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Omaha Auditions

Amid all the cornfields and comforting Midwestern vistas who knew Nebraska would be a hotbed for some of the freakiest freaks weve seen on American Idol yet this year And I dont mean necessarily the freaks with costumes and gimmicks though there were a few of those as well Im talking bona fide weirdos folks who are just plain odd Like Sarah Whitaker the goth former pro wrestler with the creepy laugh who sang something akin to Tiny Tims version of Living in the Sunlight Loving in the Moonlight only her voice was even more twangy than a ukulele Or how about Johnny Escamilla who said Pretty much Im one of the weirdest guys youd ever meet then proceeded to sing and sort of flop around to Shout while Paula hiccupped and looked a little shall we say out of itMaybe the best reaction of the night came oddly enough from another reject namely super-Kelly Clarkson fan Chris Bernheisel whose lackluster Since Youve Been Gone really was bes read more

Daughtry-Idol Issue: It's Not Over

Chris Daughtry's not so much backpedaling as soft-pedaling the comments he's come under fire for making about American Idol. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the rocker said the show was in a state of "decline," discussed the "stigma" attached to AI alums, and argued that the show needs a format overhaul in order to find "true artists." Responding to some public heat in his blog on Monday, he opened by saying, "It's so sad that when you're asked something and you answer honestly... you're made out to be the bad guy." Daughtry continued, "If you heard the whole conversation [with Rolling Stone], you would've heard all the good things I said about the show as well."This is probably true, and shows that he's a well-meaning guy frustrated with how his words were interpreted. But although Daughtry went on to defend other comments with his nice-guy attitude, we long for a more badass 'tude. In response to his comment that singing's not enough to find "true artists," for example, and h... read more

American Idol's Top 10 High Notes

Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry courtesy Fox

I have never seen any show transcend the boundaries of age, race, religion, weight and politics as beautifully as American Idol has in the past six years. I can discuss it with my husband's 70-year-old uncle (who thinks Sanjaya should be shot), my cabdriver (who cries when he hears Kat McPhee), my gynecologist (who thinks Paula's hysterical... in a bad way), and my 6- and 4-year-old cousins, who think the sun rises and sets with Simon Cowell. That's right, you heard me, they like Simon (not to mention all the cute boys on the show). So I asked some of my peeps what they thought were some of the best moments from American Idol, and this is what we came up with. — Erin FoxKelly Clarkson, "Stuff Like That There" | Watch on YouTubeThis was not only the moment I knew Kelly would win the first Idol title, it was the moment I knew she could literally sing anything.Fantasia Barrino, "Summertime" | Watch on YouTube I don't think there was a dry eye in America after this stunning, gooseb... read more

Daughtry Bad Mouths Idol?

Chris Daughtry by Steve Granitz/

So, you get a taste of what it’s like to live in the limelight, and the next thing you know, you forget all about the little people who made you what you are today. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, chart-topping artist and former Idol alum, Chris Daughtry was quoted saying the show is now in decline. After his bold statement was released, he came running back with his tail between his legs and claimed it was taken out of context. Watch it now! | More online videosYour take: Do you think all this smack talk of his career launching pad is just the result of fame is going to his head? Or perhaps you think he’s just making a valid point? read more

Daughtry Gets Heat for Hating on Idol

Chris Daughtry by Chris Walter/

Former American Idol star Chris Daughtry is getting flak for telling Rolling Stone that the show is in "decline." According to the mag's website, a producer for AI called in to explain that Daughtry's comment was "taken out of context" or even — wait for it — "misquoted."That was a big leap of faith to smooth things over, given that the mag has the interview transcript — and there was no doubt that the rocker was hating on his former launch pad. Daughtry knew enough to acknowledge that his comments would likely "be used against [him]," but that didn't stop him from adding that Idol is "definitely lacking some credibility at this point."Is it ever a good time to admit your true feelings about your former home? Or was Daughtry way out of line? Because no matter how "over it" he might be, Daughtry should know that with Idol, it's never over. — Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to cue up Daughtry music videos.POLLS: Weigh in on this season's wacky Idol wannabes, ... read more

