Charles Osgood

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Charles Osgood Wood III
  • Birth Place: The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States
  • Profession: Journalist, Author
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Battling loud leaf blowers
06:33 — The battle over leaf blowers all across the country is being led by a couple in Orinda, California who are just fed up with the noise. John Blackstone (more…)
Remembering Porsche, Marshall and Kinkade
03:00 — This week the lives of three very different artists were lost: Car designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who died in Austria at age 76; Jim Marshall, (more…)
Food fight over GMOs
10:30 — By some estimates, 80 percent of all processed foods - cereals, baby formula, canned soups and more - contain at least one genetically-modified organi (more…)
A history of the America's Cup
02:28 — The most storied of sailing races, the America's Cup, first run in 1851, has seen countless changes over the years. Charles Osgood offers a look back (more…)
E-Card company puts new spin on season's greetings
03:34 — Americans will buy an estimated 1.5 billion holiday cards this year to send season's greetings to loved ones. Ben Tracy takes a look at a company that (more…)
David Edelstein reviews "Moneyball"
03:17 — Movie critic David Edelstein reviews the film adaptation of "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt.
All hail king Kelly Slater
06:14 — In the past two decades Kelly Slater has won the world champion surfing title ten times and now he is finding a way to build the perfect wave inside a (more…)
Nancy Sinatra on Frank Sinatra's marriage to Mia Farrow
02:10 — Web extra: Nancy Sinatra, Frank Sinatra's daughter, calls rumors about her father having a child with Mia Farrow "nonsense."
Bringing light in remembrance
03:10 — Lighting designer David Rockwell, who has worked for Broadway and the Oscars, has a new holiday extravaganza - bringing magic lights to New York City, (more…)
Checking gun violence in Australia
06:16 — In 1996, following a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed, the Australian government issued an unprecedented ban on certain guns, and confisca (more…)
An American tragedy
04:44 — According to multiple sources, around 100 children are killed accidentally with guns in the United States every year. Martha Teichner speaks with a yo (more…)
Americans' views of its military
02:37 — It has been 13 years since the American military invaded Iraq. Today, we still see ramifications of that decision in the form of ISIS, special forces (more…)
When the nurse becomes the patient
02:11 — Lynn Bartos has been a nurse at the Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee for the past 44 years. However, after developing an illness, she became a patient (more…)
Almanac: Rolls-Royce
02:35 — One-hundred-fifty-three years ago today motorcar legend Henry Royce was born near Peterborough, England. A gifted engineer, Royce tried his hand at b (more…)
From the pencil of James Patterson
07:10 — He's the bestselling author on the planet, but James Patterson isn't about to take a breather. In fact, he's working on shaking up the book business w (more…)
Tig Notaro finds a way to laugh through the pain
08:27 — The comedian's brush with death and family tragedy would make most give up on life. Luke Burbank introduces us to female comic who finds humor in just (more…)
"Star Trek" turns 50
07:02 — The original "Star Trek" series lasted just three years, from 1966 to 1969, but the adventures of the Starship Enterprise are still continuing at warp (more…)
Uncovering Boston's "Big Dig"
09:11 — "Sunday Morning" anchor Charles Osgood goes underground to explore Boston's Big Dig, already well on its way to becoming the most expensive highway pr (more…)
Almanac: Calculators
02:33 — December 30, 1685 marked the death of Sir Samuel Morland, who is regarded as the inventor of the first "calculating machine" - the precursor of today' (more…)
Snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains
01:04 — This "Sunday Morning" moment of nature takes you along Carson River where a light snow has accumulated near the Sierra Nevada Mountains by Lake Tahoe (more…)
Calendar: Week of November 9
01:21 — From World Science Day to Friday the 13th, "Sunday Morning" looks at notable events of the week ahead. Charles Osgood reports.
Stray dogs become celebrities in Fort Worth
01:56 — Two brothers guilty about their sports hunting past are making amends in any way they can. One of them is creating a special train of canines that's b (more…)
Day by Day: Week of January 3
01:21 — "Sunday Morning" highlights the top news stories of the past week, including an Ohio grand jury's refusal to indict a pair of Cleveland Police officer (more…)
A gun violence survivor's mission
03:19 — News anchor Chris Hurst, boyfriend of TV journalist Alison Parker (who with her cameraman, Adam Ward, was shot to death on air in Roanoke, Va., last y (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Charles Osgood Wood III
  • Birth Place: The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States
  • Profession: Journalist, Author

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