Sat May 23 1:00pm
Dukes of HazzardRoad Pirates(Season 2, Episode 5) CMT

A thief sells Boss Hogg hot TV sets, then steals them back---leaving the Dukes as prime suspects. Garbade: Billy Green Bush. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Fletcher: Owen Bush. Luke: Tom Wopat. Driver: Boyd Bodwell. Bo: John Schneider. Trucker: Salt Walther. Cl (more…)

Sat May 23 2:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Ghost of General Lee(Season 2, Episode 6) CMT

Boss Hogg's scheme to take advantage of the Dukes' reported drowning comes back to haunt him. Phil: Russ McCubbin. Bo: John Schneider. Ernie: Caskey Swaim. Luke: Tom Wopat. Chief Lacey: Norman Elder. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Guest: Sunshine Parker. Hogg: Sorrel (more…)

Sat May 23 3:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough(Season 2, Episode 7) CMT

Boss Hogg schemes to steal a new turbocharger that is being tested by stock-car racer Cale Yarborough. Bo: John Schneider. Garvey: Harrison Page. Luke: Tom Wopat. Rowby: Tom McFadden. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Simon: William Watson. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Jesse: (more…)

Sat May 23 4:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Hazzard Connection(Season 2, Episode 8) CMT

Bo and Luke join a demolition derby that's fronting for the smuggling racket they're suspected of operating. Augie: John Quade. Bo: John Schneider. Shoulders: Med Flory. Luke: Tom Wopat. Workman: Gerald McRaney. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Daisy: Catherine Bach (more…)

Sat May 23 5:00pm
Dukes of HazzardWitness for the Persecution(Season 2, Episode 9) CMT

Government witness Boss Hogg is sought by hit men bent on preventing his testimony. Warren: L.Q. Jones. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Barnes: Bob Hastings. Bo: John Schneider. Tom Pryor: R.G. Armstrong. Luke: Tom Wopat. Cooter: Ben Jones. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Daisy: (more…)

Sat May 23 6:00pm
Dukes of HazzardGranny Annie(Season 2, Episode 10) CMT

Eccentric local artist Granny Annie proves to be the source of some funny money. Luke: Tom Wopat. B.B. Davenport: Mickey Jones. Bo: John Schneider. Big Jim: George Murdock. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Holly Mae: Pamela Bryant. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Vic: George (more…)

Sat May 23 7:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe People's Choice(Season 2, Episode 11) CMT

For more than one reason the Dukes back Boss Hogg's election opponent: T.C. Rogers. Bo: John Schneider. Emery: Charlie Dell. Luke: Tom Wopat. Mabel Wooster: Doris Hess. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Wheeler: Michael Alldredge. Sheriff: James Best. Preacher: Jo (more…)

Sat May 23 8:00pm
Dukes of HazzardArrest of Jesse Duke(Season 2, Episode 12) CMT

As acting sheriff, Hogg's nephew arrests Jesse Duke for stripping cars. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Carla: Lois Areno. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Jane: Kellee Patterson. Bo: John Schneider. Benswanger: Warren Berlinger. Luke: Tom Wopat. Daisy: Catherine Bach.

Sat May 23 9:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Duke of Duke(Season 2, Episode 13) CMT

The Dukes' English cousin Gaylord arrives to claim his property rights---and Daisy's heart to boot. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Longstreet: Ernie W. Brown. Bo: John Schneider. Luke: Tom Wopat. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Rosco: (more…)

Sat May 23 10:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Runaway(Season 2, Episode 14) CMT

The runaway heiress reward-hungry Boss Hogg wants to return to her millionaire daddy stows away in the Dukes' car. Suzy: Susan Walden. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Fred: Edward Edwards. Luke: Tom Wopat. Myrtle: Lindsay Bloom. Bo: John Schneider. Les: Lance LeGault (more…)

Sun May 24 5:30am
Married...With ChildrenPoppy's by the Tree(Season 2, Episode 1) TBS

The Bundys vacation in Dumpwater, Fla., where an ax murderer (Vic Polizos) who hates tourists visits every five years. Part 1 of two. Roy: Charlie Dell. Delbert: Gary Grubbs. Sheriff: Richard Paul. Al: Ed O'Neill.

