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Late Show Presents: One Week Older, April 22
03:43 — Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly fell, Alec Baldwin talked Trump, Chris Hayes caught us up after a week off the grid, and Charlamagne Tha God stretched the tru (more…)
Jeff Sessions Says NYC Is Soft On Crime
02:26 — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted the Justice Department statement which claimed the city continues to see 'gang murder after gang murder' in (more…)
Trump Companies Sitting On $250M+ of Property
06:00 — President Trump's many potential conflicts of interest are glaring. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston discusses what is required to (more…)
Sen. Schatz Responds to AG Sessions On Hawaii
04:53 — 'I think what's really disturbing is that he seems to want to follow his boss' lead in attacking the judiciary and demeaning communities of color and (more…)
Trump Unpopular Among Famous Italians
02:39 — As the president prepares for his trip to Italy for the G7 next month, we remember his beefs with the family of Pavarotti and with Pope Francis.
Trump Calls Canada a Disgrace
01:26 — In a completely unprompted moment today, President Trump attacked Canada over its dairy industry policies.
Remember When Chaffetz Un-endorsed Trump?
02:28 — Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who announced this week he won’t run for re-election, went on a long un-endorsement tour after the Access Hollywood tape s (more…)
Bill O’Reilly to Get $25M in Fox News Exit
05:20 — Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, has now spent more than $85 million on payouts related to sexual harassment allegations. $65 million of th (more…)
The Trump Administration's Missing 'armada'
05:47 — President Trump, Sean Spicer and Jim Mattis said an aircraft carrier group was heading to the Korean peninsula. Too bad it was going the other way.
Sharpton: O'Reilly Promoted White Nationalism
04:34 — Sharpton reflects on his adversarial relationship with the cable news host, who was ousted from Fox News after two decades amid multiple allegations o (more…)
First DREAMer Deported Under Trump
02:05 — The first DREAMer has been deported under the Trump administration. And the judge in charge of his case just happens to be someone the President previ (more…)
Why Do We Praise Presidents for Military Action?
05:35 — Now that Trump has embraced his inner neocon, he's finally getting the applause he craves - even from Democratic lawmakers.
Fleet Trump Sent to Korea Not Actually There
02:30 — The ships that the President said he sent to the Korean peninsula were actually over 3,000 miles away.
Why Is Trump Propping up an Autocrat?
04:13 — Trump's congratulatory call to Turkish president Recep Erdoğan makes a lot more sense when you hear what he told Steve Bannon.
Sanders: I Don't Consider Myself a Democrat
10:05 — Even though he doesn't identify as a member of the party, Senator Bernie Sanders is on the road with DNC Chair Tom Perez.
Chris Hayes Senses Trump Lacks Something Called 'Principles'
08:31 — Host of MSNBC's 'In with Chris Hayes' fills Stephen in on this week in Trump, from bombs to cakes.
Rep. Barbara Lee: 'These Are Perilous Times'
04:42 — Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee explains why she believes we need to repeal the 2001 AUMF.
Waters: 'This President Is Hiding Something'
05:32 — The California congresswoman accuses the White House of lying about the president's tax returns being under audit in order to avoid tough questions ab (more…)
A 'Bunny Brawl' in Washington
01:54 — The White House Easter Egg Roll apparently went off without a hitch, but the Nationals game this weekend was a different story.
Could a Democrat Win Newt Gingrich's Old Seat?
06:33 — Jon Ossoff is running to become the first Democrat to win Georgia's 6th district since Jimmy Carter was president.
The Dangers of Lauding Trump's Aggression
02:21 — Much of the press is lauding Donald Trump as 'presidential' for his recent bombings and missile launches - and Trump is eating it up.
Why Are Trump Supporters Still On the Train?
05:07 — The president has reversed course on an array of fundamental issues. Yet his base -- for the most part -- just doesn't much care.
Trump Makes Odd Choice for Military Draft
02:23 — Joy-Ann Reid reports on Donald Trump's choice of Don Benton, a businessman with a colorful past who ran Donald Trump's Washington State campaign, as d (more…)
The March to Get Trump to Release His Tax Returns
07:10 — Co-founder of The Tax March talks about how his tweet helped launch a movement
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