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April 3, 2007: I Hung My Head

I thought of many ways to begin my first blog for The Shield and I think the best way is for you all to join me in saying two words hell yeah Honestly Ive never been this excited for a new season of a show I certainly havent watched every show in existence but of the ones I have this might be the only one without a misstep somewhere along the way So youll have to pardon me if my emotions get the best of me at points What can I say Im excited But first before we chat a moment of silence for Lem Whew It felt like an eternity between the time we saw Lem take a grenade and the start of this season didnt it Its all worth it though to see the absolute gore the unmatched anger on Vics face and to feel your eyes swelling as the show opens and closes with Johnny Cashs stark cover of Stings I Hung My Head I certainly ran the gamut of emotions with this episode I mean first how can you not feel for Lem He was extremely loyal to his crew and wasnt about t read more

March 22, 2007: My Favorite Mistake

Last week, I was glad to discover that I was not alone in my "thumbs down" feelings about George and Izzie hooking up. Seemed like no matter whom I spoke to about it, and as evidenced by the majority of the comments here, the overall reaction was "ick!" So I was happy to see the word "mistake" included in the title of this week's episode. I got my wish that George wasn't going to remember any of it. Initially. Great "Ohmygod, I left my baby on the bus!" moment tonight when the hungover George suddenly, amid his new father-in-law's prenup offer, flashed to his night of passion with Izzie. They should have played Celine Dion's "It’s All Coming Back to Me" as George dashed out.Since just about all of us can agree that George and Izzie's canoodling was indeed a faux pas, are you with me that the best scene tonight was the two of them inside the linen closet at the hospital? Not one word of dialogue. All George had to do was give his best friend a look of despair, as if to say: "We ... read more

Casting About: Exclusive Grey's News, and More

Two familiar faces are about to be admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital. TV Guide has learned exclusively that Catherine Dent, who played The Shield's pregnant cop Danny, and Michael Boatman, the mayor's minority-affairs assistant on Spin City, will both appear in an episode of Grey's Anatomy airing this spring. In other casting news:• As part of his new Q&A, Smallville's Al Gough confirms a visit from Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.• Megan Mullally guests on Boston Legal later this season, playing a former lover and coworker of Alan's. read more

I need some Shield poop! Do ...

Question: I need some Shield poop! Do you know who the new captain will be?

Answer: Shawn Ryan was incredibly vague about that topic, saying, "It's somebody new to that role.… I didn't think we could equal what we had, with three years of Benito Martinez and then a year of Glenn Close, so we're taking a very different tone with this year's captain. It's more about absentee leadership than any kind of new leadership." And here's some other breaking Shield poop: Catherine Dent's real-life pregnancy will be written into the show, setting up a "Who's your daddy?" mystery within Farmington; Guiding Light alum Paula Garces joins the force as Julien's new partner; and Ryan says there's a "decent-to-good chance" that Anthony Anderson will be back. Sadly, the same can't be s read more

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