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Thu Sep 29 8:00am
Adventure TCM

A hard-living sailor finds it rough going after marrying a librarian and trying to adapt to domestic life.

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Fri Sep 30 11:00am
The Andy Griffith ShowA Singer in Town(Season 6, Episode 30) TVLAND

A pop singer (Jesse Pearson) stops in Mayberry for a fishing trip and Aunt Bee and Clara pitch him a song they've written, which he then performs on his TV show---but not exactly the way the ladies had written it. This episode wrapped up the show's sixth s (more…)

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Fri Sep 30 11:15am
The Prisoner of Zenda TCM

An Englishman abroad gets tangled up in foul play and political intrigue in a mythical European country when a king is kidnapped, and the lookalike Brit assumes his identity to help foil an assassination plot. Things become even more royally complicated wh (more…)

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Mon Oct 3 6:30am
I Love LucyLucy's Last Birthday(Season 2, Episode 25) HALMRK

Poor Lucy. It's her birthday but everyone, it seems, has forgotten it. So she takes a gloomy walk in Central Park, where she makes friends with a forlorn group who call themselves “The Friends of the Friendless.” There, she decides to teach Ricky a les (more…)

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Tue Oct 4 5:15am
The Three Musketeers TCM

In 17th-century France, a provincial upstart cadet joins the fabled Musketeers, striking up an indestructible friendship with three particular soldiers, who together thwart political conspiracies as they fight for the honor of their beloved Queen Anne.

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Wed Oct 5 6:00am
The Twilight ZoneWalking Distance(Season 1, Episode 5) Syfy

Job pressures push an ad exec (Gig Young) 30 years into the past. Mr. Sloan: Frank Overton. Mrs. Sloan: Irene Tedrow. Wilcox: Bill Erwin. Young Martin: Michael Montgomery. Attendant: Sheridan Comerate. Teenager: Buzz Martin. Wilcox Boy: Ronny Howard.

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Thu Oct 6 1:15am
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington TCM

Frank Capra's Best Picture nominee about a wide-eyed patriotic bumpkin named Jefferson Smith (James Stewart), who's appointed to the Senate by corrupt politicos, chief among them and unbeknownst to Smith is a senior senator whom he idolized. Stewart was no (more…)

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Thu Oct 6 11:15am
In Name Only TCM

An unhappily married tycoon falls for a widow, but his conniving, manipulative, money-grubbing wife refuses to give him a divorce.

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Fri Oct 7 6:00am
The Magnificent Dope FXM

A big operator (Don Ameche)---of a success school---finds the "perfect failure" (Henry Fonda) to test his theories. Lynn Bari. Horace: Edward Everett Horton. Diverting fun with clever lines. Walter Lang directed.

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Fri Oct 7 9:00am
The Secret of Dr. Kildare TCM

In the third entry in the series, Dr. Kildare's overworked mentor takes a much-needed vacation, so the young physician takes over the case of a young lady suffering from psychosomatic blindness.

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Fri Oct 7 1:30pm
Dr. Kildare's Crisis TCM

A young doctor tries to determine why the brother of his fiancée-nurse is subject to unpredictable seizures. The sixth entry in the series.

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