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Wed May 25 8:00am
RidiculousnessKen Block(Season 3, Episode 9) MTV-E

Stunt driver Ken Block helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Wed May 25 8:30am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XIII(Season 5, Episode 13) MTV-E

Clips of "Injury Camp"; "From Bad to Worse"; and "Time Travelers."

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Wed May 25 9:00am
RidiculousnessLeSean McCoy(Season 6, Episode 27) MTV-E

NFL star LeSean McCoy helps highlight some "Real McCoys"; takes a look at "Extra Personal Fouls"; and see why it's "Never Fun Losing."

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Wed May 25 9:30am
RidiculousnessTyler the Creator(Season 6, Episode 6) MTV-E

Tyler the Creator helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Wed May 25 10:00am
RidiculousnessSteelo Brim(Season 7, Episode 13) MTV-E

Included: "Steelo Vision Test"; "Trill Advice"; and "The Brim Reaper."

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Wed May 25 10:30am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XIX(Season 6, Episode 16) MTV-E

A visit to "the Slamptons"; ancient "sea cappys"; and what it means to be prone to "gingeries."

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Wed May 25 11:00am
RidiculousnessGuy Fieri(Season 4, Episode 19) MTV-E

Guy Fieri helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Wed May 25 11:35am
RidiculousnessJordin Sparks(Season 7, Episode 15) MTV-E

Jordin Sparks helps with "Wet and Afraid," "Nuts About Balls" and "No Air."

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Wed May 25 11:32pm
RidiculousnessChris Pontius(Season 7, Episode 20) MTV-E

Chris Pontius helps with "All-Natural Weirdness" and "Party Boys."

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Thu May 26 12:00am
RidiculousnessJuicy J(Season 6, Episode 20) MTV-E

Juicy J gets everyone to "Bounce It"; provides a fresh take on "Wake Up Bake Up"; and shows why it's "Not Twerking Out" for some gals.

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Thu May 26 12:30am
RidiculousnessRick Ross(Season 6, Episode 14) MTV-E

Rapper Rick Ross helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Thu May 26 1:00am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXIV(Season 7, Episode 16) MTV-E

Included: "Competitive Sleeping"; "Creature Shock"; and "Sunday Doneday."

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Thu May 26 1:30am
RidiculousnessEric Andre(Season 6, Episode 17) MTV-E

Eric Andre joins the gang to check out "Mandozers"; show off some "Public Meat"; and play a game called "Pick a Person."

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Thu May 26 2:00am
RidiculousnessDerek Hough(Season 4, Episode 16) MTV-E

Derek Hough helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Thu May 26 2:30am
RidiculousnessRobbie Maddison(Season 7, Episode 10) MTV-E

Robbie Maddison helps with "Mini Madd Asses," "Grammage" and "Not Funny, Dude."

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Fri May 27 1:20pm
RidiculousnessPrince Fielder(Season 6, Episode 19) MTV-E

Pro baseball player Prince Fielder helps highlight "Sluggers"; provides "Skinspiration" for his fellow athletes; and salutes "Brave Baller."

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Fri May 27 1:55pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling IV(Season 3, Episode 14) MTV-E

"Man Squirrels" and people who become "Collateral Damage."

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Fri May 27 2:30pm
RidiculousnessChrissy Teigen(Season 5, Episode 1) MTV-E

Chrissy Teigen helps break down outrageous viral videos in the Season 5 premiere.

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Fri May 27 3:05pm
RidiculousnessPaige(Season 7, Episode 12) MTV-E

The WWE's Paige helps with "Born Badass," "Everyday Divas" and "Proper Smack."

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Fri May 27 3:40pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XVI(Season 6, Episode 2) MTV-E

Clips of "Angel Bubbles"; "Animal Uprising"; and "Gifts From Heaven."

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Fri May 27 4:15pm
RidiculousnessThe Bella Twins(Season 2, Episode 16) MTV-E

Professional wrestlers Stephanie and Brianna Garcia perform some wrestling moves.

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Fri May 27 4:50pm
RidiculousnessMaria Menounos(Season 5, Episode 5) MTV-E

Maria Menounos helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Fri May 27 5:25pm
RidiculousnessNick Swisher(Season 6, Episode 23) MTV-E

Nick Swisher does some "Bro Bonding"; plays "Dude or Bro"; and learn to party with "Bro-Ma's."

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Fri May 27 6:00pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling VIII(Season 4, Episode 12) MTV-E

Included: "Chatter Gas"; "No Pros"; and "Surprise, I Hate You."

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