Candi Milo Celebrity Watchlist

Ant Bully Trailer No. 1
Insects line up to audition for a starring role in this animated comedy about a young boy who is punished for terrorizing ants.
The Ant Bully - Trailer #2
When Lucas Nickle shrinks to the size of an ant, he must work together with his new friends to save the lawn from deadly insecticide.
Fists of Knowledge
00:40 — A bully, who hates kids with funny accents, decides he's going to pound every kid that meets that description.
00:40 — Similar to a nature program discussing animals in the wild a narrator observes Dexter and Dee Dee in their natural habitat.
Blonde Dexter
00:42 — Dexter discovers that blondes do have more fun!
Computer Virus
00:55 — Dexter's computer comes down with a virus and he's determined to save it.
Filing for Frankiee
00:30 — Mac is filing for Frankie because he thinks she's the best and maybe in love with her.
Dee Dee's Boyfriend
00:45 — Dee Dee has a boyfriend and Dexter can't wait to see how dumb he must be to fall for her.
Frankie Chat
00:36 — Frankie lays down the law to Bloo about causing any trouble on her day off.
Scaredy Baby
00:36 — Eduardo has to sneak into a jail like structure with chained monsters to get Bloo and Mac's flying wisbie back.
Gypsy Bargain
00:48 — Dexter's dad gives Dexter a video game he got for a nickel and Dexter is not impressed.
Career Day
01:01 — When Dexter is asked what his dad does for a living, and he doesn't know, Dexter makes up an exciting career for his dad.
Sloppy Dex
01:02 — Dexter can't seem to keep his lab coat clean, which is disrupts his science experiments.
A Well You Say
00:34 — A squirrel comes to Coco for help and she springs into action
00:35 — It's picture day and Mr. Herriman is handing out tickets to make sure everyone is the right place.
New Edit
00:32 — Mac shows Bloo his video and he is not amused, so Bloo wants to take a crack at editing it to make it less boring.
Bloo Morning
00:27 — Mr. Herriman wakes Bloo up and expects him to make his bed before he does anything else.
Decoder Rings
00:41 — Dexter and Dee Dee find the best prizes ever in their favorite cereals.
Big Dare
00:32 — Mac has been dared to steal one of Madame Foster's gold plated dentures!
Dexter Distraction
00:41 — Dexter's mom is distracted from driving because Dexter looks so sad over his burnt out light bulb.
Where's Peepers
00:42 — Dee Dee and her imaginary friend are playing catch when Peeper's the other imaginary friend disappears.
Do We Have to
00:25 — Bloo doesn't want to go the old folks home to cheer them up because they're so old and boring.
Dee Dee Alert
00:46 — Dee Dee gains access to Dexter's Lab and starts asking questions.
Bro to the Rescue
00:49 — Dexter sees Dee Dee in the clouds asking for help and he steps into action to rescue her.
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