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Forgive and Forget

Episode Recap The Heart of the MatterI forgive you Did I hear that right Callie calmly telling George that he made a mistake by sleeping with Izzie but that she was willing to forgive him because of their wedding vows Thank god she changed her mind by the end of the episode because Im not sure I could have forgiven Callie for letting Gizzie off the hook so easily Not after everything weve been through in this whole messy love triangle Though something tells me we wont have anything resembling closure here for quite some timeAnd while I secretly knew that Callie wasnt really planning on a lunchtime brawl it was fun watching Izzie prepare for the possibility of one I think it was the trash-talking that I enjoyed the most especially when Izzie quipped Im just saying I learned to fight in a trailer park Whered Callie learn to fight Boarding school Oh Izzie I may not like the idea of you and George being together but I do admire your passion to fight for read more

Bernie Mac Star's Balancing Act

At 14, Camille Winbush has created one of TV's most complex and affecting teen characters, the vulnerable and attitudinal big sister Vanessa on Fox's The Bernie Mac Show. TV Guide Online caught up with the actress (and accomplished gymnast) during a break in filming. TV Guide Online: Vanessa had a boyfriend for an episode this season. Did that storyline spring from real life or the imagination of the writers?Camille Winbush: A bit of both. Sometimes, I'll give the writers ideas for things that they hear me talking about, like gymnastics. That's something I really do, so they decided to put it in the script back in 2003. They often take different pieces from my life and put it into Vanessa's. TVGO: Is it difficult to compete in club gymnastics while also handling your role on the show and your schoolwork?Winbush: At times it's har read more

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