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Mon Feb 2 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#MagicATM(Season 1, Episode 21) NIK

Sam inquires about Cat's spending spree, so Cat takes her to an ATM that's giving out free cash, leading Sam to question the legality of the scenario.

Tue Feb 3 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#MadAboutShoe(Season 1, Episode 20) NIK

Cat becomes obsessed with finding a missing shoe, even though she's supposed to be making special meatballs to replace all of the ones Sam ate.

Wed Feb 4 6:00pm
Sam & Cat#SalmonCat(Season 1, Episode 17) NIK

An old TV show's title causes problems for the girls because it's similar to their business's name, so Sam and Cat try to find the show's creators, who are in the midst of a long-standing feud.