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Despite Accusations Moore Could win Alabama Senate Race
06:53 — Roy Moore could still win an Alabama Senate race despite one allegation of sexual assault and one of sexual contact with a 14-year-old.
Facebook Keeps Letting Racist Ads Run
05:42 — The media giant can't seem to put a system in place to block people from illegally discriminating in their advertising.
Trump, Roy Moore and "Law and Order"
09:16 — Chris Hayes discusses Donald Trump’s positions on Roy Moore and “law and order”.
Trump’s Busy Day at Mar-A-Lago
03:40 — The White House adamantly claimed Trump had a full work schedule at Mar-a-Lago, Here's what his day actually looked like.
Charlie Rose out at CBS News, PBS
06:55 — As media outlets part ways with the legendary newsman after sexual harassment allegations, his former colleagues grapple with the fallout.
Trump Hurts Haitians He Promised to Help
02:33 — 2016 Trump to Haitians: "I will be your champion". 2017 Trump: 60,000 Haitians have 18 months to leave.
President Trump Backs Roy Moore
10:57 — After tiptoeing around the allegations against Moore the president finally broke his silence, making the case against Democrat Doug Jones.
Texas Sheriff Threatens Charges Over Anti-Trump Sticker
02:21 — Woman with anti-Trump truck decal hits back at Texas Sheriff: "He messed with the wrong person."
Michael Moore to Viewers: You Should Run for Office
09:04 — Oscar-winning filmmaker and activist Michael Moore urges viewers to run for local office and help Democrats take back state houses.
Perfect Shot of Georgia Dome Implosion Foiled By a Bus
02:26 — If you were watching the Weather Channel’s Facebook live feed, awaiting the big moment of the Georgia Dome demolition, you would have also witnessed a (more…)
Greg Gianforte Lied to Police About Assaulting Reporter
03:02 — Remember Greg Gianforte, a then-candidate for Congress from Montana who assaulted a reporter and still won the election? We’ve just learned that he no (more…)
White House to Alabama: Stand with Roy Moore
09:22 — Kellyanne Conway argues that Alabama voters should elect an accused child molester - because what really matters is passing a big tax cut for the rich (more…)
What About Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Trump?
11:38 — Amid a national reckoning on sexual abuse by powerful men, the alleged predator in the White House has largely escaped scrutiny.
White House Chief Economist Not so Good at Estimating
02:57 — Kevin Hassett, White House chief economist, did not agree with the moderator's estimates when they polled the audience at a CEO council conference.
New Revelations About Kushner and Russia
04:04 — NBC News reports that Jared Kushner did not disclose to Congress a "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite" involving a banker who has been accus (more…)
Seth's Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks, Hot Pocket Recall
01:24 — Seth's favorite jokes from the week of November 13.
Kristin Scott Thomas Was Hesitant to Play Winston Churchill's wife
04:08 — Kristin Scott Thomas explains why she was hesitant to play Winston Churchill's wife in Darkest Hour and why she thinks people are drawn to stories abo (more…)
Kristin Scott Thomas Reveals What She and the Queen of England Talked About
02:47 — Kristin Scott Thomas reveals how ill she would feel while chain-smoking on the set of Four Weddings and a Funeral and what she said to the Queen of En (more…)
Chris Hayes Explains Why the Republican Tax Cut Doesn't Add Up
05:59 — Chris Hayes explains why the GOP's math for their controversial tax cut doesn't add up, and he discusses the mounting sexual assault allegations rocki (more…)
Smartphones Unlock with Sweat, McDonald's Drive-Thru Thief
02:47 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Thursday, November 16.
Chris Hayes' Theory About What Motivates Donald Trump
02:49 — Chris Hayes talks about why humanity's ability to adapt to anything has lessened the blow of every day's shocking news, and he shares his theory on wh (more…)
Alex Lahey: Every Day's the Weekend
03:31 — Musical guest Alex Lahey performs "Every Day's the Weekend" for Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Republican Tax Bill Would Create American Dynasties
06:46 — Republicans want to cut taxes for the super rich -- and raise them on working people. That might be bad for you, as Robert Reich explains, but it's gr (more…)
Tax Bill Would Save Trump $1 Billion: Analysis
01:56 — Republicans want to give a massive tax cut to the super rich. But Donald Trump insists he doesn't benefit at all.
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