Sun Apr 19 12:00pm
Dukes of HazzardRepo Man(Season 1, Episode 4) CMT

Bo and Luke are duped into taking part in a car-repossession scheme that involves them with counterfeiters. Ace Parker: Jerry Rushing. Luke: Tom Wopat. Sugalo: Larry Bishop. Bo: John Schneider. Lulu: Peggy Rea. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Lois: Judith Baldwin.

Sun Apr 19 1:00pm
Dukes of HazzardHigh Octane(Season 1, Episode 5) CMT

A contest for a fossil-fuel substitute offers the Dukes a big cash prize and an excuse to resurrect the old still. Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Denver Pyle, Catherine Bach. Sheriff Rosco: James Best. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Roxanne: Carlene Watkins. Enos: (more…)

Sun Apr 19 2:00pm
Dukes of HazzardSwamp Molly(Season 1, Episode 6) CMT

Uncle Jesse yields to the coaxing of Swamp Molly, an old moonshining colleague who wants to make "one last run." John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Sheriff Rosco: James Best. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke.

Sun Apr 19 3:00pm
Dukes of HazzardLuke's Love Story(Season 1, Episode 7) CMT

The Dukes participate in a dirty stock-car race. Tom Wopat, John Schneider. Amy: Roz Kelly. Frankie: Marya Small. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Uncle Jesse: Denver Pyle. Turk: David Hayward.

Sun Apr 19 4:00pm
Dukes of HazzardThe Big Heist(Season 1, Episode 8) CMT

A thief stashes loot in Daisy's pickup and makes a getaway in the Dukes' family car. Tom Wopat, John Schneider. Neil Bishop: Fred McCarren. Uncle Jesse: Denver Pyle. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Rosco: James Best.

Sun Apr 19 5:00pm
Dukes of HazzardLimo One Is Missing(Season 1, Episode 9) CMT

Cooter hot-wires the Presidential limousine when it stops in the county. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Rosco: James Best. Uncle Jesse: Denver Pyle. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Dooley: Mayf Nutter.

Sun Apr 19 6:00pm
Dukes of HazzardDeputy Dukes(Season 1, Episode 10) CMT

While escorting a prisoner for trial, the Dukes (Tom Wopat) must fend off the suspect's friends who want to free him. Morgan: Leo Gordon. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Rosco: James Best.

Sun Apr 19 7:00pm
Dukes of HazzardMoney to Burn(Season 1, Episode 11) CMT

Banker Hogg plots to pocket $1,000,000 in ragged bills earmarked for burning at a Federal Reserve Bank. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Rosco: James Best. Enos: Sonny Shroyer.

Sun Apr 19 8:00pm
Dukes of HazzardRoute 711(Season 1, Episode 12) CMT

Bo and Luke (Tom Wopat) sign up to test-drive an 18-wheeler, unaware that their trailer is a gambling casino. Helen: Jo Ann Pflug. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Dewey: Paul Brinegar. Artie: Sammy Jackson. Rosco: James Best.

Sun Apr 19 9:00pm
Dukes of HazzardDouble Sting(Season 1, Episode 13) CMT

Daisy gives chase to bank robbers (Arte Johnson, Avery Schreiber) because a plague scare has her menfolk---and the lawmen---quarantined in jail. Luke: Tom Wopat. Bo: John Schneider. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Boss: Sorrell Booke. Rosco: James Best. Colt: Burt Gil (more…)

Sun Apr 19 10:00pm
Dukes of HazzardDays of Shine and Roses(Season 2, Episode 1) CMT

Moonshiners Jesse and Hogg agree to an illegal race to determine the best ridgerunner around. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Sam: Pat Buttram. Loomis: James Mohlmann.

Sun Apr 19 11:00pm
Dukes of HazzardGold Fever(Season 2, Episode 2) CMT

Boss Hogg is conned into a scheme involving $3 million in fake gold bullion. Harkness: Curtis Credel. Bo: John Schneider. Buck: Bruce M. Fischer. Luke: Tom Wopat. Dusty: Hunter von Leer. Rosco: James Best. Doc: Adam Wade. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Driver: Troy (more…)

Mon Apr 20 12:00am
Dukes of HazzardThe Rustlers(Season 2, Episode 3) CMT

Hogg schemes to steal a stallion. Burl Tolliver: Mel Tillis. Rosco: James Best. Luke: Tom Wopat. Dunlap: Brett Halsey. Bo: John Schneider. Sherry: Dorothy Collier. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Cooter: Ben Jones. Cletus: Rick Hurst.

