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VIDEO: CSI: Miami: Rio

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CSI: Miami: Rio
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Aired: 9/18/2006

Horatio and Delko travel to Rio de Janeiro to hunt down the man who killed Marisol Caine, Horatio’s new bride and Delko’s sister. While there, Caine learns that both his brother Ray and Ray’s son, Ray Jr., are involved in an international drug ring. watch


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Length: 18:11:43
Aired: 9/18/2006

Horatio and Delko head to Brazil to try and catch Marisol's killer, Antonio Riaz. While in Rio, Horatio reunites with Yelina and learns that his brother Raymond is in too deep undercover in a drug ring run by Riaz. To make matters worse, Horatio's nephew, Ray Jr., is working as a drug mule for Riaz. With the stakes set high, Horatio must catch Riaz before he takes the life of another member of Horatio's family. Meanwhile, in Miami, Natalia butts heads with Ryan as she struggles through her first case as a field agent.. watch


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Rio [HD]
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Length: 45:00
Aired: 9/18/2006

In pursuit of Marisol's killer, Horatio and Delko go to Brazil to avenge her death. Back in Miami, Natalia struggles with her first case as a field agent. watch


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2009 Aliens In The Attic Movie, Actor - Tom Pearson
2007 Viva Laughlin TV Show Series, Actor - Jack Holden
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2005 Surface TV Show Series, Actor - Miles Bennett
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Comings & Goings: Mad Men, Viva Laughlin

You could get vertigo tonight, scaling the heights of the finale of Mad Men on AMC, and then plumbing the depths of the tone-deaf misfire that is Viva Laughlin, premiering on CBS in the plum slot after CSI before moving to Sundays. There, only those with the most morbid curiosity to watch a show’s slow yet hopefully quick death are likely to follow (unless every critic I know is totally off the mark).First, a salute to the best and most fascinating new show to arrive on TV this year (and I’m even including my quirky new treasure Pushing Daisies in that equation). Mad Men, so hypnotic in its look and style as it recreates a classic movie-worthy image of 1960 Manhattan, is a period piece that says volumes about today, or about any era in which salary and status is tied to self-worth and where people construct a false reality to sell themselves on the American dream.Don Draper (instant star Jon Hamm) would seem to have it all. Besides the movie-star looks, he enjoys upward mo... read more

How "Goos" It with Surface's Miles?

Poor Miles. Not only did the Surface teen have a brush with death after getting nipped by one of the sea beasties, and not only is his scientist buddy starting to diss him, but his first make-out session with the aquarium-gift-shop cutie got all icked up by ethereal goo secreting from his hands. (As if prepubescence isn't hard enough!) spoke with Carter Jenkins about his character's crummy luck and Surface's race to the season-finale finish line, kicking off Jan. 23 at 8 pm/ET on NBC. Dude, what's with the goo?! Miles finally gets to mack on the babe, and whammo, otherworldly messiness. And that's on top of the fact that his last near-kiss was part of a prank. But that hussy read more

Our favorite star-crossed Loch...

Our favorite star-crossed Loch Ness Monster hunters are back together this week, hot on the trail of the Big Bad Specimen A that Laura managed to tag last time. Seriously, if these two aren't MFEO (that's Made For Each Other) in their obsessive-compulsive Captain Ahab routine, I don't know who is. When Rich gets a load of Laura's shrine-o'-newspaper-clippings, he tells her, "I thought I'd gone overboard." Guess what, Surface cast? I'm instituting a dollar-a-pun rule — it's a crisp greenback in the jar every time you spout a bit of cutesy, water-related dialogue. (Uh-oh. I don't owe a buck for "spout," do I?) After some death-defying highway hot-doggery, the pair manage to score their first above-water sighting — alongside an entire marina full of tourists. We've got monster on tape! Oh wait, no we don't. Thanks a lot, electromagnetic superpowers. Whose side are you on, anyway? Hip! Hip! Hooray for the B-story: Nim's loose in the Piggly Wiggly! Now this is the sort of read more

Maybe it's because I'm originally...

Maybe it's because I'm originally a prairie girl from the great landlocked state of Oklahoma, but come on, sea monsters? Not that scary. Just don't go in the water. I guess that's easier said than done if you're a SoCal marine biologist (Lake Bell), a Gulf Coast fisherman (Jay R. Ferguson) or an Outer Banks beach-bum-in-training (Carter Jenkins). These three haven't met yet (see also, why pilots suck), but something tells me they're about to team up and take on the government to discover just what's lurking beneath the waves. The premiere finds our heroes in their respective corners of the U.S., each going toe-to-fin with a big, bad underwater beastie. Or, in young Miles' case, the cute little spawn of said beastie. (Seriously, kid, can we not put our fingers in the sea-goo? That can't be sanitary.) Blah blah science talk, blah blah fisherman talk, we've never seen a creature like this before, blah blah. Exposition 2, Action 0.

OK,& read more

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