Cheryl Hines

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Miami Beach, Florida, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Alangulon Gets Stuck With Headbutt Man's Daughter
01:13 — Edie tells Alangulon to take headbutt man's daughter with him to the party.
Zorn Gets Excited About Headbutt Man Coming Into Town
01:32 — Zorn remembers all of the good times he had with headbutt man.
Cheryl Hines
00:10 — Cheryl Hines asks you to use power strips to save energy.
Earth Day: Tim Meadows
00:15 — Tim Meadows asks that you replace your old toilet with a low-flow version to conserve water.
Earh Day: Johnny Pemberton
00:15 — Johnny Pemberton asks you to please sell, donate, or recycle your old electronics instead of throwing them away.
Earth Day: Cheryl Hines
00:10 — Cheryl Hines asks you to use power strips to save energy.
Zorn Meets Alan
01:12 — The Son of Zorn cast talks about Zorn and his relationship with his son Alan!
Hot Topic: Madonna
01:49 — Madonna named most influential woman ever.
Swiss Steak
06:52 — Michael's delicious steak can made in 5 minutes and for less than $5.
Little Mix: Touch
03:59 — Late Late Show music guest Little Mix performs "Touch" for the audience.
Cheryl Hines' Emu Update: 'He's In a Better Place'
03:13 — James asks Cheryl Hines for an update on her family's pet emu, which she shared caused a lot of aggravation around the home when she previously visite (more…)
'Up Where We Belong' - Aerial Duet w/ Kristen Bell
04:08 — James and Kristen Bell set out to perform beautiful duet of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes's "Up Where We Belong" but things are thrown when the plann (more…)
Side Effects May Include: Getting Up Early
03:24 — James shares the hidden side effects of things you do and people you meet every day, like ordering appetizers for the table to split.
Kristen Bell Explains How to React to Getting Punched
02:47 — After Cheryl Hines recalls meeting Laura Dern for the first time and quickly fighting her on screen after, James asks Kristen Bell about the one fight (more…)
Healthcare Reform: Much Ado About Nothing
03:26 — After James looks at the GOP's failed attempt at healthcare reform, James looks at Samsung's plan to sell refurbished phones once known for exploding.
Basketball or Cake? w/ JJ Redick, Scott Bakula & Pete Holmes
03:27 — NBA star JJ Redick heads to the CBS TV City roof to drop basketballs or cake-shape basketballs over the edge, where James, Scott Bakula and Pete Holme (more…)
JJ Redick's Son Isn't a Shooter (Yet)
01:43 — Clippers star JJ Redick explains his oldest son's fascination with dunking the basketball instead of developing a shot like his father's.
MisterWives: Machine
03:38 — Late Late Show music guest MisterWives performs "Machine" for the audience.
Pete Holmes Teaches Scott Bakula & JJ Redick the 'Fake Up'
02:07 — After Pete Holmes demonstrates the the art of waking up on camera, he puts James, Scott Bakula and JJ Redick to the test in the studio.
Filming Injuries with Scott Bakula & Pete Holmes
01:57 — After Scott Bakula tells James how he injured his throwing shoulder the first day of filming "Necessary Roughness," Pete Holmes recalls an injury that (more…)
Cheryl Hines, Judy Greer: Our New Film ‘Wilson’ Made Us Both Laugh and Cry
05:48 — Actresses Judy Greer and Cheryl Hines are two of the stars of “Wilson,” a new comedy-drama film in which Woody Harrelson plays the title role.
Aaron Sorkin Has a Super Power
01:17 — Aaron Sorkin reveals his power to influence streetlights, as they shut off when he drives under them, and James offers him some advice on how to parla (more…)
Hollywood's Top Shots
01:16 — Find out why Sofia Vergara, Sterling K. Brown, Sarah Silverman, and Cheryl Hines are all trending on social media.
Long Story Short: The Well
02:52 — Thomas Lennon, Jeff Goldblum, Paul Feig, Cheryl Hines, Mike Birbiglia, and Keegan-Michael Key improvise a story, but each storyteller only hears the f (more…)
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