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Holiday Weekend Playlist: Garish Candelabra, Earnest Ring

Michael Douglas

No one saves face in director Steven Soderbergh's ghoulishly entertaining, opulently produced Behind the Candelabra (Sunday, 9/8c), HBO's grandest, gaudiest and most fascinating movie in quite a long while — probably since last year's Game Change, in which Julianne Moore's uncanny impersonation of Sarah Palin swept the awards the way Michael Douglas is likely to repeat with his equally astonishing transformation into the flamboyant but closeted "Mr. Showmanship" Liberace.

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Holiday Milestones! Stay Up to Date on the Latest Celeb Weddings, Pregnancies and More

Janet Jackson, Kate Winslet

The holidays are a special time for many, but for some celebrities, there was even more to celebrate this year.

Kate Winslet revealed she had married beau Ned Rocknroll in a super-secret ceremony. Janet Jackson's boyfriend reportedly put a ring on it. Several famous names also announced new or upcoming additions to their family, such as Jessica Simpson's adorable Christmas Day Twitter picture that confirmed her long-rumored second pregnancy. Sadly, however, the holidays also brought the loss of several beloved celebrities, including The Odd Couple's Jack Klugman and... read more

Oscar-Nominated Character Actor Charles Durning Dies at 89

Charles Durning

Character actor Charles Durning has passed away of natural causes, the Associated Press reports. Durning died on Monday in his Manhattan home at the age of 89. read more

The SAG Awards: Solidarity at 75

Tina Fey by Michael Caulfield/, Julie Christie by Michael Caulfield/

If this year’s SAG Awards (simulcast Sunday on TNT and TBS) will be remembered for anything, it won’t be for who won or lost—there was little surprise and virtually no suspense in the no-frills ceremony—but for its symbolic timing in the middle of a painful, industry-crippling labor strike.Airing two weeks after the pathetic teleconference-style Golden Globes braadcast, hobbled together after the threat of pickets shut down that night’s gala, the SAGs (marking the union's 75th anniversary) attracted a glittery gathering of movie and TV stars—although there were still some curious no-shows, including TV winners Alec Baldwin, Kevin Kline and this year’s People’s Choice host Queen Latifah as well as film nominee George Clooney. More than a few voiced their support on stage for their striking brethren in the WGA Guild, including Tina Fey (herself a WGA member) and Julie Christie, who noted, “It’s lovely to receive an award from your own ... read more

Jericho, Boondocks and More Short Cuts

Jericho box art courtesy Paramount Home Video

Jericho: The First Season arrives on DVD Oct. 2 in a six-disc, 22-episode set. My copy came packed with (real, not styrofoam) peanuts; yours, probably not.... Tuesday's premiere of CBS' Cane will be fully sponsored by Chevrolet and thus feature limited commercial breaks.... Season 2 of Aaron McGruder's The Boondocks premieres on Adult Swim Oct. 8 at 11:30 pm/ET.... Charles Durning will receive the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award when the 14th Annual SAG Awards are presented on Jan. 27, 2008.... From Oct. 2 to Nov. 7, Starbucks will give away a total of 50 million free "Song of the Day" downloads, starting with Bob Dylan's "Joker Man," to promote a new iTunes wireless service. read more

Finale Watch: Rescue Me Nods Off

Denis Leary in Rescue Me by Barbara Nitke/FX

After Wednesday’s formless, scattershot finale of Rescue Me, I’m with Charles Durning. Almost. Head down, eyes closed, taking a long, long nap. For me, this respite will last until next summer, when Rescue Me returns for its fifth and what we have to hope will be a more satisfying season. For Durning, who played Tommy’s dad, there’s no waking up. Will he in retrospect be seen as the lucky one?In a poignant though not entirely unpredictable moment, made more notable for a quiet tenderness one rarely sees on this raw and raucous show, Tommy’s dad slipped away into a final rest as he sat beside his son at a minor-league baseball game. He brushes something off his clothes and then he’s gone. Just like that. Sure beats the violent end that has come to most people Tommy has lost during the run of this series. And yet: sad. Denis Leary played the reaction beautifully. Poor Tommy.I will try to resist using the most obvious baseball-as-life-metaphor analogy here... read more

Rescue Me's Maggie Is the O'Neal Deal

Tatum O'Neal, Rescue Me

Although life hasn't always been a paper moon for Tatum O'Neal, it's been great practice for braving the boys' club of FX's Rescue Me (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET).

TV Guide: Your Rescue Me character, Maggie Gavin, is the sister of Denis Leary's Tommy Gavin. Describe her.
Tatum O'Neal:
What you see is a real broad, a Queens woman who doesn't think before she speaks and is extreme in everything — extreme in her drinking, extreme in her men, extreme in her language, extreme in her opinions. Extreme all the way.

TV Guide: How did she get that way?
Maybe it's because s read more

Everwood Finale Preview: Part 1

Sarah Drew and Chris Pratt, Everwood

Nestled between the countless procedural dramas and reality shows that tend to dominate the prime-time lineup, the WB drama Everwood (Mondays at 9 pm/ET) has managed to keep viewers coming back for a weekly dose of romance and comedy. But will that loyalty be enough to secure the in-limbo fan favorite a spot on the CW lineup (to be revealed this week)? If executive producer Rina Mimoun has her way, fans will follow the Colorado kids to college next fall. Until then, the 4-year-old series is set to wrap its current run on June 5, but not before a major character says goodbye to Everwood — permanently. invited Mimoun to recap the possibilities for next week's "big death," discuss upcoming guest stars, and offer, for whatever it's worth at this late date, a final plea to save the show. Hi, read more

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