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Boomer and Carton: Eli Manning may be in hot water
02:59 — Carton and Gov. Chris Christie discuss Eli Manning being accused of taking part in a fake memorabilia scheme.
Boomer and Carton: Mets beat Marlins in 16 innings
03:05 — Carton and Gov. Chris Christie talk about the Mets 9-8 victory over the Marlins on Thursday night.
Boomer and Carton: Head of NFL officiating stepping down
00:46 — Carton and Gov. Chris Christie discuss Dean Blandino stepping down.
Christie: I'm in Two Fantasy Football Leagues
01:37 — During a town hall meeting at BAE systems in Nashua, NH, GOP candidate Chris Christie explains why he reacted so strongly to the fantasy football ques (more…)
Chris Christie Suspends Presidential Campaign
05:58 — On Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he will be suspending his presidential campaign. NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell has the lat (more…)
Christie: Rubio Campaign 'Almost Over'
01:54 — Chris Christie is Donald Trump's newest endorser, and the New Jersey governor joins Trump at an Oklahoma rally where he accuses Rubio of being "desper (more…)
Christie Defends Trump Endorsement
02:46 — Former "America Leads" spokesman Tucker Martin says he hopes that Chris Christie's Trump endorsement doesn't work because the GOP presidential front r (more…)
Christie Hammers Rubio at GOP Debate
04:40 — Chris Christie supporter former New Hampshire Congressman Jeb Bradley discusses his candidate's performance at Saturday's debate versus Marco Rubio.
Christie: Going Home to N.J., Make a Decision
03:20 — Chris Christie says he and his wife are going home to New Jersey and make a decision on his candidacy after he sees the full N.H. primary results.
Christie: Trump Will Turn Washington Around
03:04 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing talks with Hallie Jackson about Governor Chris Christie's announcement that he is endorsing Donald Trump for President.
Paul Invokes 'Bridgegate' at GOP Debate
02:00 — While debating a no-fly zone over Syria, Rand Paul made a dig at fellow GOP candidate Chris Christie over the "Bridgegate" scandal, which drew jeers f (more…)
The Politics of Storms: Christie Leaves NH
04:41 — Governor Chris Christie announced on Friday that he decided to leave the campaign trail in New Hampshire to help with the snow storm in New Jersey.
Can Christie Take the Lead in NH?
03:30 — Republican strategist Joe Maiola talks about Chris Christie's ground game in New Hampshire and why he's starting to focus his attention on Marco Rubio (more…)
Could Cruz Pull It Off in New Hampshire?
02:59 — Ted Cruz supporter and former Chris Christie challenger Steve Lonegan joins NBC's Chris Jansing to discuss Cruz' campaign strategy and his potential t (more…)
Christie Rails Against 'fantasy Football' Topic
00:38 — During Wednesday's GOP debate, Chris Christie criticized the topic of government involvement in regulating "fantasy football" leagues, saying "...enou (more…)
Jeb: 'Fantasy Football' Is Not 'gambling'
01:10 — Jeb Bush and Chris Christie tackle the issue surrounding fantasy football, and whether or not weekly fantasy leagues constitute "gambling," during Wed (more…)
Christie: 'This Is My 17th Snow Emergency'
01:45 — New Jersey governor Chris Christie gives an update on how New Jersey will be handling this historic blizzard.
What Is in Store for Christie and Bloomberg?
02:44 — MSNBC's Chris Jansing talks with MSNBC Senior Editor Beth Fouhy about the future of the Chris Christie campaign and the potential for a Michael Bloomb (more…)
Trump: Rubio 'not a Presidential Guy'
02:57 — Donald Trump hits back at Marco Rubio's criticism and comments on Chris Christie's endorsement of Trump, describing the Florida Senator as "desperate" (more…)
Calls for Christie to Resign After Endorsement
05:14 — The Nation's Joan Walsh and Buzzfeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro discuss Chris Christie's drop in favorability following his endorsement of Donald Trump, (more…)
Christie Opens up On Friend’s Drug Addiction
04:33 — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie candidly spoke about a close-friend’s prescription drug addiction on a town hall meeting, and author Sam Quinones d (more…)
Trump Says Christie 'Weak' Over 9/11 Comments
00:32 — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says Chris Christie was being ‘weak’ in his initial response to Trump’s comments regarding people celeb (more…)
Boomer and Carton: Marlins at Mets preview
01:29 — Carton and guest host Gov. Chris Christie talk about the Marlins taking on the Mets Friday night.
Boomer and Carton: LaVar Ball's comments on UCLA's loss
01:26 — Carton and guest host Gov. Chris Christie discuss comments made by UCLA star Lonzo Ball's father LaVar Ball regarding UCLA getting knocked out of the (more…)
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