AMAs Continue Awards Shows' Idol Worship

Carrie Underwood by Adam Larkey/ABC

Two people who once hung on Ryan Seacrest's every word were big winners at Sunday's American Music Awards. Chris Daughtry's band took home pop-rock album, breakthrough-artist and adult-contemporary honors, while Carrie Underwood also scored a hat trick, winning the female country artist, country album (Some Hearts) and T-Mobile text-voted awards. Alas, backstage, the AP reports, Daughtry pulled a Clarkson by saying that American Idol "didn't make me who I am. It just gave me a chance to show everybody else who I am." You stick to that story, friend.Double winners included Justin Timberlake (male pop-rock artist, soul/R&B album) and T.I. (rap/hip-hop album and male artist). Props are also due host Jimmy Kimmel, who, due to the WGA strike, had to ad-lib his way through the proceedings. Alas, someone was around to write that country version of "Irreplaceable" and whatever that was that Celine Dion sang. read more

J.T., Beyoncé, Linkin Park and Daughty Rock AMAs

Nominees for the 2007 American Music Awards were announced on Tuesday, and it's a dead heat for the honor of most-nom'd performer. Justin Timberlake came away with a trio of nods, as did Beyoncé, Linkin Park and American Idol alum Daughtry. J.T. is up for Favorite Male Artist, Pop/Rock Album and Soul/R&B Album. Beyoncé has her sights set on a pair of Female Artist honors as well as Soul/R&B Album. L.P. is vying in the Band/Duo/Group: Pop or rock, Favorite Artist: Alternative Rock and Pop/Rock Album races, and Daughtry is looking at Breakthrough Artist, Adult Contemporary Artist and Pop/Rock Album noms.Jimmy Kimmel is set to host ABC's Nov. 18 kudoscast. read more

May 23, 2007: To Know Her Is to Love Her

Everyone was in the house for the grand finale of American Idol, as Jordin and Blake opened the show with a long-awaited Beatles tune. "I Saw Her Standing There" was a premonition of things to come. We drifted quickly into a performance by the touring Gwen Stefani singing her song “4 in the Morning.” She looked and sounded fantastic. Red-carpet tidbits — there were lots of Idols both past and present. However, the real stars were ushered past me on the red-carpet press line at the speed of light, as though I had a form of jumping leprosy. I spoke to:The crying girl.Blake’s dad, Dallas.Writers of the song “This Is My Now” (as opposed to my later on).Sabrina Sloan — simply lovely.Constantine Maroulis — all business, currently starring in The Bold and the Beautiful. Kelly Clarkson rocked the heck out of “Never Again” will I put up with Clive Davis yelling at me; I’m a star, damn it! I can’t imagine why Clive doesn’t like ... read more

May 22, 2007: Finally, Finale Eve

Woo-hoo! The final countdown is here. We've been together since January, and I feel like I know each and every one of you. OK, maybe that's a bit over the top, but it has been an interesting ride, wouldn't you agree? This was a fairly entertaining show. Both Blake and Jordin really went for broke. It will just come down to who the American public will choose when they vote. These are two very different types of contestants, and that makes it difficult to predict the winner. Blake has his “Blaker Girls” and his beatboxing and his ability to make even out-of-date songs seem contemporary and hip. Jordin can make anything sound good with her huge, beautiful voice. Do you go for entertainment value or singing ability? It’s a tough call and could prove to be one of the closest contests yet. Simon looked very nice tonight. Too bad he doesn’t wear a jacket more often, it was quite becoming!On with the show: Blake wore not one, but two different argyle jumpers (that’... read more

Rascal Flatts, Fergie Kick off GMA Summer Series

ABC's Good Morning America has announced a May 18 kickoff for its annual summer concert series, broadcast live every Friday from New York City's Bryant Park. The schedule thus far is as follows:May 18: Rascal FlattsMay 25: FergieJune 1: DaughtryJune 8: Robin ThickeJune 15: Brad PaisleyJune 22: Miley Cyrus as Hannah MontanaJune 29: Patti LaBelleJuly 6: Norah JonesJuly 20: John Mayer with "a special guest" July 27: SugarlandAugust 3: John Legend read more

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