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VIDEO: The Bubble Gum Incident

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The Bubble Gum Incident
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Length: 22:20:18
Aired: 10/30/1996

Ellen and Paige attend their 25th camp reunion, where Paige seeks revenge on the girl who put gum in her hair. watch

VIDEO: The Bubble Gum Incident

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The Bubble Gum Incident
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Length: 23:00
Aired: 10/30/1996

Ellen and Paige attend their 25th camp reunion. watch

VIDEO: Leviathan

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Free | Fox
Length: 43:41
Aired: 5/10/2013

The completion of the number sequence could mean death or enlightenment. watch


Sneak Peek: World Tour - Moscow
Sneak Peek: Teller.
Sneak Peek: Clea.
Sneak Peek: Martin.

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Year Title Description
2012 Touch TV Show Series, Executive Producer
2009 Three Rivers TV Show Series, Executive Producer
2009 Three Rivers TV Show Series, Creator
2009 The Beautiful Life TV Show Series, Executive Producer
2006 Jericho TV Show Series, Executive Producer

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6 Things Touch Fans Can Expect From Season 2

Touch kicks off its oft-delayed second season Friday, with a two-hour premiere that provides answers to a few questions, and raises a slew of others. The action-packed premiere, which airs at 8/7c on Fox, kicks off a season that promises higher stakes and added danger for Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) and his son Jake (David Mazouz), according to showrunners Tim Kring and Carol Barbee.

read more

The Jericho Finale You Didn't See: An Inside Look

Have Jericho fans seen the last of their show, now that CBS has aired the "alternate" ending/series-ender? Executive producer Carol Barbee, who is currently shopping the drama around to other outlets, shares a peek at the original season Will viewers have any burning questions coming out of the alternate ending/series finale?Carol Barbee: Let me see.... I can tell you that in the original ending, Hawkins has to sacrifice himself to let Jake get away with the bomb and get it to Texas so it can be tested and prove that they were telling the truth. Texas would then swing their support to Columbus and defeat Does Hawkins mortally sacrifice himself, or just let himself get captured?Barbee: Well, he gets captured but he's also shot.... He's pretty messed up, and Jake feels like he's leaving him for dead. So we show you where he's taken and you see that the mission for the next season is, "We have to go rescue Hawkins and we have to stop these [bad... read more

Exclusive: Jericho Boss Eyes "Other Life" for Show

Might the folks of Jericho have some fight left in them after all? Not long after CBS announced its decision not to renew the drama for a third season (and thus air a series finale Tuesday night), I spoke with executive producer Carol Barbee about the sad news, the show's "amazing" fans, and this week's "emotionally satisfying" I'm sorry to hear about the show. We were big fans of it here.Carol Barbee: You guys were great. I really appreciate When did you get word about CBS' decision?Barbee: Friday. I knew that they had an internal meeting on Thursday, to decide which of the endings we were going to show. At that time they gave us permission to speak to the cast, because we had requested to have 24 hours to speak to them, which I did on the phone, before it went out to the general The response on our news blog was astounding, and I've seen two common refrains from the readers. Some are saying that the fans didn’t fulfi... read more

Jericho Boss Previews Season 2... and the Series Finale

The fate of CBS' Jericho after its second season, tentatively scheduled to launch in January, may still be up in the air. But Carol Barbee has a contingency plan. The executive producer shot an alternate ending in case the Eye decides to cancel the show for a second time. "The ending that we planned was always meant to be a payoff for the seven-episode arc," Barbee told TV Guide at Wednesday night's Jericho Season 1 DVD release party. "It won't close off the whole story but it will show you where we would go in a third season." If the show isn't renewed, "It gives you a huge mythology so that you understand so much about what has happened," she says. In the meantime, the next time we see Jericho, the town will, again, be in total chaos. "We leave on the brink of war with New Bern," said Barbee. "The government has broken up into f read more

Jericho Boss Hopes to Return — But for Good

As first scooped by the Ausiello Report, CBS is pondering new life for Jericho, reportedly at mid-season and for eight episodes. But as many have since asked, for only eight episodes? Or, best case, for lots more? "The idea would not be to bring it for eight and out, but... with the hope that it would keep going," executive producer Carol Barbee tells the Los Angeles Times. Hurdles include rounding up the "surviving" cast, as well as solving some "logistical" puzzles. "[The new CBS drama] Swingtown was supposed to take over the same stages," Barbee explains, "so it's a lot about [finding] a schedule that works for all of us."Originally, says the Times, CBS proposed a two-hour "wrap-up" movie, but Barbee "felt like that was doing it short-shrift. It's too big of a story."And the big moral here? "Networks are going to have to look at numbers and who is watching their show and who is downloading their show in a different way from here on out," says Barbee. "They have to understand that... read more

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