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Jack Huston On Taking Iconic 'Ben-Hur' Role
03:04 — Jack Huston tells Access Hollywood whether he felt pressure in taking on the role of Judah Ben-Hur in the retelling of the 1959 classic movie, "Ben-Hu (more…)
'Ben Hur' Returns To Big Screen 60 Years After Charlton Heston Rode The Chariot
01:33 — Nearly 60 years after Charlton Heston first graced the chariot track, Ben-Hur is back as a remake returns to the big screen Friday. The film is produc (more…)
11:31 — 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' welcomes its first-ever Academy Award?-winner, Charlton Heston, who, after much prodding, offers his trophy to Space Ghos (more…)
Will Penny - Trailer
03:09 — An aging cowpoke on the run from a demented preacher and his sons gets more than just employment from a beautiful farm owner in 1880s Montana. Heston (more…)
The Ten Commandments - Trailer
00:30 — DeMille's second and classic version of the Old Testament account of Moses. Incredible special effects enhance a fine production!
55 Days At Peking - Official Trailer
00:45 — Westerners in China at the turn of the century find their lives in peril at the onset of the Boxer Rebellion. Exciting historical drama!
Cats & Dogs - Official Trailer
01:05 — Unknown to humans, a secret war has been raging between cats and dogs for eons, but a fragile truce has long held the order of the animal kingdom in p (more…)
Ben Hur - Official Trailer
03:00 — Epic tale of two childhood friends, a Jew and a Roman, who become bitter enemies during the time of Jesus Christ. This all-time great won a record 11 (more…)
Pony Express - Official Trailer
02:17 — Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickock work to establish the Pony Express and fight Indians and California Separatists who seek to destroy it.
The Wreck Of The Mary Deare - Official Trailer
02:37 — The freighter 'Mary Deare' is set afire and abandoned by its crew during a storm on the English Channel. Gary Cooper is the only man aboard, until he (more…)
Hamlet - Official Trailer
01:38 — Murder and violence, sex and desire, paranoia and madness. The heady brew of passion and emotion that makes up Shakespeare's great tragedy is given a (more…)
The Ten Commandments - Trailer
00:55 — DeMille's second and classic version of the Old Testament account of Moses. Incredible special effects enhance a fine production!
Alaska - Official Trailer
01:22 — When a tundra bush pilot crashes his plane, his 14 year-old son and his 12 year-old daughter take on the beautiful but harsh Alaskan wilderness to res (more…)
The Omega Man - Official Trailer
03:36 — This loose adaptation of Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend" stars Charlton Heston as the lone survivor of a plague that has killed almost every human on (more…)
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