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Guiding Light Star Weighs In on Weight-loss Story

There's a lot less of Caitlin Van Zandt these days. The plus-size Guiding Light star recently underwent Lap-Band surgery and has already dropped more than 40 pounds. The GL writers had her character, teenager Ashlee Wolfe, undergo the same weight-loss procedure in a plot that was intended to be inspiring. But all this has some of Van Zandt's fans riled up. We asked her about it. — Michael Lap-band surgery isn't controversial — it's minimally invasive, unlike gastric bypass, and considered safe — yet your choice to have it stirred up controversy! What's up with that? Caitlin Van Zandt: I don't know why it's such a taboo topic, but it is! I'm always reading articles where celebrities talk about everything from their drug rehab stints to the people they've slept with, yet I've gotten flack on the internet for doing the Lap-Band as if I'm somehow being a bad role model. A lot of the fans relate to me because I'm real looking — which I think is more

Michael Logan's Best of 2007: Supersized Edition!

Best Soap: One Life to LiveIt started the year utterly crappy thanks to head writer Dena Higley, but after Erika Slezak (our hero!) royally blasted Higley on the Web, ABC fired the scribe and promoted wonder boy Ron Carlivati. Like magic, the show instantly regained its heart, its thrills, its smarts. The cast is a dream, especially Slezak, whose Viki found heaven in a Texas diner, Catherine Hickland as crazy (or is she?) Lindsay and Tuc Watkins as that gold-digging man-whore David. Once again, we're loving Life!Best Actress: The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki)As the distraught mama faced with divorce and a comatose daughter, she pulled out all the stops, then pulled out a few more we never knew existed. This was deep, blistering work. Plus the lady gets extra points for acting sans makeup on high-def TV!Best Actor: As the World Turns' Jon Hensley (Holden)His quiet, no-baloney performance was a relief in a year of so much male showboating. Whether playing Holden' more


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