The Murder Victim Is Revealed
01:10 — It's Annalise's husband!
Nate Lies to Annalise
01:50 — Is Sam's alibi as solid as Annalise thinks?
Annalise Is Defending Rebecca
01:54 — A decision is made about the Lila Stangard case.
Frank and Laurel Kiss
01:08 — "I have a boyfriend..."
Wes vs. Annalise
02:16 — "I swear to God I'll tell the police everything."
What Do Annalise & Connor Have in Common?
02:13 — Say everything you want to say to me right to my face.
Asher-isms: On the Job
01:37 — Asher-isms show Asher Millstone may actually have a sharp legal mind.
Annalise Refuses to Help Nate's Wife
02:03 — Annalise tells Nate's wife that she will not help her commit suicide.
Frank Sets Wes up for Failure
01:51 — Wes follows Frank's clues that leads him to a dead end.
Annalise's Update About Asher
01:08 — Annalise comes clean and tells everyone about the situation with Asher.
Bonnie Wants Annalise to Die
01:23 — Bonnie is angry that Annalise shared of Bonnie's past with Asher.
Annalise Takes Advantage of the Wiretap
02:21 — Annalise uses the Sinclair's wiretap to her advantage.
Asher Finds Out They've Been Tapped
00:50 — Prosecutor Sinclair has been wiretapping Annalise's house.
Frank Thinks He Knows Laurel
01:22 — When Laurel goes to Frank about their client's questionable innocence, he thinks he has her all figured out. Is he right? Watch this scene from How to (more…)
Flash Forward: Asher Realizes His Trophy Is Gone
01:47 — Asher beelines it to Annalise's house the night of the murder.
Annalise Knows Sam Is Dead!
02:18 — Watch the final scene from the winter finale.
Connor & Oliver: What the Hell Happened?
01:08 — Connor turns to his ex after the murder.
Nate Is Arrested for Sam's Murder
02:20 — How did she do this?
Annalise Believes She Ruined Everyone
02:32 — Bonnie explains...
Who Killed Rebecca Sutter
03:57 — Annalise finds out who killed Rebecca Sutter
Flash Forward: the Getaway
00:44 — Find out how they got away from the mansion.
Flash Forward: Focus On the Plan
01:55 — Find out who Michaela meets after fleeing the crime scene.
Annalise Takes Down Prosecutor Nelson
02:09 — Annalise takes down Prosecutor Nelson using Laurel's witness.
Judge Jeanine Pirro On 'The View': Talks About Robert Durst and New Book ‘He Killed Them All’
04:34 — Judge Jeanine Pirro talks about her new book He Killed Them All.
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