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Sat May 7 7:50am
Nob Hill FXM

Turn-of-the-century romance, with George Raft as the owner of a saloon who loves a society girl (Joan Bennett). Vivian Blaine, Peggy Ann Garner. Familiar but entertaining. Henry Hathaway directed.

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Mon May 9 3:45pm
Dude Cowboy TCM

A U.S. Treasury agent is sent to find a missing Government engraver. Tim Holt, Marjorie Reynolds. Smokey: Ray Whitley. Whopper: Lee “Lasses” White. Gail: Louise Currie. Miss Carter: Helen Holmes. Directed by David Howard.

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Sat May 14 8:00pm
The Awful Truth TCM

Best Picture nominee about a bickering couple who are divorcing and go to great lengths to get under one another's skin, including pursuing new dalliances and attempting to sabotage each other's romances. Leo McCarey won a Best Director Oscar.

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Mon May 16 7:00am
I Love LucyLucy's Last Birthday(Season 2, Episode 25) HALMRK

Poor Lucy. It's her birthday but everyone, it seems, has forgotten it. So she takes a gloomy walk in Central Park, where she makes friends with a forlorn group who call themselves “The Friends of the Friendless.” There, she decides to teach Ricky a les (more…)

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