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Survivor Winner's Strategy Secrets

Chris Daugherty, 33, came from behind as the surprise victor of Survivor: Vanuatu. As the last man standing (literally), he out-scammed this season's seemingly unbeatable female faction, thanks in part to runner-up Twila bringing him into her alliance. He mostly just let the ladies take each other down, but he did have to tell his fair share of whoppers to win, and that included lying to his bride-to-be. Here, the sole Survivor tells TV Guide Online why all the deceit was worth it. TV Guide Online: How will you spend the $1 million?Chris Daugherty: I am going to go buy myself a Harley first. I actually went shopping for one last week, before I knew that I won. Isn't that arrogant? TVGO: Yeah, a little. So you had a hunch things would go your way at Sunday's finale?Chris: I took the most controversial, outspoken person in the game to the final two, so I definitely had a premonition. Basically, I said to myself, "Ifread more

Survivor Flasher Flunks Out

Nice girls do finish last — or in Julie Berry's case, they finish fifth. As the 23-year-old Survivor: Vanuatu castoff learned the hard way, flying under the radar with a friendly 'tude doesn't win the $1 million. Though she made an entertaining splash by sunbathing in the buff, the youth mentor from Maine was betrayed by her pal — and eventual Vanuatu winner — Chris. This was after she tried unsuccessfully to woo him to her side by offering to share her reward. Here, Julie gives TV Guide Online the skin, um, skinny on daring to go bare and Chris's deception. TVGO: You were this show's quiet peacemaker.Julie: I've heard that a lot. I'm very diplomatic. I like to try and find the good in people. I don't think it is hard. TVGO: Even though your tribe mates are hard to get along with?Julie: They are, but that's what I try to do. There are two sides — you see the game and the personal. I nread more

Survivor's Sarge Discharged

The women have taken a commanding lead in Survivor: Vanuatu's battle of the sexes. The latest casualty of the gender war was last week's castoff, Lea "Sarge" Masters. The 40-year-old drill sergeant (whose elimination makes him Vanuatu's first jury member) lost out after his old pal Chris sided with the female voters. Here, Masters commands TV Guide Online's attention as he dishes Chris' betrayal, the ladies' devious behavior and baring his bottom on national TV. TV Guide Online: Before watching your final episode, did you know Chris voted against you?Sarge: No, I didn't. I was sitting there going, "What? Where did that come from?" I think he just didn't want to ruffle any feathers so he could get in with the women and stick a knife in their backs for me. TVGO: Bet you were also surprised that Julie and LeAnn brought back chicken wings for the girls, but just bones for the guys.Sarge: That had Julie's name written aread more


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