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DVD Tuesday: Sex, Violence, Endangered Baby: I love Shoot 'Em Up!

DVD Tuesday A girl a gun a baby and Clive Owen careen through this sly meta-action movie romp in an exhilarating hail of bulletsWriter-director Michael Davis deliriously trashy mash-up of John Woo and Loony Toons was greeted by a mix of scathing denunciations and cluelessly slavering encomiums applauding its over-the-top excesses rare was the reviewer who deigned to notice its sly poignantly affectionate deconstruction of contemporary action-movie clichs Shoot Em Up tanked at the box office but I suspect its going to find its following on DVD where each and every knowingly audacious frame can be frozen and savored An itinerant carrot-chomping down-on-his-luck man with no name Clive Owen come on Mr Smith is not a name is waiting at a deserted big-city bus stop in the middle of a dark dark night when a hugely pregnant woman waddles by with a gun-toting thug in hot pursuit Smith intervenes you just know he once knew someone like her excread more


Bulletproof Monk
City On Fire
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Anna And The King

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