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Donald Trump Pays Back Chris Christie
07:22 — Chris Christie calls on Donald Trump to appear at a fundraiser so the New Jersey governor can recover losses from his failed presidential bid.
Donald Trump Tells Chris Christie He Can't Have Oreos Anymore
01:49 — Donald Trump and Chris Christie won't be caught with their hands in the cookie jar, now that the political duo has announced they're boycotting Oreos. (more…)
May 20th: Trump Mean-Girls Christie and Everyone Watches Porn
05:46 — Donald Trump made a public dig at his good friend Chris Christie's weight, and congressional hopeful Mike Webb forgot to close his porn tabs.
Chris Christie pans New York Times gun control editorial
01:23 — New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie says the New York Times editorial board's call for stricter gun control in th (more…)
Has Anyone Rescued Gov. Chris Christie?
03:05 — James Corden recaps the top stories from Super Tuesday and can't help but wonder if Gov. Chris Christie is regretting his decision to endorse Donald T (more…)
Naming Names in ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal
01:32 — U.S. prosecutors are set to release the list of names of the unindicted co-conspirators in Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal on Tuesday. MSNBC’s S (more…)
Donald Trump/Chris Christie Cold Open
03:51 — Gov. Chris Christie (Bobby Moynihan) helps Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond) choose a running mate.
Donald Trump Taps Chris Christie to Lead Transition Team
02:20 — As a matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump looks ever more likely, Trump prepares to meet with Republican leadership on Thursday.
Christie to Head Trump's WH Leadership Team
01:53 — Donald Trump’s camp has announced that Chris Christie will lead the campaign’s White House leadership team, should the presumptive Republican nominee (more…)
Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run
29:08 — N.J. Gov. Chris Christie kicked off his campaign for the White House from the gymnasium of the old high school. Christie joins a large field of Republ (more…)
Boomer and Carton: Is Fitzpatrick worth $14 Million?
01:42 — Carton and guest host Governor Chris Christie talk about reports that Ryan Fitzpatrick said he was insulted by a $7 million dollar offer by the Jets.
Boomer and Carton: Dee Gordon PED suspension
01:58 — Carton and guest host Governor Chris Christie talk about the 80 game suspension of Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon for testing positive for PEDs.
Boomer and Carton: Baron Davis on the triangle, Thibodeau and Melo
03:05 — Ex-NBA player Baron Davis sits down with Carton and guest host Governor Chris Christie to talk about the triangle offense, Tom Thibodeau and Carmelo A (more…)
Boomer and Carton: NFL Draft round 1 results
02:06 — Carton and guest host Governor Chris Christie discuss the results of the NFL Draft so far.
Boomer and Carton: Giants pick Eli Apple
01:50 — Carton and guest host Governor Chris Christie talk about the Giants selecting CB Eli Apple in the 2016 NFL Draft.
Boomer & Carton: Laremy Tunsil's crazy draft day
03:49 — From his gas mask smoking video being released to his admission of taking money from Ole Miss coaches. Carton and guest host NJ Governor Chris Christ (more…)
Wife of Chris Christie Appears To Roll Her Eyes at Trump's Comment About Hillary
01:30 — Chris Christie's wife appeared to roll her eyes at Donald Trump on Tuesday night as he spoke about Hillary Clinton. "Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were (more…)
Sofia Vergara’s Ex: Embryo Battle Update
05:09 — Nick Loeb, who stars in "Precious Cargo," gives an update on his battle with his ex, Sofia Vergara, over embryos the former couple froze. What is the (more…)
Gov. Chris Christie Explains His Awkward Super Tuesday Face Behind Donald Trump
02:57 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie discusses why he supports Donald Trump over other 2016 presidential candidates, and his plans after leaving public (more…)
Gov. Chris Christie Defends His M&M's Eating Style
02:14 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses a controversy surrounding him being seen pouring a bag of M&M's into a box, and Jimmy gives him a custom (more…)
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