Fri Nov 27 3:30am
RidiculousnessChrissy Teigen(Season 5, Episode 1) MTV

Chrissy Teigen helps break down outrageous viral videos in the Season 5 premiere.

I’ll Watch91 Watching
Fri Nov 27 4:00am
RidiculousnessDr. Drew Pinsky(Season 6, Episode 26) MTV

Dr. Drew Pinsky helps study wild people in "What Went Wrong?"; and strong seniors flex their "Grey Guns."

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Fri Nov 27 4:30am
Fri Nov 27 5:00am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling II(Season 2, Episode 17) MTV

Clips: "Save Your Drink"; "Safety Hurts"; and "Chanel's in Training."

I’ll Watch127 Watching
Fri Nov 27 5:30am
RidiculousnessEric Andre(Season 6, Episode 17) MTV

Eric Andre joins the gang to check out "Mandozers"; show off some "Public Meat"; and play a game called "Pick a Person."

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Sun Nov 29 6:00am
RidiculousnessBrooks Wheelan(Season 6, Episode 18) MTV

Comedian Brooks Wheelan demonstrates the dangers of being "Drunk On Ebay." Also: "Critter Control"; and "Snake Bait."

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Sun Nov 29 6:30am
RidiculousnessJackson Nicoll(Season 4, Episode 10) MTV

Jackson Nicoll helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Sun Nov 29 7:00am
RidiculousnessSterling and Chanel VI(Season 4, Episode 3) MTV

"Heavy-Leg Syndrome"; "Extreme Sitting."

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Sun Nov 29 7:30am
RidiculousnessAction Bronson(Season 7, Episode 2) MTV

Rapper Action Bronson showcases his wrestling moves with "Bronsonmania"; watches "White People Dancing"; and discusses the dangers of small bladders in "When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go."

I’ll Watch7 Watching
Sun Nov 29 8:00am
RidiculousnessPrince Fielder(Season 6, Episode 19) MTV

The Texas Rangers' Prince Fielder helps highlight "Sluggers"; provides "Skinspiration" for his fellow athletes; and salutes "Brave Baller."

I’ll Watch22 Watching
Sun Nov 29 8:30am
RidiculousnessPaul Rodriguez(Season 5, Episode 9) MTV

Skateboarder Paul Rodriguez helps break down outrageous viral videos.

I’ll Watch25 Watching
Sun Nov 29 9:00am
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XVII(Season 6, Episode 9) MTV

Clips of "Accidental Filth"; "Beer Belts"; and "Human Glitch."

I’ll Watch30 Watching
Sun Nov 29 9:30am
RidiculousnessTyler the Creator(Season 6, Episode 6) MTV

Tyler the Creator helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Sun Nov 29 10:00am
RidiculousnessDerek Hough(Season 4, Episode 16) MTV

Derek Hough helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Sun Nov 29 10:30am
RidiculousnessDude Perfect(Season 7, Episode 7) MTV

Included: "Dudebrations"; "Dud Perfect"; and "Bad Garretts."

I’ll Watch18 Watching
Sun Nov 29 1:20pm
Ridiculousness50 Cent(Season 7, Episode 1) MTV

The Season 7 premiere features 50 Cent. Included: "Crappy Birthday"; "Built Like 50"; and"Show Stealers."

I’ll Watch40 Watching
Sun Nov 29 1:55pm
RidiculousnessThe Fat Jewish(Season 6, Episode 32) MTV

Josh Ostrovsky shows off some "G-Strength"; learns to "Start Baking"; and checks out "Probably Japan" clips.

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Sun Nov 29 2:30pm
RidiculousnessLacey Chabert(Season 4, Episode 15) MTV

Lacey Chabert helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Sun Nov 29 3:05pm
RidiculousnessRyan Sheckler(Season 3, Episode 7) MTV

Pro skater Ryan Sheckler helps break down outrageous viral videos.

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Sun Nov 29 3:40pm
RidiculousnessJoanna Krupa(Season 3, Episode 16) MTV

Joanna Krupa.

I’ll Watch65 Watching
Sun Nov 29 4:15pm
RidiculousnessAndy Bell(Season 7, Episode 5) MTV

Andy Bell ("Nitro Circus") helps with "Nitro Sideshows" and "Street Prancing."

I’ll Watch18 Watching
Sun Nov 29 4:50pm
RidiculousnessProm(Season 6, Episode 22) MTV

Prom preparation with "Prom Practice"; online dating disasters with "Should've Swiped Left"; and the dangers of showing up "Drunk on Arrival."

I’ll Watch25 Watching
Sun Nov 29 5:25pm
RidiculousnessNate Robinson(Season 5, Episode 17) MTV

NBA player Nate Robinson helps break down outrageous viral videos.

I’ll Watch28 Watching
Sun Nov 29 6:00pm
RidiculousnessChanel and Sterling XXI(Season 7, Episode 4) MTV

Included: "Karate Break"; "Defective Pets"; and "Heads or Tails?"

I’ll Watch30 Watching
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