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Burn Notice Prequel Movie Adds Four Actors

Chandra West

Chandra West, RonReaco Lee, Kiele Sanchez and John Diehl have joined the Burn Notice prequel TV movie, USA confirms.

Jeffrey Donovan to direct Burn Notice's Sam Axe prequel

Directed by Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael Westen on the spy series, the movie follows Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) on his last mission in the military in 2005: He is sent to Colombia after rebels make trouble for the locally stationed troops.

West (The Gates) will play Sam's new ...
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Prison Break's Frank Grillo Joins ABC Drama

Frank Grillo

Prison Break star Frank Grillo will play the lead in ABC's new supernatural crime drama The Gates, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gates centers on a big-city cop (Grillo) who becomes chief of police in a quiet community, only to discover ... read more

"His Visit: Day Six"

This episode added more intricate designs in the spider web that is John from Cincinnati. I have to say, right now I can't help but feel a little entangled, but I hope to stand back and admire the beauty when all is said and done. The complexity of the character interaction certainly makes this show fun to watch as the many seemingly unrelated (but definitely related) events keep building toward whatever climax Milch has planned for us. Here are some things I enjoyed about this episode:Dwayne mentioned to Butchie that his website had 1,244 hits in the past 24 hours and referred to it as the "halo effect." Yes, this is a widely used term used to define the carryover popularity between two closely related things (or in this case, people), but I'm guessing it was inserted into the script for obvious reasons. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy…Zippy? Could be... Could be...When a very sick Palaka showed up at the surf shop with the lawyer right behind him, I loved how... read more

Please help me. Did I miss ...

Question: Please help me. Did I miss something, or did they not resolve what happened to the new girl who was shot in the first episode of CSI? I thought maybe here in Australia they mucked up and missed an episode. Please help me, as there is no one as brilliant as you to ask here at home (we have a crap TV mag). Thank you in advance!

Answer: Ah, Michelle. You pushed all the right buttons — buttering me up on both the personal and professional fronts and, as a bonus, writing from the other side of the planet when you know I take childish glee in reaching readers in faraway lands. Nevertheless, I shall tell you only that the shooting of Holly Gribbs (Chandra West) is dealt with and given closure in an episode of the hit drama that you've apparently yet to see.

I mean, for crying out loud, it's the least th read more

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