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Wed Apr 25 11:05am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneSad, Sad Leroy Brown(Season 1, Episode 26) BET

Conclusion. Tension escalates between Curtis and Mr. Brown (David Mann), a Payne houseguest in the wake of his home fire. Meanwhile, Malik gets a tattoo and comes to regret that decision.

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Wed Apr 25 11:39am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneWeeping May Endure for a Night(Season 1, Episode 27) BET

Mr. Brown (David Mann) decides to transform his late father's house into a senior center. Elsewhere, Calvin plans to launch an online-dating service after he endures a dreadful date.

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Wed Apr 25 12:13pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneThe Big Test(Season 1, Episode 28) BET

CJ has a date with Nicole, who tells him she's waiting until marriage to have sex. Elsewhere, Jazmine cheats on a math test.

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Wed Apr 25 12:47pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneBalancing Act(Season 1, Episode 29) BET

CJ tries to balance going out on a date with Nicole (Robinne Lee) and having a father-daughter day with Jazmine. Elsewhere, Jazmine reinvents her look in an effort to woo Malik's pal Kevin.

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Wed Apr 25 1:21pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneWhy Can't We Be Friends?(Season 1, Episode 30) BET

Jazmine, worried that her father's newfound romance will rip apart their family, plots to break CJ and Nicole up. Elsewhere, Curtis is tasked to clean the attic, but the old items stir sentimental memories---and keep him from throwing anything away.

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Thu Apr 26 11:06am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneDog Day Afternoon(Season 1, Episode 31) BET

Curtis is unwittingly roped into helping a bank robber. Meanwhile, Malik must craft a documentary for a school assignment.

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Thu Apr 26 11:41am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneNew Beginnings(Season 1, Episode 32) BET

When his divorce from Janine is at last finalized, CJ attempts to start life anew, and his firehouse buddies urge him to savor the single life. Meanwhile, Janine tries to reconnect with the Paynes.

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Thu Apr 26 12:15pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneHeavy Petting(Season 1, Episode 33) BET

CJ and Nicole's budding romance hits a bump when CJ's old friend resurfaces, stirring up jealousy in Nicole. Meanwhile, the Payne children push to get a pooch.

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Thu Apr 26 12:49pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneThe Fast and the Furious(Season 1, Episode 34) BET

Curtis gears up for traffic school after receiving a speeding ticket. Meanwhile, a squabble over a lottery game tests Claretha and Ella's friendship.

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Thu Apr 26 1:23pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneGone in 60 Seconds(Season 1, Episode 35) BET

Curtis gears up to buy a motorcycle---but he needs to tap into his retirement nest egg to do so. Meanwhile, an ultracool kid from New York City arrives and strikes up a friendship with Malik.

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Thu Apr 26 8:00pm
Madea's Family Reunion TMC

Tyler Perry directed and stars in this adaptation of his hit play, which chronicles the adventures of a gun-toting Southern matriarch who takes in a troubled foster child while trying to plan a family reunion.

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Fri Apr 27 11:05am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneLost Without U(Season 1, Episode 36) BET

An angry Ella boots Curtis out of the house in the wake of his self-indulgent motorcycle purchase. Holed up at the firehouse, Curtis seeks Ella's forgiveness. Meanwhile, CJ and Nicole's relationship is severely tested.

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Fri Apr 27 11:39am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneI Rest My Case(Season 1, Episode 37) BET

Malik and his buddy Kyle (Dale Neal) attend a court hearing for their motorcycle accident.

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Fri Apr 27 12:13pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneHome Alone(Season 2, Episode 2) BET

It's domestic bliss for Ella and Curtis, whose home is at last their own after CJ moves out. However, a robbery at CJ's apartment may change all that.

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Fri Apr 27 12:47pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneThe Wench Who Saved Christmas(Season 2, Episode 3) BET

In a holiday-themed installment, Curtis spirals into a Scrooge-like conniption when his highly anticipated trip to Hawaii is canceled. Enter sassy, brassy Madea (Tyler Perry), who teaches Curtis the true meaning of the holidays. Perry also directed the epi (more…)

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Fri Apr 27 1:21pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneRoommate Paynes(Season 8, Episode 14) BET

CJ and Janine balk when Malik gets a female roommate. Elsewhere, Claretha experiments with alternative cancer treatments.

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Fri Apr 27 4:00pm
Tyler Perry's House of PaynePledging Paynes(Season 8, Episode 15) BET

Malik gets hazed.

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Fri Apr 27 4:30pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneHelp Me, Ella(Season 8, Episode 16) BET

Ella serves as director of the center. Meanwhile, Malik considers dropping out.

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Fri Apr 27 5:00pm
Tyler Perry's House of PaynePaynefully Fit(Season 8, Episode 17) BET

Curtis becomes a contestant on a show; Deshawn gets advice about girls.

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Fri Apr 27 5:30pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneDo the Hustle(Season 8, Episode 18) BET

Miranda is wooed by her new client. Meanwhile, the family pays tribute Curtis.

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Fri Apr 27 6:00pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneNo More Payne(Season 8, Episode 19) BET

Miranda revamps the condo. Elsewhere, Calvin connects with Deshawn.

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Fri Apr 27 6:30pm
Tyler Perry's House of PayneCurtis Jefferson(Season 8, Episode 11) BET

Curtis gets a new identity.

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Sat Apr 28 7:00am
Tyler Perry's House of PayneGod Bless the Paynes(Season 8, Episode 20) BET

The Paynes attend church.

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Sat Apr 28 7:30am
Tyler Perry's House of Payne BET

A curmudgeonly firefighter serves as the patriarch of a multigenerational family in this sitcom set in Atlanta.

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