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Due to Ted King's emergency throat...

Ted King and Jay Pickett, General Hospital

Due to Ted King's emergency throat surgery this month, General Hospital was forced to temporarily recast the role of Mafia boss Lorenzo Alcazar. King's last airdate is March 22. Port Charles star Jay Pickett — who played paramedic-turned-vampire Frank Scanlon — then steps into Lorenzo's Gucci loafers for three episodes on March 23, 24 and 27. GH viewers can expect King to reprise his role (with a noticeably raspy voice) on March 28.

It's not uncustomary for GH to recast a front-burner hunk on medical leave. Last year Chris Beetem (ex-Jordan, As the World Turns) played Nikolas while Tyler Christopher recovered from a broken arm. For the talented Pickett, this temp job was a golden opportunity.

"I got a call that Ted Ki read more

JAG "Recast" Speaks Out

As series creator Donald Bellisario strives for a "younger, hipper JAG," David James Elliott is being phased out in favor of a more youthful leading man, Chris Beetem.

Tonight's episode (9 pm/ET on CBS), entitled "JAG: San Diego," finds Beetem's Lt. Gregory Vukovic butting heads with Catherine Bell's Mac at a marine's court-martial. Meanwhile, Elliott's Harm is focused on a tragedy — we won't spoil it for you — involving his kid, Mattie. Natch, longtime Harm-and-Mac boosters aren't thrilled to see Vukovic sharing so much screen time (and generating sparks) with Harm's lady.

"Hey, he's had 10 years!" Beetem tells, laughing. "I don't see any ring on Mac's finger. My character feels that if a woman isn't tied down, she's fair game."

Jokes aside, the 32-year-old As the World Turns alum is in a tough spot. After all, he read more

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