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My Philly: History of Philadelphia
04:59 — Chris Matthews continues his tour of Philadelphia with a historic look at his hometown with a tour of the city known as the "cradle of liberty."
Hollywood's Influence in the Politics of 2016
08:26 — Actors Dean Norris and Alison Pill join Hardball to talk about the political issues that matter to them and the influence Hollywood can have in the po (more…)
Reintroducing Hillary Clinton to America
07:35 — Hillary Clinton becomes the first female nominee of a major party, but can the Democrats change the narrative about her to win in November?
Sen. Klobuchar On Party Unity
04:59 — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews interviews Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who spoke at the Democratic Convention on Tuesday night.
Matthews: Clinton Nom 'News of the Year'
02:44 — Watch as Hillary Clinton is officially nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. Plus: Chris Matthews calls Clinton's historic nomination a (more…)
Geno and the Philly Cheesesteak
03:59 — Chris Matthews continues his tour of South Philadelphia by visiting the famous Geno’s Steaks to learn more about one of the city's top contributions t (more…)
Michelle Obama Delivers for Hillary Clinton
04:56 — First Lady Michelle Obama gave an impassioned speech that clearly went after Donald Trump and came out strong in endorsing Hillary Clinton.
How Did the Democrats Do On Day One?
07:06 — Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called for a united front to take on Donald Trump. First Lady Michelle Obama made the case for Hillary Clinton. How mig (more…)
Robert Davi On Trump’s Speech
01:43 — Actor and alternate delegate Robert Davi weighs in on Donald Trump’s speech accepting his party’s nomination at the Republican National Convention.
Pelosi: 'We're Unified by Our Values'
06:23 — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi explains key components of the Democratic platform, including the death penalty and debt-free college tuition, and (more…)
Pelosi: Dems Already Unified by Their Values
06:04 — Is Hillary Clinton capable of rallying Democrats that are skeptical of her leadership and uniting the party before the general election? House Minorit (more…)
Chris Matthews: Kaine a 'True Blue Good Guy'
05:25 — Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, and Michael Steele join Chuck Todd to discuss Hillary Clinton's choice of Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as (more…)
Trump Goes After Cruz, Again
04:15 — Donald Trump used his first appearance after the Republican National Convention to trash Ted Cruz, sounding more like a primary candidate than the man (more…)
What Will Liberals Think of Kaine if Chosen?
04:04 — While many think Tim Kaine is a good pick for Hillary Clinton, some liberal groups already seem disappointed with the idea of the Virginia Senator bei (more…)
Darrell Hammond On How He Plays Donald Trump
01:53 — Comedian Darrell Hammond is well-known for his impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. He explains how he gets into character.
Chris Matthews On How to Speak ‘Philly’
04:01 — MSNBC's Chris Matthews goes to Philadelphia ahead of the Democratic National Convention to talk with locals about the historic city.
SNL’s Darrell Hammond On the RNC and Trump
01:54 — Darrell Hammond played Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live since the 1990's and joins Hardball with his take on the Republican National Convention and (more…)
Did Speech Feed America's Paranoia, Fear?
04:27 — Was Donald Trump's speech "dramatically negative" or did it accurately highlight how America feels right now? The Washington Post's Robert Costa, form (more…)
Background On Trump's RNC Speech
07:42 — Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller on the message Donald Trump aimed to deliver in his acceptance speech.
Manafort Sees Non-Traditional Path for Trump
05:27 — Paul Manafort, campaign chairman for Donald Trump, talks with Chris Matthews about how the Trump campaign sees a path to victory around some of the de (more…)
Manafort On Trump's Path to the White House
05:11 — Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort talks about the Ted Cruz snub and the Republican nominee’s strategy to sway a broader group of voters.
SNL's Michael Che, Colin Jost Take On the RNC
08:55 — Saturday Night Live comedians Michael Che and Colin Jost give their take on the Republican National Convention to MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
Ted Cruz Snubs Donald Trump at RNC
03:55 — A dramatic day three of the Republican National Convention as Ted Cruz fails to endorse the nominee and gets booed after telling Republicans to "vote (more…)
What to Expect from Trump On Day Four of RNC
06:44 — Donald Trump will come formally accept the Republican nomination for president on Thursday. The Hardball roundtable discusses their thoughts and what (more…)
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