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Dre Loves America, Warts and All
00:51 — Dre reflects on the state of the country.
Who's to Blame for the Election Results?
02:41 — Dre and his coworkers discuss how America voted.
How to Market Daddy's Day
02:03 — Dre's crew at Stevens & Lido brainstorms ideas.
Tyra Banks Is Dre's Best Friend
02:36 — Bow's a bit jealous of Dre's old friend Gigi, the pop star.
Dre Records Life Lessons for the Kids
01:55 — Dre wants to leave the kids his most important "Dways."
Jack & Diane Crush Junior's Hope
01:09 — The President wasn't really calling Junior on his birthday.
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson
01:23 — Dre and Bow make peace over the last name issue.
Dre Freaks Out in the Waiting Room
00:59 — He's on edge waiting for Pops to get out of surgery.
Pops Never Goes to the Doctor
02:00 — He hasn't gone in 30 years.
Guest Star Zendaya Punches up Daddy's Day
01:57 — Much to Zoey's dismay.
Ruby Is Dating Again
02:32 — Dre's not a fan of this development.
The Johnsons Are Going to Be OK
01:27 — Dre's "Good Times" dream helps calm his fears about the future.
Dre Gives Zendaya Driving Lessons
01:38 — So Zoey gets her lessons from another source.
Ruby Finds Out Jack & Diane Weren't Baptised
02:07 — And she's not happy about it.
Tyra Banks and Dre Fight It Out
02:23 — But they're the only ones who can handle each other's craziness.
Bow Tries Being Dre's Best Friend for a Day
01:38 — Is tough love good for their relationship?
Dre Fakes a Heart Attack
01:18 — He's desperate to stop his mom, Ruby, from dating. Very desperate.
Dre Has White Guilt
00:49 — Hiring a black nanny has made Dre a little uncomfortable.
Dre & Bow Set Boundaries With "Black Nanny" Vivian
00:50 — Vivian asks Dre to stop calling her "Black Nanny."
Dre Dreams of the Good-ish Times
01:18 — A "Good Times" marathon changes Dre's outlook on life.
Mr. Stevens Explains How Church Is Like a Mistress
01:40 — Yeah... we're not sure about this one.
Charlie Got a New Job
01:43 — Dre bids him farewell -- for now.
Sneak Peek: The Johnsons' One-Gift Christmas
01:12 — The kids are not excited about this one.
Old School Christmas vs. Secret Christmas
02:59 — Kinda hard to say which one is better, honestly.
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