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What Does It Mean to Be an American?
03:45 — Former Rep. Robert Mrazek (D-NY) is the co-director and writer of “The Congressman” and joins Chris Matthews on set to talk about his new film.
Hillary Takes On Trump Before in
08:08 — The battle between the two likely rivals heats up over the weekend. Here’s a taste of how the general election might play out this fall between Donald (more…)
GOP Delegate Fight Hits New Front in Arizona
03:30 — Ted Cruz nearly swept Donald Trump in Arizona delegates, even though Trump won the state by more than 20 points. MSNBC's Ari Melber reports.
New Voter ID Laws Reshape US Elections
04:20 — With each new voting restriction, are states making it tougher for minorities, older Americans, and the disabled to get their vote to count?
Joy Reid Plays ‘Hardball’ With Chris Matthews
11:56 — MSNBC’s Joy Reid turned the table on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and played “hardball” with him. Matthews gives his take on the top political stories of th (more…)
2016 Race Marked by Growing Political Divide
12:54 — Clashes occured outside a Donald Trump rally for the second day in a row in California, and the attacks between Trump and Hillary Clinton continued to (more…)
Hardball Goes to Hollywood
06:29 — Our special White House Correspondents' Weekend Hardball roundtable with actors Neve Campbell of "House of Cards” and Josh Stamberg of "The Affair", a (more…)
Clinton Survives in the Year of the Outsider
04:38 — The Hardball Roundtable discusses who has the winning formula in 2016: the insiders or the outsiders.
The World According to Donald Trump
09:17 — What does Donald Trump really mean when he says his foreign policy will put "America First"? Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relati (more…)
GOP Warms to Trump
07:45 — Donald Trump is well on his way to clinching the Republican nomination while the “Stop Trump” movement appears to be collapsing. MSNBC political analy (more…)
Let Me Finish: VP Selection Has Become a 'joke'
02:11 — Chris Matthews says many vice president choices in recent years have been "laughable."
Fiorina Accepts Number Two Slot On Cruz Ticket
05:41 — Mark Penn, Clinton's 2008 chief strategist, Liz Mair, founder of an anti-Trump Super PAC and NBC's Perry Bacon discuss how Carly Fiorina could aid Ted (more…)
Is Cruz-Kasich 'marriage' Over?
03:38 — Ted Cruz made a major announcement in an effort to gin up some excitement for his campaign, picking Fiorina as his potential running mate. The Huffing (more…)
Would Sanders' Progressive Platform Be Adopted?
07:15 — Bernie Sanders is saying that even if he is not the Democratic nominee, he wants some say on crafting a progressive party platform. Sen. Jeff Merkley, (more…)
Can Kasich and Cruz Stop Donald Trump?
07:53 — Ted Cruz and John Kasich are trying to do together what neither has been able to do on their own: Stop Donald Trump. Cruz and Kasich have joined force (more…)
VA Governor Restores Voting Rights to Felons
04:17 — A major expansion of voting rights just took place in a state that may well decide the presidential election. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe discus (more…)
Biden: Democrats Should Think Big
08:46 — Did Joe Biden just give Bernie Sanders reason to keep up his attacks against Hillary Clinton? Biden says Democrats don't win when they don't think big (more…)
Identifying Trump’s 'Other' Persona
06:57 — Donald Trump's message to the Republican Party: "Let's get together!" His advisers are signaling that Trump's moving to a new phase of the race, and t (more…)
Let Me Finish: a Grand Honor
01:01 — Chris Matthews discusses a grand honor that's just been accorded to him from the isle of saints and scholars.
Should Sanders Scale Back His Attacks?
04:44 — Hillary Clinton is on pace to win the Democratic nomination. What can Bernie Sanders do to make up ground and has he finessed his plan for how exactly (more…)
Can Trump Be More Presidential?
06:24 — As Trump storms toward the nomination, the question Republicans are asking is: can he pivot? He's spent the past year insulting his opponents and boas (more…)
Let Me Finish: the 1956 Convention Fight
02:19 — Chris Matthews finishes with John F. Kennedy’s convention fight in 1956, and shares what we might expect from the conventions this year.
CT Gov. Helps Clinton Argue Sanders On Guns
05:15 — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy discusses gun control with Chris Matthews as Hillary Clinton continues to use the gun issue against her rival Berni (more…)
Is US Relationship With Saudi Arabia Shifting?
06:25 — President Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia comes amid new speculation over the kingdom's role in the September 11th attacks. Nayyera Haq, former Senior A (more…)
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