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VIDEO: "Seed of Kurtis" a.k.a. "Father Is Just Another Word for Motherf*cker"

The Reverend DADDY DYNAMITE (Clifton Powell) left Black Dynamite when he was just a little 8-year old children. But now he's back in the Community preaching a new kind of revivalism, and BD... couldn't be happier? Despite protests from the Crew, BD opens up the doors of the Whorephanage to his father and the two enjoy catching up until Daddy D convinces his flock to donate all of their material possessions-to him! "Exploiting the Community's sins is just not Black Dynamite's style." BD cuts his dad off. For good. watch

VIDEO: "The Race War" or "Big Black Cannon, Balls Run!"

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"The Race War" or "Big Black Cannon, Balls Run!"
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Length: 05:46:15
Aired: 9/16/2012

Black Dynamite's non-white arch nemesis, Fiendish Dr. Wu. has stolen an experimental supply of Menthol X-a super addictive mind-control additive-and sold it to the Notorious Big Tobacco Company! But even more sinister is his plan to covertly transport it across country in The Race War, a stock car race that pits all the world's races against one another to determine which race is the most superior one of all. Racing for the Black race is Black Dynamite, driving his former C.I.A. super car, Eartha Kitt, who may have an agenda of her own. watch

VIDEO: Nekro Nurses

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Nekro Nurses
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Length: 07:11:54
Aired: 8/1/2011

Rusty forgoes his training of his brother Balthazaar in order to have gymnastic sex with the Nekro Nurses. Balt turns to a nefarious German Doctor who has him sleep weight off by putting him in a coma. She then turns him into a hypno slave. watch


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Year Title Description
2012 Black Dynamite TV Show Series, Voice - Bullhorn
2012 Black Dynamite TV Show Series, Producer
2011 Mongo Wrestling Alliance TV Show Series, Voice
2009 Black Dynamite Movie, Actor - Bullhorn
2009 Black Dynamite Movie, Writer

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