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Is Adam alive?
00:49 — A phone call from Adam shatters Ben's world!
Claire Visits Hank
01:30 — Hank gives Claire some answers.
Jane Knocks Out Agent Clements
01:04 — Agent Clements investigates Jane's connection to Doug.
Nuns On The Run - Official Trailer
02:41 — A couple of bumbling criminals hide out in a convent disguised as nuns when they doublecross their deadly boss.
Hank's Attacker
01:40 — Find out what really happened to Hank Asher.
Sneak Peek: Monster
01:03 — Adam helps Hank scrub off the graffiti on his garage.
Claire's Emotional Plea
01:42 — Claire ends her national interview with an emotional plea.
Adam Returns to the Bunker
01:07 — Adam returns to the bunker to see if anything will trigger his memory.
Adam Returns
01:27 — The Warren family is stunned when Adam suddenly returns.
Strapless - Official Trailer
01:19 — An American doctor in London becomes romantically entwined with a sophisticated European gentleman. Fine cast makes up for slow pace!
A Prayer For The Dying - Official Trailer
02:01 — Story of an Irish terrorist who must kill once more before he is allowed to quit the I.R.A.
King Ralph - Official Trailer
02:21 — The sudden bizarre death of the entire royal family leaves a lounge singer the next in line to succeed to the throne of England. Good cast enhances a (more…)
Tom Jones
Henry Fielding's tale is a rowdy romp through the mansions and taverns of Georgian England. Tom Jones, is adopted by Squire Allworthy. He falls in lov (more…)