Mon Apr 20 1:00am
Dukes of HazzardThe Meeting(Season 2, Episode 4) CMT

Rosco's jail becomes the conference center for syndicate kingpins. Big Jack: Paul Lambert. Bo: John Schneider. Rostosky: Marc Lawrence. Luke: Tom Wopat. Steele: Lewis Charles. Boss Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Tony: Tony Cacciotti. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Jesse: De (more…)

Mon Apr 20 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardThe Runaway(Season 2, Episode 14) CMT

The runaway heiress reward-hungry Boss Hogg wants to return to her millionaire daddy stows away in the Dukes' car. Suzy: Susan Walden. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Fred: Edward Edwards. Luke: Tom Wopat. Myrtle: Lindsay Bloom. Bo: John Schneider. Les: Lance LeGault (more…)

Mon Apr 20 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardFollow That Still(Season 2, Episode 15) CMT

An old moonshiner builds a still on the Duke farm---inside a personnel carrier stolen from Boss Hogg. Hard Luck Jones: Fred Stuthman. Luke: Tom Wopat. Flint: Ted Markland. Bo: John Schneider. Buchanon: John Crawford. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Hogg: Sorrell Booke (more…)

Tue Apr 21 9:30am
Dukes of HazzardTreasure of Hazzard(Season 2, Episode 16) CMT

The Dukes help a history professor locate a Civil War strongbox that may contain a regimental payroll. Sheriff Lester Crabbe: Clifton James. Bo: John Schneider. Stacy: Doris Dowling. Luke: Tom Wopat. Fenwick: Whit Bissell. Hogg: Sorrell Booke. Sam: Cindy A (more…)

Tue Apr 21 10:40am
Dukes of HazzardOfficer Daisy Duke(Season 2, Episode 17) CMT

Daisy becomes a sheriff's deputy and goes after a big reward that Boss Hogg wants. Sheriff: Dick Sargent. Luke: Tom Wopat. Molly: Jenny Neumann. Bo: John Schneider. Floyd: Peter Brown. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. Hogg: Sorrell Booke.

Tue Apr 21 9:00pm
Dukes of HazzardBoss Behind Bars(Season 6, Episode 6) CMT

The Dukes go after the Beaudry clan, who framed Boss and had him thrown in jail. Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Sorrell Booke. Pa Beaudry: J.S. Young. Sledge: John Dennis Johnston. Milo: Richard Moll. Jesse: Denver Pyle.

Tue Apr 21 10:00pm
Dukes of HazzardA Boy's Best Friend(Season 6, Episode 7) CMT

Bo and Luke adopt a Flash lookalike, unaware it's a stolen pedigree that escaped. John Schneider, Tom Wopat. Mandy Jo: Jennifer Holmes. Rosco: James Best. Hooper: Joe Dorsey. Enos: Sonny Shroyer. B.B.: Billy Ray Sharkey.

Tue Apr 21 11:00pm
Dukes of HazzardTargets: Daisy and Lulu(Season 6, Episode 8) CMT

Unaware of an luggage mix-up, Lulu and Daisy head home with a case containing a stolen necklace---with the thieves in hot pursuit. Catherine Bach, Peggy Rea, John Schneider. Pete: Charles Napier. Wilbur: Bruce Glover.

Wed Apr 22 12:00am
Dukes of HazzardTwin Troubles(Season 6, Episode 9) CMT

Bo and Luke are taken in by twins who find it easy to establish alibis for jewel thefts---while one pulls the heist, the other is conspicuously absent. Sandy: Candi Brough. Cindy: Randi Brough. Bo: John Schneider. Luke: Tom Wopat.

Wed Apr 22 10:00am
Dukes of HazzardFind Loretta Lynn(Season 2, Episode 18) CMT

Loretta Lynn detours through Hazzard County, and is kidnapped by three dimwits demanding ransom. Squirt: Henry Gibson. Luke: Tom Wopat. Bubba: Dennis Burkley. Bo: John Schneider. Cindy: Rebecca Reynolds. Hogg: Sorrell Booke.

Wed Apr 22 11:00am
Dukes of HazzardJude Emery(Season 2, Episode 19) CMT

A Texas Ranger enlists Bo and Luke in flushing a varmint out. Jude Emery: John Shearin. Bo: John Schneider. Willie: C. Pete Munro. Daisy: Catherine Bach. Coy: Buck Flower. Sheriff: Dick Sargent. Patch: Ben Davidson. Jesse: Denver Pyle. Snake: Sam Melville (more…)

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