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The Evolution of Dad Dancing (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Gov. Chris Christie)
02:34 — In honor of Father's Day, Jimmy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie present The Evolution of Dad Dancing.
Make America Hate Again: Chris Christie's Anti-Hillary Clinton Tirade
06:44 — Despite being asked to appear at the Republican National Convention's night on economic policy, Chris Christie uses the platform to lead anti-Hillary (more…)
Chris Christie: 'Hillary Clinton Wants This Fight? Bring It On!'
01:36 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie supplied the fireworks Tuesday night at the RNC by blasting Hillary Clinton. He asked delegates in the room, "What (more…)
Paul Ryan, Chris Christie energize Republican convention
10:14 — CBSN contributors Leslie Sanchez and Rick Davis discuss the Melania Trump speech controversy, Chris Christie's attacks towards Hillary Clinton, and wh (more…)
McCaskill: Christie's RNC Speech 'fact-free'
02:10 — Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., criticizes Gov. Chris Christie for using "overheated rhetoric and engage a mob mentality" in his speech at the Republica (more…)
Christie's Verdict On Hillary
01:05 — At the RNC, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's speech gave a verdict of guilty or not guilty for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Christie: Hillary Clinton Should Be Convicted
14:59 — Fresh off his RNC speech, NJ Gov. Chris Christie joins Morning Joe to discuss why he believes Hillary Clinton should be convicted, why it's 'chicken o (more…)
Christie's 'Triumphant Return to Center Stage'
02:41 — Top Talkers: Even though he wasn't chosen as Trump's VP, NJ Gov. Chris Christie delivered a strong RNC speech, says Joe Scarborough.
Christie Rallies for Trump in Virginia Beach
01:01 — Chris Christie and Donald Trump hold a rally in Virginia Beach.
N.J. Governor Chris Christie addresses RNC
15:21 — Governor Chris Christie addressed the Republican National Convention Tuesday night. Christie made a case against Clinton, emphasizing the election isn (more…)
Chris Christie "disappointed" he was passed over for Trump's VP
00:55 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie opened up to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King in Cleveland about missing out as Donald Trump's pick for running ma (more…)
Chris Christie reacts to Trump's VP pick
12:09 — Chris Christie revealed to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King that he's disappointed he wasn't chosen to be Donald Trump's running mate. CBSN polit (more…)
Christie Defends 'Prosecution' of Clinton in Speech
01:21 — NBC's Hallie Jackson talks with Gov. Chris Christie about his speech against Hillary Clinton at the RNC.
Christie Warns Clinton Against Picking Fight
01:49 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talks with NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell about the prosecutorial style of his speech at the Republican convention and H (more…)
Crowd Chants 'Lock Her up, ' As Christie Slams Clinton at RNC
00:46 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie revs up the crowd at the Republican National Convention when he calls for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to be indi (more…)
Christie: Clinton Lied “Over and Over Again”
15:12 — Governor Chris Christie, D-New Jersey, addresses the Republican National Convention.
Chris Christie Delivers Verdict On Hillary Clinton: Guilty
00:34 — Chris Christie Delivers Verdict On Hillary Clinton: Guilty
Chris Christie 'Prosecutes' Clinton from RNC Stage
12:24 — Gov. Chris Christie asks the audience at the RNC if Hillary Clinton is "guilty or not guilty" of various examples he presents.
Christie Burdened by Bridgegate Baggage
01:31 — Rachel Maddow remarks on how the New Jersey bridge investigation has burdened New Jersey governor Chris Christie politically and made him an imperfect (more…)
Fact-checking Christie's RNC Speech
04:35 — Lawrence O'Donnell fact-checks Tuesday night's RNC speech given by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
Chris Christie: 93 Percent of Melania’s Speech Was Different from Michelle’s
05:35 — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dismisses claims that Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican Convention Monday night was plagiarized from a 2008 spee (more…)
Chris Christie: ‘I Never Expected to Be Chosen’ As Donald Trump’s VP
04:10 — In an exclusive live interview on TODAY, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he “never expected to be chosen” as Donald Trump’s running mate, while ac (more…)
Christie On VP Pick: 'biased Towards Myself'
00:57 — While being interviewed with MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, Governor Chris Christie says that he is biased towards himself in regards to advising Donald Tru (more…)
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