Cari Cucksey

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Collectors Paradise
04:05 — Collectors Paradise
Money in Music
04:04 — Money in Music
Toy Train Collection Appraisal
03:25 — It's Cari's job to make sure a huge toy train collection finds a new home.
Chinese Marriage Bed
03:31 — Cari's called in to arrange an appraisal of a mammoth Chinese marriage bed.
Japanese Art Appraisal
01:40 — Cari calls in a expert to appraise a client's striking Japanese statue.
Les Paul Jr Guitar Appraisal and Refinishing a Table
03:47 — Cari helps a client learn about his 1952 guitar and refinishes a cart.
Collectors' Paradise
04:05 — Cari digs through 72 years' worth of a homeowner's collectibles.
Estate Sale Showdown
04:00 — Cari gets creative when she has to book two sales for the same weekend.
Abbey Road Amps
02:11 — Cari checks out a collection of 1960s amps used at the Abbey Road studio.
Estate Sale and Appraisal of Spinning Wheel
03:51 — Things get emotional as Cari organizes an estate sale for her own family.
Reuse Old Items in New Ways
01:33 — Three HGTV designers give ideas of how to reuse old items in new ways.
Run Studebaker Run!
04:13 — From musical instruments to a Studebaker, it's all got to go at this sale.
Estate Sale with Ford Pinto
04:15 — Cari hears her favorite words, 'jam packed,' from these potential clients.
The Reluctant Seller
03:57 — Cari convinces a seller to part with some of his most prized vehicles.
Identifying Antique China and Real Crystal at the Flea Market
01:04 — Cari shares tips on identifying antique china and spotting real crystal.
Money in Music
04:04 — A sale doesn't go as planned, so Cari turns to plan B to reach their goal.
Savy Flea Market Shopping for Antiques
01:04 — Cari Cucksey gives tips on flea market shopping and spotting antiques.
Ideas for Repurposing an Old Table
01:04 — Amie and Cari give ideas on what to do with an old table and its legs.
Estate Sale Tips
01:05 — Cari shares tips on pricing personal treasures and running an estate sale.
Estate Sale with Refinished Furniture
03:50 — Cari must turn a relatively small estate sale into a big money maker.
Increase the Value of Antiques
01:03 — Cari Cucksey shares expert tips on researching antiques and their values.