Chris Colfer

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Christopher Colfer
  • Birth Place: Fresno, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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Season Premiere Sneak Peek
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The Talk - Talk 5+ With Chris Colfer
04:41 — Author, actor & singer Chris Colfer answers tweets from his passionate fans!
The Talk - Fairy Tale Speed Round with Chris Colfer
01:25 — Author, actor & singer Chris Colfer responds to our "Land of Stories" questions as fast as he can!
Paula Abdul Returning to American Idol's Final Season?
01:05 — James asks Paula Abdul what it would take to bring her, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell back for the final season of American Idol.
Chris Colfer Wrote A Dark 'Candyland' Fan Fiction Musical
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Opposites Attract Remake w/ Paula Abdul
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Meming of Life - July 2015
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Steve Byrne Stand-Up
05:03 — Comedian Steve Byrne performs jokes for the Late Late Show audience.
Chris Colfer Gleeks Out 'The Seven'
04:45 — The 'Glee' star chats about Valentine's Day, "Aunt" Anne Hathaway, and his high school years.
WTF Moments
01:24 — "Glee" actor Chris Colfer talks about his most awkward red carpet moments.
Glee: Watch the McKinley High seniors sing Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know"
02:33 — Glee is graduating! Watch the McKinley High seniors sing Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" |Glee||Lea Michele||Amber Riley||Chris Colfer||Naya River (more…)
Meet the cast of GLEE!
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Will We Have a Gay President One Day? Here's What Chris Colfer Thinks
01:18 — Former 'Glee’ star turned New York Times Bestseller Chris Colfer — who is openly gay — discusses what it was like coming out and comments on the possi (more…)
Kristin Chenoweth Dishes On 'Glee'
00:37 — Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth tells Larry King about introducing the 'Glee' cast to old musicals, and Chris Colfer's priceless reaction to meeting h (more…)
2011 Emmys: Chris Colfer
01:38 — The "Glee" star spills scoop on the highly-anticipated new season. Plus, find out which guest stars made him starstruck!
My Worst Summer Job: Chris Colfer
01:50 — Chris Colfer talks about getting his "Real Housewives" fix working at a dry cleaner and the time he made a $1,500 mistake.
Chris Colfer Talks About ‘Glee’ and His Latest Novel
03:18 — The actor came to fame with his award-winning portrayal of Kurt Hummel on “Glee,” and now Chris Colfer is the best-selling author of books for middle (more…)
Chris Colfer's Grandma Almost Got Him Kicked Out of the Palace of Versailles
02:09 — Chris Colfer talks to Jimmy about a recent European vacation he took with his family.
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  • Birth Name: Christopher Colfer
  • Birth Place: Fresno, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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