Fame Season 2
Fame Season 2
The One With The Birth
Carol is having the baby and the childish competition between. Ross and Susan are at each others' necks until Carol can't stand it anymore and throws (more…)
Fame - (Original Trailer)
Students at a performing arts high school struggle with personal problems in Fame (1980).
Fame - Theatrical Trailer
The newest peek into MGM's Fame. In theaters September 25!
Featurette - Remember My Name Kay Panabaker
01:26 — Featurette for Fame which introduces us to Kay Panabaker, who plays Jenny in the film.
Interview - Megan Mullally
04:01 — Interview with Megan Mullally, who plays Ms. Rowan in Fame.
Trailer B
02:23 — Second feature trailer for Fame. A reinvention of the original Oscar-winning hit film, Fame follows a talented group of dancers, singers, actors, and (more…)
Interview - Bebe Neuwirth
02:43 — Interview with Bebe Neuwirth, who plays Ms. Kraft in Fame.
On the Set
02:20 — The cast of Fame tells us what fame means to them. As released by MySpace.
Featurette - Remember My Name - Kristy Flores
01:32 — Featurette for Fame which introduces us to Kristy Flores, who plays Rosie in the film.
TV Spot - Basics
00:32 — The first TV Spot for Fame which will hit theaters on September 25, 2009. At this school, they teach you all the basics...physical education...social (more…)
Interview - Kevin Tancharoen
02:44 — Interview with Kevin Tancharoen, the director of Fame.
Meet the Cast
02:10 — Meet the cast for the reinvention of Fame.
Featurette - Remember My Name Kherington Payne
01:26 — Featurette for Fame, which introduces us to Kherington Payne who plays Alicein the film.
B-Roll II
04:09 — Second b-roll of three for Fame. B-roll provides a compilation of behind the scenes footage from the film. Part I Part II Part III
Hogwarts Trailer
00:42 — 'Hogwarts Trailer' for Fame. Preview is expected to play before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.