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Can Your Mother Be a Relationship Deal-breaker?
02:09 — Our Guys Tell All team – actors Chuck Nice and Rick Younger, children’s book author Chris Manzo, and Ben Gleib, host of “Idiotest” on Game Show Networ (more…)
Guys Tell All: Do Men Stalk On Social Media? (Duh!)
04:06 — Our Guys Tell All team – Chuck Nice, Rick Younger, Chris Manzo and Ben Gleib – field more tough questions from women about men. And they clear up one (more…)
Chris Manzo's Perfect Girl
Season 4 Episode 2 Preview:
Ep 1: Heavy Meddling
It's a season of change for this Garden State clan. As Lauren and Vito prepare to tie the knot, Chris and Albie seek to develop separate identities. C (more…)
Lauren Manzo's Fairy Tale Moment
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Lauren explains why wedding dress shopping with Glamour is a dream come true.
Ep 4: Brothers & Sisters
After Albie tells his sister Lauren that he doesn t want to have a relationship with her, Caroline gives them 24 hours to make peace with each other. (more…)
Old School Scalias Vs. Modern-Day Manzos
Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: The Manzos and Scalias discuss wedding traditions over dinner.
Albie Opens up About His Love Life
Season 2 Episode 2 Preview: Albie Manzo reveals who he is seeing...again.
Wedding Wishes for Lauren and Vito
Season 2 Episode 12 Exclusive: Caroline, Albie, and Chris give words of advice and encouragement to newlyweds, Lauren and Vito.
Like Caroline but with Less Testosterone
Season 4 Episode 5 Show Highlight: Chris Manzo explains why he loves Kathy Wakile.
Caroline's Poop Defense Potion
Season 2 Exclusive: Caroline Manzo creates a new elixir to battle the bad smells in bathrooms!
Are the Manzos Losing a Daughter or Gaining a Son?
Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: Caroline Manzo and Al Manzo weigh in...
Patti Needs Jenna Marbles' Help!
Season 8 Episode 7 Preview: The vivacious YouTube queen Jenna Marbles puts 'knuckleheads' Chris Manzo and TMZ's Max Hodges in their place.
Chris Manzo's Big News
Season 2 Episode 9 Show Highlight: Chris finds out that a children's book publisher is interested in moving forward with his manuscript.
The Manzo Brothers Kidnap Lauren
Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: Chris, Albie, and Greg surprise Lauren with a trip to Atlantic City.
Lauren Manzo's Baby Talk
Season 1 Episode 4 Show Highlight: Vito may be swooning, but Chris is gagging.
Ep 7: Dazed but Not Confused
Eager to take Colorado's booming cannabis industry by storm, Albie drags Chris out west to do a little research for his budding business venture. The (more…)
Vito Is Moving in!
Season 2 Episode 2 Preview: Caroline Manzo convinces Vito to move in and save money.
Chris Meets a Beautiful Lady in Italy
Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: Lauren helps introduce Chris to Margarita.
This Season on 'Manzo'd with Children'
Season 1 Preview: Caroline Manzo's kids have all moved back home and life's a little crazy...
Chris Manzo Talks about His Cock
Season 1 Exclusive: He's been getting a lot of questions about it on Twitter, and now he's finally answering them.
Who Had Sex in the RV?
Season 4 Episode 15 Preview: Chris Manzo shares that it'd be weird if anyone had sex on the trip but that didn't stop one couple from having sexy time (more…)
Caroline Manzo Confronts Lauren
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Caroline refuses to let Albie and Lauren stay mad at each other.
The Manzos Play Never Have I Ever
Season 1 Exclusive: Caroline leads her kids in a 'drinking' game that will reveal all of their secrets.
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