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About Those 'Blacks for Trump' Signs...
02:10 — A man who goes by the name 'Michael the Black Man' distributes the signs at Trump rallies...and there's a lot more to his story.
The Fight for Florida
05:59 — Robert Costa joins Chris Hayes to talk about the Senate contest in Florida and the state of other down ballot races around the country, with less than (more…)
GOP Preps for More Clinton Investigations
07:42 — House Republicans say they are already preparing for 'years' of investigations of Hillary Clinton if she is elected President.
Green Party Crasher
01:51 — It's hard to be a third party candidate in the American political system.
15 Days Out
03:22 — What were the headlines in past campaigns when it was 15 days to election day? All In takes a deep dive into the archives to find out.
The Battle for Mosul
02:34 — In 2 weeks, Americans will choose someone to command the most powerful, most deadly military on earth – and it’s not just Mosul, or the fight against (more…)
The Terror of a Trump Rally for the Press
01:46 — Members of the media get middle fingers, shouted obscenities, and even a little nazi rhetoric.
Battleground Guru Breaks Down Dem Advantage
09:11 — As early voting mounts daily, there's a single person who knows this data inside and out -- Mitch Stewart, Battleground States Director for the 2012 O (more…)
The Right-wing Echo Chamber Engulfs Trump
06:34 — The GOP presidential candidate feels more at home amid those who push far-right conspiracy theories -- and don't much worry about facts.
Early Voting Is Underway
04:25 — Early voting is now underway in a vast majority of the country, and it's looking good for Democrats.
One-on-one With Michael Moore
06:40 — Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore talks with Chris Hayes about his new film, 'Michael Moore in TrumpLand' and the appeal of Trump to his supporters.
One-on-One With Michael Moore, Part 2
04:26 — Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore joins Chris Hayes for more about his new film, 'Michael Moore in TrumpLand' and the appeal of Trump to his support (more…)
Could the 'Akin Effect' Be at Play This Year?
04:57 — To win in 18 days, Trump would need something to radically shake up this race...or for the polls to be very wrong.
On This Day in Campaign History
04:55 — What was happening at this point in other American elections 18 days before election day? All In takes a deep dive into the archives to find out.
Bridgegate Trouble Grows for Christie
05:59 — Bridget Anne Kelly testifies that she told the governor about the lane closures before they happened, despite his claim to the contrary.
Does Trump Just Want This to Be Over?
10:04 — After another terrible debate performance, the GOP presidential candidate walks away from two local interviewers when he doesn't like their questions.
'Nobody Has More Respect for Women Than I Do'
07:13 — On the debate stage, Donald Trump called his opponent 'such a nasty woman' to her face; Clinton countered by holding him to account for his conduct to (more…)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On Trump & Muslim-Americans
04:59 — Chris Hayes talks to NBA legend and NY Times best-selling author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about why he’s on the campaign trail.
Mark Cuban: Bannon Is Smarter Than Trump
03:27 — The self-proclaimed 'Trump troll extraordinaire' says Trump keeps talking about a 'rigged election' because campaign CEO Steve Bannon wants to boost h (more…)
Will Trump Ever 'Stop Whining?'
09:29 — President Obama calls out a flailing Donald Trump for deeming the election rigged before the votes are counted.
Trump Triggers Women's Memories of Sexual Assault
04:07 — The Trump campaign's response to the Access Hollywood tape and allegations of misconduct against the GOP nominee is forcing many women to relive their (more…)
If Trump Loses, Will He Concede?
07:16 — Obama rebukes Trump's talk of a 'rigged election' -- amid a real concern out there that this election won't end on Election Day.
Clinton and Trump Set to Attend Al Smith Dinner
04:30 — Business Insider’s Josh Barrow and Vox’s Liz Plank talk to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to discuss the upcoming annual Al Smith Dinner on Thursday where Hillar (more…)
The Voting Wars
08:50 — Donald Trump has almost incessantly pushed the idea of unfair elections this year - but voter fraud is practically nonexistent.
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