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Alicia Vikander Talks ‘Jason Bourne,’ Matt Damon, Car Chase Scenes
04:11 — An Academy Award winner for “The Danish Girl,” actress Alicia Vikander is now starring opposite Matt Damon in “Jason Bourne.”
1964: Former U.S. Senator Margaret Chase makes history
01:10 — Former Senator Margaret Chase Smith (R-Maine) became the first woman to seek a major party nomination.
Get to Know the Cast
12:27 — Want to know more about the kids from Newport Harbor? Find out who's who as the cast takes some time to introduce themselves and answer a few question (more…)
Homeless Hare / To Hare Is Human
14:14 — A roughneck, musclebound construction worker upearths Bug's rabbit hole despite his pleas. The bunny declares war and through a variety of chase scene (more…)
Hair-Raising Hare / Bully for Bugs
14:53 — A mad scientist sends a sexy Looney Tunes rabbit-robot to lure Bugs in as food for his monster. Bugs gets lured in by the robot and when he's face to (more…)
Chase Is Falling in Love With JoJo
01:29 — Chase is ready to start the next chapter with JoJo.
Mother Who Lost Child in Sandy Hook Shooting Pays Tribute to Son Who Loved to Run
03:35 — It’s been four years since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed. Among th (more…)
Close Calls During 100 Mph High-speed Car Chase in Los Angeles
00:25 — There were several close calls during a high-speed chase through the streets of Los Angeles overnight. An SUV driver hit a car, then fled police on th (more…)
"Kindness Diaries": Traveling the world on the generosity of strangers
04:45 — Leon Logothetis traded in his desk job to chase his dreams. He went to 40 places in nearly 20 countries in five months, with no money, food or places (more…)
Need for Speed: Rivals - Review
05:14 — Carolyn gives chase to the racers of Redview County in this video review for Need for Speed: Rivals. Follow inFamous: Second Son at! htt (more…)
Police chase goes through a shopping mall
00:22 — A driver leads police on a chase through a shopping mall. CBSN's Gigi Stone Wood show us the dramatic video.
Bounty Hunter - Grand Chase: Chaos Character Trailer
00:55 — Bounty Hunter is the newly announced character in Grand Chase: Chaos.
JP Morgan CEO to answer to shareholders
02:54 — After JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon told the press about his bank losing $2 billion trading, he now has to answer to shareholders. Rebec (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - The Man With The Scar
03:05 — After Patton tracks down where their suspect has been and is now currently living, the NCIS: New Orleans team pays a visit to his residence and ends u (more…)
Buffett endorses Chase's Dimon for Treasury
00:34 — Billionaire investor Warren Buffett spoke to Charlie Rose about a possible choice to replace Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.
Craigslist deal leads to car chase, ends in murder
01:47 — A teenager was gunned down and killed after a car chase in a botched robbery involving an ad on Craigslist in the San Diego, Calif. area. Rekha Muddar (more…)
Dashcam video shows Orlando cop get run over by fleeing car
00:51 — Video from the dashcam of an Orlando police officer shows a fleeing suspect running over the officer during a chase on Monday.
Watch a Store Clerk Grab Gun From Robber, Then Chase Him with Hammer
00:45 — Frightening moments captures a convenience store clerk beating an armed robber out of her store. A man walks up to the register to pay for a soda. As (more…)
NCIS: New Orleans - Crypt Robberies
02:32 — While investigating robberies at a cemetery, Special Agent Christopher LaSalle notices someone who fits the description of their suspect which leads t (more…)
Car chase suspect stops for gas and a stroll
01:45 — Suspect Daniel Wachter led police on a bizarre, 3-hour car chase in which he stopped for gas, possibly smoked an illegal substance and tried to walk a (more…)
Watch: Dramatic high-speed chase in Denver
02:53 — Caught on Tape: A stolen SUV leads police on a chase, after a boy was reported missing in the Longmont, Colo., area. The suspect changes cars mid-chas (more…)
Meet the Creator Behind the Hilarious 'Doritos Dogs' Super Bowl Ad
01:04 — One of the most popular commercials of Super Bowl Sunday was a Doritos spot that featured rescue dogs. It was made in a day for just $1,000 by Jacob C (more…)
Frank on partisan differences and banking reform
04:23 — Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, talks to Charlie Rose about the partisan showdown over the na (more…)
Raw video: Capitol Hill car chase, shooting
04:10 — Gunshots can be heard as a woman driving a black car attempts to flee police after crashing into a security barrier near the White House.
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