Incendiary Rhetoric Has to Stop
12:21 — Senior advisor to the Trump transition, Kellyanne Conway, talks to Chris Matthews about Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, homegrown terrorism and the cont (more…)
Pres. Obama Holds Final News Conference
05:21 — President Obama held his final news conference of the year, casting 2015 as a year of significant progress for the United States. NBC News’ Perry Bac (more…)
Remembering John Glenn
06:31 — Captain Scott Altman, Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, Democratic strategist Steve McMahon, and Hardball’s Chris Matthews remember John Glenn – U.S. (more…)
The Real World Impact of Fake News
05:02 — Politico’s Glenn Thrush and Chris Matthews discuss the purpose of fake news and the spread of disinformation and examine how fake news might be combat (more…)
Let Me Finish: A Tale of Two Cities
01:57 — Chris Matthews finishes the show with a tale of two cities. Both tales about Paris...the Paris of the terrorist attacks; the Paris of the world clima (more…)
Carson On Tuesday's Debate Performance
02:01 — Dr. Ben Carson responds to his slip in polls recently, and whether or not his performance at Tuesday night's GOP debate was a success.
GOP: Obama, Clinton to Blame for…well, Everything
01:21 — To hear the Republicans tell it, Hillary Clinton was practically a co-president with Barack Obama for the past seven years. Republicans over and over (more…)
Romney Leads Establishment Against Trump
04:08 — Mitt Romney is now leading the establishment charge to stop Donald Trump, but as Richard Nixon once said “If ever you hear of a 'stop x' movement...be (more…)
Clinton Targeted at GOP Debate
03:27 — The Republicans tried to tie Hillary Clinton to everything that's gone wrong in the world during this week’s debate. They're looking to run against a (more…)
Who Is Well-positioned in IA, NH?
06:17 — Among the top candidates, who helped their cause heading into the Christmas holiday… and who didn’t? American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan, Reute (more…)
Could Trump Cost GOP Congress?
04:26 — There's growing worry among Main Street Republicans that Donald Trump could tank their chances of keeping control of Congress. Republican Senators in (more…)
The Man Who’ll Head up the EPA
07:08 — President-elect Trump picks an ally of the fossil fuel industry, Scott Pruitt, to head up the Environmental Protection Agency. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-C (more…)
Building the Brand of Trump
09:52 — Chris Matthews and Marc Fisher, author of “Trump Revealed”, look at key moments from past interviews with Donald Trump to better understand what the p (more…)
The Dramatic Fall of Chris Christie
04:36 — Governor Chris Christie was mortally wounded by Bridgegate, cast aside by Donald Trump, and now rejected by his voters back home in New Jersey. MSNBC’ (more…)
GOP Elector Vows to Vote Against Donald Trump
07:15 — One Republican elector who is pledged to support Donald Trump says he will not vote for him, arguing that the president-elect has demonstrated every d (more…)
The Evolution of Donald Trump
07:43 — Chris Matthews and David Cay Johnson, author of “The Making of Donald Trump”, look at past interviews and discuss how Donald Trump's business savvy mi (more…)
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