Idol's Chikezie Arrested on Felony Identity Theft Charge

Chikezie Eze

American Idol alum Chikezie Eze has been arrested and booked on felony identity theft, has confirmed.

The Season 7 finalist was arrested Thursday night at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills after he was accused of identity theft while making a purchase, Sgt. Dennis Lynch of the Beverly Hills Police Department told

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Eze, 24, was trying to ...
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Ace Young, Chikezie to Visit Idol Tonight

Ace Young, Chikezie

Set your DVRs: Idol Tonight is welcoming not one, but two American Idol alums this week.

Ace Young (Season 5, 7th place) and Chikezie (Season 7, 10th place) will drop by TV Guide Network's Idol Tonight on Wednesday (8 pm/ET) to offer their two cents on Season 8's final three.

The singers will also discuss ...
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Video Q&A: Will Chikezie Give Fans What They Want?

Chikezie is the latest Idol castoff to pay a visit to us here at the dotcom of TV Guide. See what he had to say about the Idol experience, his best and worst performances, and all those Luther Vandross comparisons. — MWMMore Idol video Q&As:• Amanda Overmyer• David Hernandez read more

Chikezie Has No Regrets About His Song Choice

Chikezie singing on American Idol by Frank Micelotta/Fox

Got your own questions for when Chikezie drops by TV Guide for his video Q&A? Share them here in comments.His heartfelt rendition of “If Only for One Night” prompted Simon to call him “very cheesy.” But American Idol castoff Chikezie has no regrets about singing the Luther Vandross ballad on Wednesday night. “If I had another chance, I’d do it the exact same way,” he told TV Guide. “I knew Simon would hate it, but that song means a lot to me so I decided to do it anyway.”Needless to say, he wasn’t surprised by the outcome. “I felt I’d done a good job, but at this stage of the game, I might not be good enough,” says the 22-year-old. “It’s an amazing group of talent and I’m proud to have been part of it. I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.”Next up, the California native has big plans for the future. “Interviews and sleep!” he jokes. “I’ve been sleeping between four and six... read more

The Top 9 Are Revealed!

Hello everyone As Erin noted last night she is in LA covering the Paley Fest which leaves me Adam Bryant Hello to recap tonights episode of Idol So lets get to itRyan quickly shared us with that the performances this week earned 30 million votes the highest total so far this season The high amount of votes is no doubt a reflection of the quality of last nights performances which were with a few exceptions quite solidBut of course before we can get down to results we have to sit through a uber-cheesy group performance of Maxine Nightingales Right Back Where We Started From Ive never been a fan of these weekly numbers and dont understand why Simon who hates everything cheesy doesnt have a word with the producers about cutting them out completelyAlthough it was yet another plug for iTunes the look at each of the contestants during their weekly recording sessions was interesting Carlys little giggle at seeing herself on the iPhone cracked me upAfter read more

The Top 10 Perform

Good evening Its Erin Fox again and I wanted to let you know that Nina and her new son Julian are healthy and happy Phew Also since Im in LA covering one of the Paley Fest events Adam Bryant will be blogging the results show tomorrow Be kind Lets begin with the intro of the judges but I cant because I cant stop thinking WTH is Paula wearing Need I remind you of your age woman And the theme of tonights song choices is so weird The year they were born Thats just asking for troubleRamiele Malubay Heart Alone Shes definitely straining tonight Im glad shes stepping it up with a Heart song but the belting parts are kinda painful Randy says he knows shes sick but it was still too big of a song for her Paula thinks its good shes showing people her big voice even though shes sick Simon thinks shell actually scrape by for another week based on this performance his version of a complimentJason Castro Sting Fragile Hes in his comfo read more

Top 10 Power Rankings: Are the Girls in Trouble?

"The Long and Winding Road" led David Archuleta back to the No. 1 spot in's American Idol Power Rankings this week, as the lad bounced back from his setback and reminded the audience of his pure pipes. Still in the running, though, is last week's chart-topper, David Cook, who is just five percentage points behind.Staying put in the No. 3 and 4 slots are Brooke White and Carly Smithson. The rest of the gals, meanwhile, are in a three-way tie for seventh place. Only Chikezie fared worse this week, returning to the cellar with less than one percent of your vote.The Top 10 Power Rankings31.3% David Archuleta26.3% David Cook12.7% Brooke White11.9% Carly Smithson8.1% Jason Castro 5.1% Michael Johns 1.2% Kristy Lee Cook 1.2% Ramiele Malubay 1.2% Syesha Mercado 0.9% ChikezieBiggest Riser: Kristy Lee, up three spotsBiggest Slider: Chikezie, from eighth to lastWhat is your take on the latest rankings? Does a girl still stand a chance of winning this thing? Has Chikezie's bag of tr... read more

The Top 10 Revealed!

Hey guys Erin Fox here again First off I still have no news about Nina and her baby which means shes dealing with some seriously long labor I thought for sure shed have him last night but alas Baby Boy Hammerling-Smith is a stubborn little guy Send lots of positive thoughts her way Secondly I know all about Chikezie-gate 2008 I swear he was not left out intentionally it was just computer error as in my computer kept crashing and I had to keep re-entering my recap it was not a fun time at my house late last night Poor Chikezie was temporarily dissed but I made sure to add him back as soon as I couldNow I have to admit something I hate the elimination shows I never watch them I just cant stand the cheesy group numbers and bad product placement videos But lets hope they prove me wrong and Im thoroughly entertained We start with Ryan making a pretty huge announcement The four mentors this year include Dolly Parton Andrew Lloyd Webber Neil Diamo read more

The Top 11 Perform

Big news everyone Nina is at the hospital this very moment giving birth to Baby Boy Hammerling-Smith It seems fitting that shed have her baby on an American Idol night Im Erin Fox and Ill be filling in for the fabulous Nina until she returns from maternity leave I know how much you all love her and Ill try my best to do her proud The night starts with Ryan asking the judges about what they expect this week from the contestants Paula actually has a cohesive opinion without stumbling or using colors to describe how she feels Way to go girl Shes very sparkly tonight too Then Ryan points out that a fan has a sign that says Simon Is Sexy Like he needs any more encouragement to be full of himselfRyan transitions into a taped piece that explains to America how important the Beatles are to our musical history I really hope this is supposed to be geared toward 8-year-olds because its almost insultingly simple Its the freakin Beatles Youd have to live under read more

American Idol: The Front-runner Stumbles

Chikezie by Ray Mickshaw/Fox

Now this is why reality TV works. At its best, it's unpredictable and raw, with the unexpected reversals and shocking twists you can find on other sorts of TV entertainment. What I'm talking about is Tuesday night's memorable seesaw on American Idol, which gave us an electrifying comeback from a heretofore marginal player (Chikezie) and the momentary (we hope) collapse of the presumed favorite, David Archuleta, who fumbled his lyrics and misplaced his mojo for the night. (Watch video here.) Gotta say I didn't see that coming. On the first night of the finals, singing standards from the Lennon-McCartney songbook, they definitely did not save the best for last.In fact, the best came early, with Chikezie’s bluesy-folksy spin on “She’s a Woman” bringing the crowd to its feet and sending Ryan Seacrest into an almost cartoonish frenzy. Down, boy. With Chikezie’s performance, what we had was a guy who was literally singing for his life, having been thisclose to eli... read more

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