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Wed Oct 18 11:09pm
The Walking DeadIsolation(Season 4, Episode 3) AMC

One group leaves the prison in search of supplies, while those who stay behind try to preserve what remains.

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Thu Oct 19 12:10am
The Walking DeadIndifference(Season 4, Episode 4) AMC

Obstacles are encountered by the group members on a mission to find supplies. Meanwhile, conditions at the prison get worse.

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Thu Oct 19 1:10am
The Walking DeadInternment(Season 4, Episode 5) AMC

Multiple enemies put pressure on Rick and the group.

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Thu Oct 19 2:11am
The Walking DeadLive Bait(Season 4, Episode 6) AMC

A familiar face returns as the group members struggle to find humanity in a world of constant threats.

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Thu Oct 19 1:00pm
The Walking DeadDead Weight(Season 4, Episode 7) AMC

A new and scary chapter begins to form at a camp outside the prison.

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Thu Oct 19 1:59pm
The Walking DeadToo Far Gone(Season 4, Episode 8) AMC

Just as things start to calm down at the prison, Rick and the group face imminent danger.

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Thu Oct 19 2:59pm
The Walking DeadAfter(Season 4, Episode 9) AMC

Rick deals with old wounds while members of the prison try accept their new environment .

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Thu Oct 19 3:59pm
The Walking DeadInmates(Season 4, Episode 10) AMC

The group encounters obstacles in their quest for stability and safety.

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Thu Oct 19 4:59pm
The Walking DeadClaimed(Season 4, Episode 11) AMC

Rick is faced with multiple immediate threats, while other group members deal with the past.

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Thu Oct 19 5:59pm
The Walking DeadStill(Season 4, Episode 12) AMC

A bizarre but enlightening mission is brought on by a group member's simple request.

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Thu Oct 19 6:59pm
The Walking DeadAlone(Season 4, Episode 13) AMC

One group finds what may be an ideal shelter, while others realize protection is all around them.

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Thu Oct 19 8:00pm
The Walking DeadThe Grove(Season 4, Episode 14) AMC

The group finds a place to establish a new shelter.

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Thu Oct 19 9:00pm
The Walking DeadUs(Season 4, Episode 15) AMC

Faith becomes a survival tool for some fighting to stay alive.

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Thu Oct 19 10:00pm
The Walking DeadBehind the DeadNew AMC

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and the rest of the cast and crew reflect on the history and celebrate the 100th episode.

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Thu Oct 19 11:00pm
The Walking DeadA(Season 4, Episode 16) AMC

In the Season 4 finale, Rick comes face-to-face with sheer brutality when multiple paths collide.

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Fri Oct 20 12:02am
The Walking DeadNo Sanctuary(Season 5, Episode 1) AMC

Rick and the group find themselves in a vulnerable situation in the Season 5 opener.

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Fri Oct 20 1:04am
The Walking DeadStrangers(Season 5, Episode 2) AMC

With supplies running low, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward.

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Fri Oct 20 2:05am
The Walking DeadFour Walls and a Roof(Season 5, Episode 3) AMC

Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some nasty people.

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Fri Oct 20 3:07am
The Walking DeadSlabtown(Season 5, Episode 4) AMC

A group of other survivors are encountered.

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Fri Oct 20 4:08am
The Walking DeadBehind the Dead AMC

Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and the rest of the cast and crew reflect on the history and celebrate the 100th episode.

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Fri Oct 20 11:00am
The Walking Dead AMC

A horror drama following the survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are searching for a safe haven while being tracked and menaced by the undead. Adapted from a comic-book series.

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Fri Oct 20 12:00pm
The Walking DeadSelf Help(Season 5, Episode 5) AMC

While on a mission, the group is confronted by new problems that test their ability to survive.

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Fri Oct 20 1:00pm
The Walking DeadConsumed(Season 5, Episode 6) AMC

Members of the group venture into a familiar location on a heroic rescue mission.

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Fri Oct 20 2:00pm
The Walking DeadCrossed(Season 5, Episode 7) AMC

A rescue mission while attempting to hold down the church leaves the group spread thin.

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