Cameron Bright



Stargate SG-1 I can't remember...

Stargate SG-1I can't remember anything so poignant on SG-1 as Sam doing the puzzle with youthful Orlin (Cameron Bright) in the hospital (mental facility?). The poor sod sacrificed his memory to help curb the Ori plague, and for what? To end up in a rec room at Bellevue. My gut told me Orlin's fate would be sad, but the way it played out was especially moving. Indeed, the second half of the "Four Horseman" story arc was one of the best and most touching stories of the entire SG-1 saga. Everyone had a chance to shine in scenes of wit, courage and compassion. Not many actors can do righteousness as well as Louis Gossett Jr., but Christopher Judge comes close. Listening to Gerak and Teal'c roar imperiously at each other before the Jaffa council was a blast and a read more

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