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Parts of Missing Plane Found, Says Egyptian Army
02:47 — NBC News' Chris Jansing reports on the latest breakthrough in the search for EgyptAir Flight MS804.
Sanders Camp Sees Silver Lining in KY Loss
01:46 — Chris Jansing, political correspondent for NBC News, talks with Rachel Maddow about the reaction of the Sanders campaign to their loss to Hillary Clin (more…)
WSJ Editorial: Sanders Can Win Nom
03:54 — NBC News' Chris Jansing joins to discuss a Wall Street Journal op-ed that asserts Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic nomination, in spite of Hillar (more…)
Who Are West Virginia Democrats?
05:29 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing and Steve Kornacki explain what the latest polls indicate about the ongoing primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sa (more…)
$1.2 Billion Raised So Far in 2016 Race
04:32 — The Wall Street Journal reports that the financial services industry is increasingly backing Hillary Clinton. NBC's Chris Jansing reports.
What Is the Path Forward for Sanders?
05:28 — Sen. Bernie Sanders picked up a win in the Indiana primary, and he is vowing to fight on in his campaign. Chris Jansing and Time's Jay Newton-Small di (more…)
Sanders to Delegates: Listen to the People
02:56 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing discusses her interview with Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders, who discussed his push for the superdelegates to (more…)
Sanders: ‘Our Goal Is to Win Pledged Delegates’
03:55 — NBC’s Chris Jansing talks to Senator Bernie Sanders about Independent voters, the possibility of a Democratic contested convention, and the powerful r (more…)
Sanders: Donald Trump Has No Judgment
08:48 — Bernie Sanders talks with MSNBC's Chris Jansing about the how his campaign has fared, and the current dynamic between him and rival Hillary Clinton. S (more…)
Sanders Shoots Hoops With NBC's Jansing
00:21 — NBC News' Chris Jansing shot baskets with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders while on the campaign trail in West Lafayette, Indiana on W (more…)
Clinton Leads in Pa., But Will Sanders Leave Race?
03:29 — Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders by 15 points in Pennsylvania, according to the latest NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll. Kristen Welker and Chris Jan (more…)
Bernie Sanders: 'Poor People Don't Vote'
02:39 — With fewer than 750 delegates than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders faces an uphill battle. NBC's Chris Jansing reports.
Actor Glover: ‘Of Course, I Believe Bernie Can Win’
01:40 — Actor Danny Glover shares his support for Bernie Sanders in an interview with NBC’s Chris Jansing.
Big Nights for Trump and Clinton
10:33 — Tuesday was a major night in New York for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. NBC News' Chris Jansing digs into the numbers.
NYC Voter Gets Court Order On Primary Day
02:34 — NBC News' Chris Jansing is in the Harlem area of New York City checking out the afternoon scene at the polls. She joins Morning Joe to discuss.
Take a Look Inside Some of the NY Polling Stations
03:40 — NBC's Chris Jansing live in Harlem and MSNBC's Cal Perry live in Brooklyn talk to voters ahead of the New York primary.
Getting to Know Clinton's Adopted NY Town
02:36 — NBC's Chris Jansing reports live from Hillary Clinton's favorite breakfast spot in Chappaqua, New York and talks to voters about Tuesday's primary.
What Sanders’ Vatican Trip Means
03:49 — NBC’s Chris Jansing explains Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ announced trip to The Vatican.
Reports of Infighting Within Trump Campaign
06:33 — Donald Trump is looking to pull an upset in Wisconsin and recover from a not-so stellar week. This as reports circulate of turmoil within the ranks o (more…)
Trump 'feels Great' Ahead of WI Primary
09:54 — At a Waukesha, Wisconsin polling place, Donald Trump tells NBC’s Chris Jansing that "turnout has been fantastic" and denies reports of infighting with (more…)
Clinton Campaign Makes Final Push Before WI Primary
02:44 — NBC's Chris Jansing reports live from the Clinton campaign's field office in Milwaukee about their final push before Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.
Sanders Makes Last Pitch to WI Voters
04:16 — The latest polls show just two points separating Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin. Former Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton, a Bernie (more…)
Adviser: Trump Would Sell Off $16T of Gov't Assets
02:06 — NBC's Chris Jansing questions Donald Trump Senior Campaign Adviser Barry Bennett on Trump's claim that he could eliminate the country's $19 trillion n (more…)
WI Expected Record Primary Turnout
03:34 — Milwaukee Journal political reporter Mary Spicuzza and Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson joins MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to discuss the expected record turno (more…)
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