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Shameless' Emmy Rossum: Fiona Will Quickly Get Bored of Jimmy

Emmy Rossum

Fiona and Steve Jimmy may finally be together, but Shameless' most shameless couple will hit a rough patch this season when they realize that living on the straight and narrow may be too boring.

Exclusive Video: Look back on Shameless' "crappily ever after" to get ready for Season 3

But that's the least of Fiona's worries this year, since there may not be a family for Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) to take care of. hit the set of the Showtime series to grill Rossum on what's in store this season, like why turkey basters are involved. Read below to find out! read more

Exclusive First Look: Jenna Elfman Goes Crazy on Shameless

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman is about to get Shameless.

The Dharma & Greg star will appear in Sunday's season finale and has the exclusive first look. Elfman will portray... read more

Shameless' Emmy Rossum Dishes Out Six Things to Expect in Season 2

Emmy Rossum, Shameless

Shameless' second season sees the Gallagher family more than surviving a sweltering summer. "The Gallaghers thrive in the summer," Emmy Rossum tells "They make a lot of money that they put and stash to keep them going through the winter."

Six things to expect in Season 2:

1. Fiona's on the prowl: Following her failed relationship with Steve (Justin Chatwin), Fiona is... read more

Alien 3 web mystery solved! And more

Ask FlickChick Alien 3 Chloe Webb and the web whats the truth behind the online rumor that she participates in the making of this movieQuestion Ive seen several references online to actress Chloe Webb China Beach Sid and Nancy and the movie Alien 3 some say she participated in the movie others have cast lists that include her name but no character name But she isnt credited on either the theatrical version of the movie or the assembly cut released as part of the Alien Quadrilogy and I dont see her in the movie either So is this an internet-wide mistake there was an actor named Daniel Webb in the movie maybe thats where the confusion arises or was Chloe Webb really involved with the making of Alien 3 and if so how exactly did she participate -- Pete HFlickChick This is an interesting question in part because of the larger issue it raises The glory of the web is that its a one-stop shop for information about all things everything -- informatio read more

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