Sun May 24 6:00am
Married...With ChildrenPoppy's by the Tree(Season 2, Episode 2) TBS

Conclusion. Peg (Katey Sagal) spoils the family's fun when she's kidnapped by the ax murderer (Vic Polizos). Roy: Charlie Dell. Delbert: Gary Grubbs. Sheriff: Richard Paul. Beany: Ian Patrick Williams. Al: Ed O'Neill.

Tue May 26 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardBad Day at Hazzard(Season 4, Episode 23) CMT

Jesse and Hogg (Sorrell Booke) are trapped when armed robbers take over the Boar's Nest. Tom Wopat, John Schneider. Thackery: Tim O'Connor. Loggins: Kaz Garas. Daisy: Catherine Bach.

Tue May 26 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardMiss Tri-County(Season 4, Episode 24) CMT

A neighboring boss bribes Hogg to see that Daisy does not become the next Miss Tri-Counties. Sorrell Booke, John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Miss Hatchipee: Danone Simpson.

Wed May 27 9:00am
My Wife and KidsThe 'V' Story(Season 5, Episode 26) OXYGN

In the series finale, Jay reads about a 67-year-old woman who gave birth, so she orders Michael to get a vasectomy. Not surprisingly, he has reservations. Meanwhile, Tony (Andrew McFarlane) wants to do something “to get God's attention” at Bible camp (more…)

Wed May 27 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardHappy Birthday, General Lee(Season 7, Episode 1) CMT

Bo and Luke recall the race years earlier that led to the creation of the General Lee. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Rick: Sam Melville. Boss: Sorrell Booke. Ginny: Janie Fricke. Uncle Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Wed May 27 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardWelcome, Waylon Jennings(Season 7, Episode 2) CMT

Waylon Jennings visits old friend Jesse, carting along his museum of country-music memorabilia, which Boss plans to hijack for ransom from the insurance company. Denver Pyle, Sorrell Booke. Betty Jo: Shannon Tweed. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Wed May 27 3:00pm
Dukes of HazzardWelcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke(Season 5, Episode 19) CMT

Bo and Luke (Tom Wopat) roar in from a tour on the NASCAR circuit---just in time to aid an evicted Cooter. Cooter: Ben Jones. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Petey: Donald May.

Wed May 27 4:00pm
Dukes of HazzardBig Brothers, Duke(Season 5, Episode 20) CMT

Bo and Luke become Big Brothers to an orphan boy whose first act is to embark on a crime wave. Andy: P.R. Paul. Bo: John Schneider. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Wed May 27 5:00pm
Dukes of HazzardFarewell, Hazzard(Season 5, Episode 21) CMT

The Dukes are forced from their land when Hogg is duped into a partnership with phony land developers. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Hudson: Joseph Burke. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Whitney: Grant Owens. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Thu May 28 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardSittin' Dukes(Season 7, Episode 11) CMT

Two convicts, one of them busted by Luke in his Marine Corps days, break out and force the Dukes to help them escape across the state line. Benson: Judson Scott. Hixx: Robert Gray.

Thu May 28 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardSky Bandits over Hazzard(Season 7, Episode 12) CMT

Vanished: $3 million of Boss's money, along with the truck carrying it. Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Sorrell Booke. Kate: Karen Lamm. Budge: Chip Heller. Taylor: Robert Hastings. Cleary: Michael Prokopuk.

Thu May 28 9:00pm
Liar Liar COMEDY

Jim Carrey's comic timing is impressive in this comedy about a slick, overachieving lawyer who's forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Jennifer Tilly. Audrey: Maura Tierney. Dana: Swoosie Kurtz. Miranda: Amanda Donohoe. Direc (more…)

Fri May 29 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardEnos and Daisy's Wedding(Season 7, Episode 16) CMT

After Daisy thinks she sees Enos robbing a bank, she proposes marriage so she won't have to testify. Catherine Bach, John Schneider. Slade: Anthony De Longis. Luke: Tom Wopat.

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