Chris Carter

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Christopher C. Carter
  • Birth Place: Bellflower, California, United States
  • Profession: Producer, Writer, Director
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Jackson Talks About His Past & Relationship With Scully from "My Struggle IV"
01:02 — Jackson talks about his past and his relationship with his mother and the connection they have.
Scully Tracks Down Mulder from "My Struggle IV"
01:26 — Scully tracks down Mulder but can't find her son.
Mulder & Scully Receive News About Their Sons Whereabouts from "My Struggle IV"
01:04 — Scully receives a call and Mulder is told about their sons whereabouts.
Scully Asks Walter For Help from "My Struggle IV"
01:10 — Scully asks Walter for help to protect Mulder and her son.
Jackson Makes A Run For It from "My Struggle IV"
01:28 — Jackson runs from a group of soldiers chasing after him.
Davey Tells Mulder & Scully About His Conspiracy Theory
01:52 — Mulder & Scully listen to Davey's conspiracy theory.
The Finale Trailer
01:34 — An extended trailer for the final episode of The X-Files.
Mulder & Scully Investigate The Crime Scene from "Nothing Lasts Forever"
01:41 — Mulder and Scully investigate the crime scene and look for clues.
A Mysterious Woman Looks For A Heart from "Nothing Lasts Forever"
01:50 — A mysterious woman looks for a missing heart.
Preview: Just Come Back Alive
00:35 — Catch the stunning season finale of THE X-FILES next WED at 8/7c only on FOX!
A Woman Interrupts The Surgery from "Nothing Lasts Forever"
01:36 — A woman interrupts the surgery and kills a doctor.
Scully & Mulder Check In To A New Case from "Nothing Lasts Forever"
01:14 — Scully and Mulder check in to a new case.
Doctors Open A Patients Body from "Nothing Lasts Forever"
01:25 — Doctors open a patients body after he dies.
The X-Files: Nothing Lasts Forever Trailer
00:25 — While investigating human organ theft, Mulder and Scully uncover a mysterious cult consumed with macabre rituals.
An End That Must Be Faced
01:42 — An extended trailer for the final two episodes this season of The X-Files.
Scully Gets In A Driverless Car
01:26 — Scully isn't a fan of the driverless car.
A Little Girl Disappears While Watching TV
01:00 — A little girl goes missing while her mother is in the kitchen.
Mulder & Scully Investigate The Playground
01:26 — Mulder & Scully search the playground a little boy went missing from.
A Little Boy Disappears From The Playground
00:59 — A little boy goes missing while his mother's back is turned.
Mulder Has Trouble With His Credit Card
01:13 — Mulder's trouble with his credit cards leads to a much bigger problem for him and Scully.
Mulder & Scully Search The House Of A Felon
01:16 — Mulder & Scully search the home of a convicted sex offender.
Mulder Talks With A Mother
01:34 — Mulder gathers information.
The Smart Home Turns On Scully
02:00 — Scully's smart home malfunctions and proves to be deadly.
Mulder Gets A Weird Fish
01:43 — Scully and Mulder order dinner; when it arrives, it's a bit bizarre.
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  • Birth Name: Christopher C. Carter
  • Birth Place: Bellflower, California, United States
  • Profession: Producer, Writer, Director

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