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Mega Buzz: A Bones Epiphany, Housewives' Dallas Homage and Castle Mommy Issues

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When is Brennan finally going to wake up and see what she's missing with Booth on Bones? — Sara
Sooner than you think. In the midseason finale, Brennan investigates the murder of a workaholic, and Bones quickly draws parallels to her own life. "She's forced to face feelings that she's never had to deal with before," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She confronts the fact that this woman was running her whole life from feeling anything and she has to confront whether she's going to run her whole life from feeling anything. It butts right up against her relationship with Booth and the past five years of history."

I'm so excited about Episode 10 of Desperate Housewives. Please give me some hints about it. — Dean
TNT may have people buzzing about Dallas again, but it's Desperate Housewives that will pay homage to the classic soap by asking: read more

Jordan Hits 100 with a Killer Finale

Jill Hennessy, Crossing Jordan

The fifth-season finale of NBC's Crossing Jordan — also the show's 100th episode (airing Sunday at 10 pm/ET) — marks the dual milestone with one whopper of an opening: The morning after celebrating Lily's pending marriage, Jill Hennessy's lady coroner wakes up with a gun in her hand and next to the dead body of her former beau, J.D. Pollack (Charles Mesure). With little recollection of what did or did not transpire, Jordan becomes the No. 1 suspect!

Perhaps the only person taken aback more by the situation than Jordan was her portrayer. "What's funny is there were a lot of rumors going around about this episode for over a month before I actually got a script," Hennessy tells O read more

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