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Update On the Earthquake in Haiti
17:58 — Update on the Earthquake in Haiti with Commissioner Ray Kelly, Pamela Cox of World bank and Robert M. Perito, Senior Program Officer, Centers of Innov (more…)
Raymond Alcide Joseph
12:18 — Charlie interviews Raymond Alcide Joseph, Haiti's ambassador to the United States.
A Look Back at Alexander McQueen
03:19 — An appreciation of Alexander McQueen
Civil Rights Movement
17:46 — Civil Rights Movement
Dexter Filkins Reports from Afghanistan
11:18 — Dexter Filkins reports from Afghanistan
Fashion Week Update
39:30 — A look into the world of fashion with Cathy Horyn of 'The New York Times,' Millard Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, designer Narciso Rodriguez and Roberta Mye (more…)
Paul Otellini: President and CEO of Intel
39:12 — Paul Otellini President & CEO Intel Corp
Health Care Summit: Assessment of the President
02:43 — How the president has handled the issue of Health Care Reform.
Early Numerical Abilities
03:40 — A look a child's ability to add and subtract.
Author Jonathan Cole
16:23 — A conversation with Senator Evan Bayh democrat from Indiana; Jonathan Cole professor at Columbia University, author of the book 'The Great American U (more…)
Joseph Stiglitz
07:00 — Joseph Stiglitz
General David Petraeus: Measure of President Karzai
05:17 — General David Petraeus gives his assessment of the current president in Afghanistan.
Green Zone: the Directors Goal
03:04 — What the director of the movie wanted to get across.
Nancy Pelosi: the Hardest Thing to Sell On Health Care
05:28 — Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is asked the what the hardest sell is in the health care bill.
Nancy Pelosi: Current Status On the Health Care Bill
04:18 — Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, talks about where the health care bill stands at this time.
Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning
25:07 — Gina Bianchini, CEO of Ning
An Update On Iraq: Richard Haass
11:32 — An update on Iraq with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations
Michael Lewis: On the Wall Street Bail Out
07:01 — Michael Lewis discusses with Charlie how he felt about the Wall Street bail out.
Discussion On the Health Care Vote
31:29 — Update on the Health Care Bill
Paul Ryan
12:01 — Paul Ryan
Sen. Judd Gregg on the Passage of the Health Care Bill
19:25 — Health care reform with Republican Senator Judd Gregg.
Impact of Genes On Memory Loss
12:43 — A panel of scientist discuss the impact of genes in regards to memory loss.
Large Hadron Collider
35:46 — Large Hadron Collider
Working With Jennifer Jason Leigh
08:50 — Director Noah Baumbach talks about working with his wife Jennifer Jason Leigh.
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