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Trump Trade Plan Panned
05:21 — The truth about Trump's trade policy -- it's a mess, according to economists.
What You Might Not Know About Gary Johnson
02:22 — People know he wants to legalize marijuana, and has made some high-profile gaffes. But then there's the rest of the story.
Trump's Defense On Not Paying Taxes
07:00 — Chris Hayes looks at Trump's record on not paying taxes.
Hillary Clinton's Fight for Millennials
06:29 — She is not doing as well with President Obama did with young voters. And her campaign is trying to do something about it.
Clinton and Retaking the Senate
06:06 — Is the Clinton campaign strategy making it harder for Democrats to retake the Senate? Robert Reich joins Chris Hayes to discuss.
The Great Endorsement Divide
07:04 — Betsy Woodruff and Jon Lovett join Chris Hayes to talk about the remarkable trend taking place during this election of high profile conservative figur (more…)
Trump Walks Right Into Clinton's Debate Trap
07:28 — Hillary Clinton told the story of a Miss Universe winner who was insulted and humiliated by Donald Trump, baiting him into another damaging feud with (more…)
NYC Mayor On Trump's Stop & Frisk Claims
06:04 — Chris Hayes talks to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio about what Trump got wrong on stop-and-frisk.
Why Hillary Won
06:40 — A huge sigh of relief from Democrats as Hillary Clinton turned in a decisive win in the first presidential debate against Donald trump.
Countdown to 1st Trump-Clinton Debate Faceoff
09:34 — Ahead of what could be the most consequential debate in decades, Chris Hayes talks with Trump advisor Omarosa Manigault and Clinton campaign manager R (more…)
Clinton & Trump's Reactions to Police Shooting
07:07 — Charlotte police released two videos over the weekend of the shooting of Keith Scott. Chris Hayes and the panel discuss the presidential candidates' c (more…)
How Clinton & Trump Debated in Primaries
06:11 — Chris Hayes and the panel discuss the primary debates and what they tell us about how the candidates will debate Monday night.
How Presidential Debates Impact Elections
04:48 — NBC News Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss joins Chris Hayes to talk about the history of the modern presidential debate and how they've change (more…)
Global Citizen Festival
05:43 — Chris Hayes interviews Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and Global Citizen Founder and CEO, Hugh Evans, ahead of Saturday's Global Citizen Festival.
Never Say #NeverTrump
02:55 — It's been a long and tumultuous relationship between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, but Cruz announced Friday he would endorse the Republican nominee.
Setting Expectations for the First Debate
08:06 — If anonymous Trump campaign sources are to be believed, they're pretty concerned he's going to blow the big debate Monday night with an utter lack of (more…)
Why the NFL Protests Aren't Going Away
07:11 — Richard Sherman issues an impassioned defense of Colin Kaepernick, the most hated man in the NFL.
The First Debate
03:56 — With just four days until the first presidential debate, Chris Hayes and The Huffington Post's Jonathan Cohn discuss the many possible ways the meetin (more…)
Trump Calls for Stop and Frisk, Gun Seizures
06:27 — The Republican nominee, a self-proclaimed defender of the Second Amendment, endorsed policing tactics that were ruled unconstitutional by a federal ju (more…)
‘Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy’?
01:52 — NBC News’ Chris Hayes recalls one of his favorite moments in presidential debate history, which shows the importance of a strong moderator in keeping (more…)
Police Shootings Draw Strong Reaction
09:33 — Both presidential candidates reacted to two recent fatal police shootings of black men.
What Chris Christie Knew
08:12 — We learned this week that both the defense attorneys and the prosecutors in the Bridgegate trial, people who work in the office Christie himself used (more…)
Team Trump vs. The Washington Post
05:51 — The Trump campaign says reporter David Fahrenthold got his facts wrong in reporting on the Trump Foundation. They just won't say which facts.
Trump: 'Nothing Like Doing Things With Other People's Money'
02:58 — According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump used a quarter of a million dollars from his charitable foundation - which he hasn't funded since 2009 (more…)
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