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Even GOP Senators Don’t Know What’s in Health Care Bill
01:44 — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to open debate on a health care bill next week. What exactly is in the bill is a little hard to say right (more…)
Can Trump Pardon Himself?
04:11 — Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who served on the House Judiciary Committee when it recommended three articles of impeachment against then-Pr (more…)
Maxine Waters: I'm Shocked Sessions Hasn't Resigned
06:29 — 'I can't imagine anyone who has any self-respect being talked about that by the president...and wanting to remain in the job.'
6 Months in, Trump No Longer Thinks Governing Is So Easy
06:31 — Donald Trump often spoke on the campaign trail about how easy governing would be. These days, his tune is changing.
Is Trump Trapped?
06:13 — The president doesn't want Robert Mueller to cross a 'red line' and look at his finances. Good luck with that.
Trump: Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions If He Knew He’d Recuse
09:31 — Donald Trump told the New York Times he never would have hired Jeff Sessions as attorney general if he knew he was going to recuse himself from the Ru (more…)
Senator John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Tumor
04:07 — The senator's office announced that McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor known as a glioblastoma.
Trump: Send Me a Health Care Bill. Please
06:37 — The president threatens and cajoles Republican senators as the CBO says the new, repeal-only plan will leave 32 million people uninsured and double pr (more…)
Sanders: Trumpcare Fail Is Victory for American People
06:37 — Senator Bernie Sanders reacts to the Republican-led Senate’s failure to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Trump: the Buck Stops With...someone Else
03:47 — The president refuses to take responsibility for the failure of the Republican Obamacare repeal effort - despite playing a big role in that failure.
Trump Had a Second Undisclosed Meeting With Putin
06:30 — President Trump held a second informal meeting - with no U.S. government record of it - on the same day that he had already held a more than two-hour (more…)
Republican Health Care Bill Appears to Be Dead
03:33 — Two more Republican senators, Mike Lee and Jerry Moran, announced they won’t support the motion to proceed on Trumpcare in its current form – making t (more…)
How Did Natalia Veselnitskaya End up in Trump Tower?
08:03 — How did a self-proclaimed adoption lawyer-lobbyist end up at the center of one of the biggest scandals in American political history?
GOP Rep. Can't Rule Out Trump Criminal Conspiracy
05:58 — Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) concedes that he can't definitively tell his constituents that the president and his aides did not engage in a conspiracy wi (more…)
Trump's Men in Moscow: Who Are Aras and Emin Agalarov?
06:28 — A closer look at the oligarch and his pop singer son who offered to provide the Trump campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton - straight from the Russian gov (more…)
The Peter Smith Suicide
01:31 — A sad twist in the story of a GOP operative who sought Hillary Clinton e-mails he believed were in the possession of Russian hackers -- and who intima (more…)
Rep. Swalwell: We Will Learn Truth About Trump & Russia
05:20 — Congressman Eric Swalwell, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, tells Chris Hayes that a more complete picture is beginning to emerge of the (more…)
Chris Hayes: Why Kellyanne Conway Said 'yet'
02:24 — Everyone has been laughing about Kellyanne Conway's show and tell on Fox News. But did you catch exactly what she said there?
Joy Reid: Trump Can Make Republicans Accept Anything
09:22 — Joy Reid and Lawrence Wright join Chris Hayes to discuss how the Republican Party has lowered the bar in the era of Trump.
GOP Rep. Dodges Question of if He'd Accept Russian Help
04:56 — Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) struggles to answer whether it's a good idea to accept campaign help from an adversarial foreign power, as Donald Trump J (more…)
What Everyone Missed in the Donald Trump Jr. Emails
08:35 — Donald Trump Jr. says he 'basically' had no contacts, other than over email, with his anti-Clinton source in Russia. The emails suggest otherwise.
Donald Trump: 'God Is the Ultimate'
01:48 — In light of the president’s new interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, we relive one of our all-time favorite Trump clips from his intervi (more…)
Senate Health Care Bill Seems to Be Losing Votes
01:30 — Senate health care bill changes seem to be losing Republican votes rather than adding them.
'Nothing Burger', the Phrase That Is Sweeping the Nation
01:01 — The phrase 'Nothing Burger' is being used quite frequently, it is beginning to seem like a new trend.
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