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Chris Christie Scolds Heckler at Hurricane Sandy Event
01:56 — When a heckler criticized recovery aid after superstorm Sandy as too slow, Governor Chris Christie fired back, telling him to “sit down and shut up.”
'So much worse than Bridgegate': Pence's walk-out
06:43 — Vice President Mike Pence's pre-planned NFL walk-out is being criticized for its cost to U.S. taxpayers. The panel discusses why it's worse than Chris (more…)
Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt
13:41 — Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nate Marquardt says he is ready, willing, and able to meet Jake Ellenberger in an all-out war at UFC 158.
Monty Python's John Cleese Replaces Jimmy As Host
02:06 — When Monty Python's John Cleese gets tired of sitting next to Terry Gilliam, he and Jimmy swap seats.
Who Do You Trust on New Obamacare Repeal: Trump or Christie?
14:51 — Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) says he's opposed to the new Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill because it is "injurious" to his state, but the senat (more…)
Jimmy Kimmel Fights Back Against Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham & Chris Christie
09:57 — Jimmy responds to Senator Bill Cassidy, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, and Brian Kilmeade after they reacted to his monologue about the #GrahamCassid (more…)
Christie: You Have to Wait History Out; That's What I Did
07:39 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie discusses his appearances over the years on Morning Joe, his tenure as governor, his relationship with President Trump (more…)
'Is he ok'? Panel debates Bannon's Christie claims
02:57 — NJ Gov. Chris Christie is pushing back against Steve Bannon's assertion that Christie was denied a Trump WH position for not defending the president s (more…)
Christie on Cruz's Sandy Aid Claim: 'He Just Made It Up'
03:31 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie weighs in on Ted Cruz’s claim that a majority of the Hurricane Sandy relief package was “unrelated pork.”
'I Would Do It Again:' Christie on Post-Sandy Obama Meet
03:34 — Gov. Chris Christie reflects on meeting with President Obama following Hurricane Sandy, the context of the time, why he would do it again and why it w (more…)
Christie: I Would Not Have Pardoned Arpaio
01:39 — Gov. Chris Christie explains why he disagrees with President Trump on pardoning controversial former sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Gov. Christie Shares His Biggest Mistake in Office
02:52 — Gov. Chris Christie discusses his approval ratings and his biggest mistake and why he says he's made a positive difference for his state.
Christie on Cruz, Sandy, Trump, His Biggest Mistake
21:24 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joins Morning Joe for a wide-ranging talk on Ted Cruz, what he learned as governor during Hurricane Sandy, Joe Arpaio, (more…)
Chris Christie: Trump's lies aren't so bad
09:44 — In an interview with Chris Hayes, the New Jersey governor defends his friend the president. Kind of.
Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is lying
05:57 — The New Jersey governor says his Republican colleague isn't telling the truth about why he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief - but now wants money (more…)
Fred Armisen Had an Angry Confrontation With Chris Christie
02:13 — Fred talks to Seth about his hot and cold run-in with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie while he was in Las Vegas.
Trump Employs Christie-style Bully Politics
04:48 — Maddow points out the parallels between the bully tactics at the root of the Bridgegate scandal and the pressure Donald Trump is putting on Senator Li (more…)
New Facts Uncovered About Trump FBI Pick
22:40 — Matt Katz, reporter for WNYC, talks with Rachel Maddow about the sketchy employment by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of Donald Trump's pick to re (more…)
Trump's GOP Senate Lunch, Chris Christie Catches a Foul Ball
03:12 — Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, July 19.
Christie: ‘No Call' From Obama to Trump on Election Night
01:12 — Gov. Chris Christie responds to a new book's claim of dispute with Trump over a cell phone call on election night from President Obama.
Christie: ‘Confident’ Trump Didn’t Know About Son’s Russia Meeting
12:27 — Gov. Chris Christie discusses with Nicolle Wallace Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia meeting and whether he thinks it was a good idea to take the meeting.
Christie Gets Into Spat With Talk-radio Caller
01:03 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared on a live sports-talk radio show on the WFAN station, and he got into a verbal spat with 'Mike from Montclair. (more…)
The View Hot Topic: Chris Christie Relaxes on Closed Beach
02:35 — Chris Christie's hypocritical beach day.
Chris Christie’s Next Job Could Be in Sports Radio
05:34 — Mike Pesca, host of Slate’s The Gist podcast, joins guest host Jonathan Capehart to discuss what might become unpopular Governor Christ Christie’s nex (more…)
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