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<EM>Project Runway</EM> finalist Daniel Vosovic

Runway's Daniel…

Be sure to check out the prefinale thoughts of Project Runway's Santino and Chloe, too! At just 24 years old, recent design-school graduate Daniel Vosovic set a Project Runway record, winning five out of 11 design challenges. The shaggy-ha… Read more

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Clark Laser / Married to the Mom
When Timmy and Chloe save Dark Laser's beloved pet, Flipsie, Dark Laser becomes bound to them as their bodyguard.Timmy and Chloe wish up a girlfriend (more…)
Easy as Cake
11:31 — The kids help a Chef make a cake for his son’s birthday – and make rocking musical instruments in the process!
Purple Like Me
11:31 — The kids travel undersea as mermaids and find all the fish travel in pairs. When they come upon one who is alone, they set out to find her perfect mat (more…)
The Sound of Echos
11:32 — Chloe and friends visit the mountains of Bavaria to help “Mr. Echo” understand the idea of sequencing to help him repeat back sounds in the right orde (more…)

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<EM>Project Runway</EM> finalist Santino Rice
Final Cuts from Runway's Santino…

Be sure to check out the prefinale thoughts of Project Runway's Daniel and Chloe, too! No matter the…