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Amnesia, Moles and Cougars — Oh My! 24's Most Ridiculous Storylines

Elisha Cuthbert

24's Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and less-than-plausible story lines have always had an uneasy alliance. Every really bad day of Bauer's packs so many plot devices into 24 hours it's hard to always keep things fresh. Here are a few of the most ridiculous plotlines the writers of the Fox series conjured up over eight seasons: 

24 Boss: There will be no "happily ever after" for Jack Bauer

Teri Bauer Gets Amnesia (Day 1)
After being kidnapped and... read more

Hail to the Chiefs: A Final Salute to the Presidents of 24


After eight very long days, the many presidents featured on 24 are a complicated bunch. From David Palmer to Charles Logan to Allison Taylor, the drama series has created some of the most multilayered leaders ever to occupy the White House. We look back on the presidents who led the free world in which Jack Bauer allows us to live.

President David Palmer, Day 2 and Day 3
Presidential candidate Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) survived an assassination attempt against him in Day 1 to take over the White House in Day 2. As president, Palmer brought Jack... read more

24 Boss: There Will Be No "Happily Ever After" for Jack Bauer


The series finale of 24 is nigh, but how will it all play out? Will Jack Bauer finally get unlimited days of rest after eight 24-hour nightmares? Or will his inherent angst finally be his undoing?

Neither, says Howard Gordon, the show's executive producer and showrunner. "One thing we tried and it didn't work was 'happily ever after,'" he says of the series finale. "It just wasn't within Jack's wheelhouse.

"On the other end of the spectrum, Jack... read more

30 Rock, Mad Men Repeat, While Jon Cryer and Toni Collette Surprise at Emmys

Alec Baldwin

"Congratulations guys, unbelievable" host Neil Patrick Harris said of seven-time Emmy champ Amazing Race at Sunday's 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. "Upsets at every turn."

Harris was joking about his loss in the supporting comedy actor category to Two and a Half Men's Jon Cryer, but also ironically summing up the mood on a night when repeat winners ruled with just a few new faces sprinkled in.

30 Rock and Mad Men repeated...
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24's Prez Warns: Jon Voight Is in Full Darth Vader Mode!

The (sinister) force is with Jonas Hodges.

For 24 fans who hope to once again see Jack Bauer and the American way prevail over unheard-of evil this season, there is some bad news ... and some badder news.

The simply bad news first.

Speaking with at Saturday night's GLAAD Media Awards, Cherry Jones (who plays President Allison Taylor) teased that with this week's "game-changing" episode, "We have Mr. [Jon] Voight fully in the Darth Vader chair," wreaking havoc as Jonas Hodges.

"He's moving into high gear," warns Jones, "which means ... read more

The series 24 endured a lot ...

Question: The series 24 endured a lot of scrutiny last year — and for good reason. I do not accept that "Graem" is Jack's brother who accidently let terrorists arm a bomb. I do not accept that Chloe is just an exposition whore. I do not accept that the second that Jack is done with Fayed, he receives a call from Cheng. But I think 24 can always land on its feet. (Season 4 was horrible, Season 5 amazing.) What do you make of the show's production delays? Are they just scrambling to get a story together, or do they need time to do it right? I would be lying if I said I was calm and confident in this new season, but with the recent additions of Janeane Garofalo, Colm Feore and Rhys Coiro (from Entourage) maybe there is hope. Or maybe I'm just lost. Answer: Because 24 doesn't premiere until January, it has the luxury of time, which it seems to be using this year, to work things out before they get so far along in production that course correction becomes more difficult. When I heard of the ... read more

24 Wedded to First Husband Colm Feore

Colm Feore courtesy Columbia Pictures

Veteran actor Colm Feore, who most recently appeared on TV in HBO's acclaimed Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, has said "I do" to the role of Madame President Cherry Jones' husband on the new season of 24. Buzz has it that the First Gentleman will struggle to manage First Offspring problems à la Season 1's David and Keith Palmer.This brings the roster of Season 7 additions to four: Jones, Feore, Janeane Garofalo (as an FBI analyst) and, as confirmed on Wednesday by, Entourage's Rhys Coiro. read more

24's New Lady President Has Been Cherry-picked

24 courtesy Anthony Mandler/FOX

Fox's 24 might not know exactly what story they are spinning this coming season — what with the recent and abrupt scrapping of plans to film in Africa (see the Ausiello Report) — but at the very least they know who will be in charge. Seeing as how Geena Davis might be otherwise occupied with Criminal Minds, Cherry Jones has been appointed president, representing the first major casting for Season 7.Jones, 51, has appeared in such recent films as Ocean's Twelve, The Village and Signs. Also of note, she became the first openly lesbian actress to win a Tony award (for The Heiress) when she thanked her longtime partner during her 1995 acceptance speech.RELATED: Fox unveils 24's bold new plan for the coming season. Read all about it. read more

What is all the hubbub about ...

Question: What is all the hubbub about Harriet on Studio 60 bashing gays, when Sarah Paulson is gay? Not that I knew that before I saw some info about her today on the Internet, but I'm surprised 1) that she would play so much against type and even tackle the big issues the actress tends to avoid in her personal life, and 2) that more people don't know this fact about her. Is this the reason why there is a spark lacking between Harriet and Matt Albie, or why we have been left without a kiss between the two of them? Will NBC go through all the motions on their show-within-a-show to address the issues, but literally gag her when it comes to talking to the public? Since we have seen T.R. Knight and Neil Patrick Harris recently outing themselves, should we expect "NBS" to get on the train and make one of their stars officially come out so they can stay in the headlines? I mean, CBS and ABC have already jumped on the bandwagon, NBC can't be that far behind! Answer: Can't really tell if ... read more

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