Chloe Webb Celebrity Watchlist

Sid And Nancy - Trailer
01:14 — True story of the tragic romance between Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious and American Nancy Spungen in late 1970s Britain. Fine performances highlight (more…)
Tales Of The City Trailer
00:51 — In the freewheeling San Francisco of the 1970s, fresh-faced midwesterner Mary Ann Singleton arrives for a visit and decides to stay. But only when she (more…)
Tales Of The City: Episode 3 Trailer
01:30 — Mary Ann volunteers at a Bay Area crisis hotline run by one-eared Vincent. After confronting Mary Ann, DeDe takes off for a fat farm, with stunning re (more…)
China Beach: Lost & Found Part 2 Trailer
02:00 — McMurphy struggles to hide her grief when Natch is reported MIA. Dodger is badly wounded. Journalist Wayloo Marie becomes a minor casualty as she purs (more…)
The Belly Of An Architect - Official Trailer
01:33 — Dennehy plays a renowned architect who travels to Rome with his wife for an exhibition, but becomes caught up in a painful soul searching. Intensly st (more…)
The Newton Boys - Trailer
01:38 — Set in the roaring twenties. The rip roaring true story of four brothers who were the most successful bank robbers in U.S. history.
Queens Logic - Official Trailer
01:57 — School friends from a Queens neighborhood reunite for a wedding in their group. Terrific ensemble!
Heart Condition - Trailer
01:30 — A racist Los Angeles cop receives a heart transplant from a murdered black lawyer, whose ghost then teams up with him to find the killer. Good cast ma (more…)
China Beach: All About E.E.V. Trailer
02:00 — A dashing lieutenant colonel named Edward E. Vincent (guest star Dennis Farina) parachutes into China Beach for some R&R and disrupts the lives of Lil (more…)
China Beach: The World: Part 1 Trailer
02:05 — Wayloo Marie prepares to return home to a job at BBC and gets an unexpected traveling companion when McMurphy goes home to Lawrence, Kansas to visit h (more…)
Tales Of The City: Episode 1 Trailer
01:49 — Mary Ann Singleton calls her mother in Cleveland to say she's decided to stay in San Francisco. Mary Ann's old school friend Connie Bradshaw introduce (more…)
China Beach: Limbo Trailer
01:58 — McMurphy struggles to save Dodger's life. K.C. and Boonie strike a deal: he helps her build a beauty salon if she gets him black market penicillin.
Tales Of The City: Episode 6 Trailer
01:56 — Anna has a Christmas party for her whole Barbary Lane "family." Mary Ann discovers what Norman's been up to and confronts him, with horrific results. (more…)
China Beach: Psywars Trailer
01:58 — An Army psychiatrist, who is measuring stress levels in noncombatants, clashes with McMurphy. Dr. Richard is concerned about McMurphy, who has been un (more…)
China Beach: Cherry Trailer
01:17 — Cherry's death sobers Wayloo Marie and forces K.C. to fight her heroin addiction long enough to locate the volunteer's brother and accompany her body (more…)
China Beach: Where The Boys Are Trailer
01:58 — McMurphy enjoys R&R with a 19-year-old soldier, combat medic Jeff Hyers. Boonie hosts prom night for all the soldiers who missed their proms. K.C. war (more…)
China Beach: Afterburner Trailer
02:00 — McMurphy is stunned when Natch reappears with another POW, having survived and escaped a jungle prison camp. Boonie is assigned a new boss who brings (more…)
China Beach Trailer
03:05 — In an era of testosterone-driven Vietnam movies such as Platoon, China Beach, created by award-winning journalist and Vietnam vet William Broyles Jr. (more…)
Tales Of The City: Episode 2 Trailer
01:38 — Beauchamp beds Mary Ann, while Brian picks up Connie at the Laundromat. Despairing of her ever-absent husband, DeDe beds the grocery boy. Anna and Edg (more…)
China Beach: Xmas Chnbch Vn 67 Trailer
02:01 — As Christmas preparations are underway, McMurphy and Dr. Richard spend 24 hours in triage and Boonie surprises everyone with snow.
Tales Of The City: Episode 5 Trailer
01:51 — Brian gets a jolt the morning after, while DeDe tries to cover her tracks. Norman continues his suspicious behavior and his courting of Mary Ann. Bria (more…)
China Beach: Lost & Found Trailer
02:06 — Lila takes over China Beach and throws K.C. off the base. Bad news about Natch makes McMurphy admit her feelings. Documentarian Wayloo Marie Holmes, f (more…)
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